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Broken Records were in session on Monday 1st June. Watch video of their amazing cover of Velvet Underground's "Venus in Furs" here now.

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Is this not missing the point a bit? It's a cutesy melodic version of an original song that it painfully edgy. The original is like being dragged through a personal hell - If you take the vocal off this cover it could be a CBeebies theme tune.

Mr NBra
No doubt I would enjoy this if I heard it live, being a Velvets fan . . . but record it? I've got the original, and I'm not sure this is doing anything radically different, however well executed.

No doubt the record are a good good good band.. Just leave velvets songs alone, no, no, no.........

I saw Broken Records at the Liquid Room in Edinburgh last year. I'm sorry I missed this session.

Mister Grove
Is this based on the John Cale demo version? Where's the darkness and intensity guys? And Colin: which version do you have with Nico singing on it? I'd love to hear that...

this is amazing, can't wait for the manchester show now!!!!!

Alan & Cath
Great to finaly hear you - EXCELLENT.

Brilliant, I still have the original by Velvet Underground - well it's a different voice to Nico's, very nicely put together - get it out on the next album

hey man,I'm back in the Underground!Brilliant stuff..

Beautiful. All the best for the tour.

denise field

Would love to watch but the clip is 'not available in your area' - how rude, excluding us Australians, we're a bit behind the times but we do have the internet!

3 words - awesome awesome awesome

Brilliant! Can't wait to see them on Tuesday at the ICA! x

Thanks for posting that - absolutely breathtaking!!!

I'm a huge and the first Broken Records fan in Holland. I've been listening to them since January 2008, saw them 3 times - twice in Holland and once in London. Just bought their debut album on Saturday.Broken Records are brilliant. Fantastic band.Really looking forward to hear tonight's session.Cheers

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