Orbital are an English electronic duo from Sevenoaks consisting of brothers Phil Hartnoll and Paul Hartnoll whose career lasted from 1989 until 2004 and have now reformed in 2009.

Orbital - Satan - Live at Rock Ness



  • Video 1 - Satan
  • Video 2 - Chime

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Patrick Goulden
Playing from a minidisc??? A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Welcome back Phil & Paul - the golden age of electronic music lives again.

Paul McIlroy
Ive watched them a few times over the last 15 years and always a good show but Rock Ness blew all of them out the water.Totally mindblowing well appreciated guys.

Jane (Phishboi's sister)
Why can't I watch this in the US?

willi r
amazin, doctor ? should b on here just missed them at sonar in barcelona after rockness

gaz 09
good times rrrockin

we rock.

please BBC put on the web more clips from Orbital show!!!! Lush 3 and Remind would rock!!!

Awesome stuff, looking forward to another 20 years of Orbital....Legends, absoloute Legends!

T. H, Robin
I have been a massive fan of RockNess for years, I can;t wait to get my groove on again! These guys are pioneers of music

Mindblowingly barry on the night and i just got a wee shiver up ma spine watchin it again here. Ta BBC.

Disco Badger
I'm so glad i can watch this back.... I was there... but I cant rememebr being there! Good times :-) Cracking website, some others should take note.

Awsome. Saw them blow up Rockness here's hoping they make some new tunes for us all!

Wee Wilson
Love you Orbital.So glad you came out of retirement.Belfast sent me to a place of wonder and enchantment. Cheers dudes :D

Richard Atherton
I went to rockness specially to see orbital, Thanks for the best gig of my life! Even better with donny allan and steve dell with me! rockin!shame i never met sally though.

oh yes...cant wait to see them at The Big Chill

bit of a rip off of front 242 this, to put it mildly! house music lost its mojo in 1991, its all 'bout the dough baby!

pls pls pls Paul & Phil can u promise us a new album ! Most emotional electronica in the last 20 years - Kraftwerk started it; u perfected it !

We were there with our 'rave brolly' visable in some of the Satan shots...amazing gig, amazing atmosphere. Best gig of the fest.

Just getting ever more moist as I'm seeing them at Global Gathering. Been a HUGE fan for over 10 years!!!! I'm sooooo excited :D

The greatest exponents of electroinca in the world. Going to see them twice after 5 long years :) Can't wait!

Minidisc? Sally seems to know her audio gear, STFU yer out of yer depth, best LIVE set of Rockness!

Put on a great show, an what's more they looked like they were having a blast. That feeds in to the crowd. End result amazing show, probably best of the Sat night.

Wished I could have been there. Saw them at their 'last' gig at T in the Park. Great to see them back.


Leon Warren Bebo: moonbox
What a set!!! Adrenalin rush went sky high!!

Cameron Stansfield
Epically mind blowing sound. Second only too the Prodigy

So glad i went to see YOUSEF in the sunday best tent instead...

bit more to it than a minidisc :P

Oh quite right, sally, only guys with guitars on stage while gazing at their shoes can possibly be playing live. Good call, nice original comment.

that's a lot of kit on stage for a couple guys playing a minidisc

electronic perfection

Peter Marlow
The best live electronic act of all time gave an immense performance at rockness

Darren Malley
In my view the best booking RockNess has made as I've grown up with their pioneering sound but never seen them live. Can't wait.

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