Homegame 2009

Men Diamler

Men Diamler divides the audience. Sometimes this happens right down the middle, which is good as it makes it easier for him to walk around while singing a spiritual/hymn.

Acoustic Session at Homegame 09 - Part 1

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  • Video 1 - Houseache Horse/When
  • Video 2 - Amsterdam (Jacques Brel cover)

Your Comments

Richard fae Lancaster
Genius - get this guy on TV more often.

James Soutar
What an amazing guy. just got the end of his set at homegame and he was just.... mental haha. hes so polite and well spoken when you meet him then BAM. quality

Jim Matheson
how can such a loud booming voice be contained within such a tiny frame. If its not that, the microphone's turned up to loud. Absolutley brilliant.....makes me want to catch more in the future

Padre Delmar
Finally I know how to pronounce Men Diamler.

Chris Bye
Men Diamler is one of the greatest live acts in the country - he should be playing at End of the Road!

Simon Cassidy
Hopefully more people will see what a great talent Men Diamler has. It's great to hear/see some really good recordings of him performing!!

Ian McKelvie ( The Colourful Band )
This guy was unbelievable at homegame, never seen anyone get a crowd going nuts like that.

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