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17 October 2014
Scotland's Music 07

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Transatlantic Sessions 3

Six episodes, Friday 14 September-Friday 19 October
BBC Two Scotland and BBC Four 8.30-9.00pm

Against a backdrop of the Highlands, Transatlantic Sessions 3 brings together the best of Nashville, Ireland and Scotland to perform what has been called “the greatest backporch shows ever”.

Music co-directors on the series, produced by Pelicula Films, are Jerry Douglas, who has worked with Nashville’s greatest names, and Scotland and Shetland’s own fiddle virtuoso Aly Bain MBE. They have assembled a special array of musicians and performers to play duets and set pieces in the atmospheric location of Strathgarry House near Killicrankie in the Perthshire Highlands.

Part of BBC Scotland’s commitment to Highland 2007 – a year long celebration of Highland culture, the six-part series is also part of BBC Scotland’s year long celebration of music – Scotland’s Music 07.

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Phil CunninghamScotland's Music with Phil Cunningham
A themed journey through Scottish folk music (originally broadcast in Scotland only). Visit the website to watch 50 high quality clips from the TV series, featuring many Transatlantic Sessions artists.

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Joan M
Went to see transatlantic sessions in manchester on 2/2/10, absolutely fantastic. Been watching it on bbc4 for a long time, great to see them all live. Bruce Molsky with Sara Watkins from Nickel Creek, Eddi Reader, Cara Dillon. Darrel Scott, Jerry Douglas brilliant as always, Hope they take it on the road again next year. BRILLIANT.

Jean Moran
Fabulous music! Anyone wanting the music on dvd or cd try amazon. You can get most of it. The BBC should advertise it more so we don't miss any episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just love this music and everything about these sessions on BBC4, It's so uplifting in one sense and heartbreaking in another. Just listen to Karen Matheson sing ' aye fond kiss' beautiful.Going to see them all at Symphony Hall ,Birmingham this week and can't wait. Fabulous.

Jim Owens, Belfast
The music in both programmes is seriously brilliant and inspirational. Going to the Waterfront on 4/2 for the concert. Damn good Christmas present!

One of the best Music programmes on TV for sure. More please!. How about Jim Henry and/or Tracy Grammer for future shows, as well as some more of previous artists especially series 3 and 4.

Just great music. So annoyed that I missed the earlier sessions. Let's have more please, including repeats of the earlier series.

John Gallagher
Like many of the correspondents on this site, I too only came across the Transatlantic Sessions by accident. The music was enchanting. I want to purchase CDs of the music featured in the programmes. Where can I get such a CD(s) ?

john shepherd
Absolute knockout; one of the best things you've ever done; I've told all my friends about it; I hope you can follow it up.

Michael Foden
These programmes are the stuff that dreams are made from. It always amazes me how the dobro fits in so perfectly with traditional Irish & Scottish tunes.But then, we are,of course, being entertained by the greatest dobro player ever.Is it obvious that all the musicians are thoroughly enjoying themselves, & this is apparent in the music.Sound quality & filming is so professional that these guys deserve the highest praise.Just keep the Sessions going, & long may they continue -it is the only decent music on TV.

The music in this series is AWESOME. I love the melting of the 3 styles that form this beautiful and unique collaboration. As a West Indian child growing up with Irish neighbours and now married to a Scotsman I thoroughly loved the series.

The Lobster
Recorded them all on video when screened in the 90s; lost the tapes in a house move. Now in Iraq and catching what I can on youtube.A truly wonderful programme.Won't harm you to repeat them. Or do some new ones.Or include some Welsh.All the best and thanks for the terrific shows.Lobster

having just discovered these programmes, please repeat from series 1!

Andrew Sutton
Quite simply, it is the finest music programme ever broadcast on British television. Every single programme is stunning and I am frequently reducde to tears by the sheer quality of the musicianship and the beauty of the music, and all without ego!

R mitchell
More more more

20.11.09 Tonights session was quite superb.Really beautiful and haunting music.

Loved all the series, I'm Welsh and would like to know why you have no singers, or music from Wales,Like Frank Hennessy, who has a fine voice, as do many, many others

carl palmer
never been a folky but after catching these sessions I got them all on my PVR and I am wearing it out fantastic ,especialy love emily smiths voice, but every singer and musician are superb. Going to buy the DVD ASAP.

david morley
just the best - more please

the music is excellent and I would love the bbc to show more of these programmes

howard rendle
watch every week from francewould not miss ithigh Q artists high Q songscould it be an hour long

Nigel Albright
I sincerely hope you will be producing a DVD of this really excellent series. It's not only the content and the history which is interesting but also Phil Cunningham's relaxed, empathetic approach which is also so appealing. Definite want list item.

Does anyone know what song Liam O'Manlaoi sang last week?

Mick, Sunderland

Hi therewent to Scotland this year to obtain TS 1&3, learned also that TS 2&4 were supposed to be out later in 2009 on DVD. As I cannot pick up BBC Scotland over here in Germany, I would love to get to know where I can buy these two DVDs. Any hints most welcome. ThanksKarl-Heinz

This counrty is a glorious melting pot of faiths and this music roots us as folk of an amazing heritage. Thank you.

Clare Greenaway
I am blown away that such amazing folk music exists....I have found an ever expanding passion of enjoyment, and the transatlantic sessions are a huge part of that discovery. Thank you to all who have been instrumental in putting the series together, inspiring and perfect! I just wish they were on television at a more reasonable hour, I only stumbled upon it after arriving home late one night. This music is the soul of our existence and should be shared with as many people as possible!

Julia G
Have been watching this on BBC4 and absolutely love every minute of it. Thank you Jerry and Aly xxx

james sprott
so much talent in one room at the one time the music and the songs are first class. 11 out of 10.

Val Harison
I found the Transatlantic Sessions by accident tucked away on BBC 4 and I love the music and the expertise of the singers and musicians. I have a very long record of singing and the love of folk music. It's so lovely to be able to hear some "Real" music on TV away from some of the dross which is normally on offer.Many thanks.

The Friday show is a good time but why the late night position after Match of the Day 2 on a Sunday? Do we really want to see Hull play Tranmere Rovers that badly?T Sesssions at a sensible time on Sunday would send me off to bed all happy for work on the Monday.

Listened to some guy singing "Worry Not" didn,t catch his name but the song was fantastic.All the musicians are talented. Isnt it amazing how close the music of Scotland , Ireland and America is. Its all from the soul.

Stuart Beresford
A really enjoyable set of programmes

Graham weston
Well i have to say as a music lover this fusion of cultural musical class shot shivers down my spine and made the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention. Loved it. Please tell me there will be a cd released of this toe tapping extravaganza.

michael duffy
my kind of music alison moorer was great the 3 shows have been brillant roseann cash verson of 500 miles was awesome

Beautiful, I feel no need to say more.

Vernon Keeling
To the producers of Transatlantic Sessions 4 on BBC4: Wonderful TV; can't get enough of it; would it be possible to invite Barbara Dickson on to a future TS series as she has all the right qualities?

I have just stumbled across this brillant half hour on BBC4. Are previous shows available anywhere apart from this season on the i-player?I'm kicking myself that I have missed so much. I won't miss any more.Thank you

rabinkumar rai(gurkha)
Brilliant,amazing music performance by the one of the greatest master musician group on the planet.all my respect and best wishes for them.

Ian B
The best show for music I can think of, Hope you bring out a DVD of the series.


What a program, I was so pleased I was in bed watching this, and spiritually came back to earth of my scottish roots. AWESOME feeling... more more more...

robert sumner
Does anyone remember the sessions filmed in Sligo> in the autumn of 2006.I had them on vhs but lost them. Steve Cooney was involved in production !

John Brisbin
They're superb. Take these showson he road -- to Boston, at last. Can't wait! Yours loyally, John Brisbin

can anyone tell me when the programme with Martha Wainwright will be broadcast?

paul balm
I have loved these programmes. The music was fantastic and really plus I learned so much about new styles and Cara dillon, Darrell Scott and Jerry Douglas.Thanks so much for these programmes. Now, show them again Aunti BEEB? Please?

John Anderson
I believe TS4 was filmed in Aberfeldy between March 1st and 10th. I expect we'll see this later on this year.

jezza stoke on trent
brilliant this the stuff.cant wait for the dvd;s to cme out me toes are still tapping

Geoff Sims
Just listened to Feb 20th session and the song "this love will carry" was so wonderful to close the show. Unfortunately I did not catch the artists name but would love to get a copy of this song somehow, could you help me please? Just a brilliant programme, about the only good thing on television in my opinion, could listen to this all night.

Kath Livingstone
Wonderful music.Keep them coming

Rob Pearce
Well thank heavens for the performers! Awful sound - How many solo's missed? - and jerky "Top of the Pops" camera work that was completely innapropriate and the antithesis of all the previously filmed series. Thank heavens for the performers!

kenneth Tyler
This programme is absolutely Beyond mere words. Beatiful music, heart stopping vertuosity. Total committment to the music and the technical quality of the various artists is beyond reproach.It is an Island of musicality in a world obsessed with untalented, mediocre people too lazey to learn the art of singing and/or the mastering of a musical instrument.

ian gibson
imknow there is a dvd of the original transatlantic sessions recording, but is there any chance of a cd in near future?

Pat Harrison
The programmes are great. Newspapers etc had billed Rufus Wainwright as appearing in the TS programme on 30th January, but he didn't appear. Presumably edited out? Is he/will he be featuring in any other future TS programmes for future transmission on BBC 4?Thanks.

Any possibility of these sessions being repeated for Scotlands homecoming 2009?

Susan Donlevy
My husband and I really enjoy these programmes and the variety of musical styles. Please tell me when Transatlantic Sessions 4 will be aired.

peter stewart
Fantastic music. Please tell me how to get the first two series on dvd. I recall watching these programme in mid-90's and late 90's but can't get hold of complete programmes.


Charlie Murnick/ Minden,La USA
Ive heard the second one,and I think theyre GREAT! I started hearing Transatlantic sessions back in Chicago where i used to live,broadcast by the late Michael Fleischer on WDCD radio,bless his heart,and I was amazed at the quality of the music and the interaction of the musicians from all continents.This music is like a PURE ADRENALINE RUSH!Hope there's somewhere where I can get all this on DVD(that will play on US DVD machines....

Glorious, utterly glorious! All 3 series have been finest TV music programming I have ever come across. Literally life changing as others have said. PLEASE REPEAT SERIES 1 & 2 A.S.A.P!!! Where, oh where can I by DVD's of 1 & 2. I would give an arm and a leg!

R Bruce
Fantastic shows from such great artists always going to be a winner.

Phil Mellish.
Exellent musicianship in a perfect setting. Live music does'nt get much better than this!

John Ball
I was spellbound by the sheer magic of this series.I cant wait for the next one.

Eddie Hutchison
I saw all the above episodes, and, as a result, purchased the DVD of these, which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Hi, could you let me know the name of the opening tune please? Its beautiful

Martin Kelly
I can't get enough of these musical collaborations. It's a pity BBC can't promote them better. For instance, the BBC search engine doesn't even recognise "Transatlantic Sessions".I had to google just to find this page. :(

Colin Lurcook
My friend John and I love this programme, it's the best music programme on TV at the moment. What John likes especially is the fact that aren't any presenters - just the musicians getting on with what they do best. We looking forward to another programme.

Lin Russell
"You'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll change your life!" - not really joking, I ABSORB EVERY SECOND of this stunning amalgamation of professional musicianship with absolute delight. The humility of greats like Jerry Douglas in equal bonding with relatively unknown talents is refreshing. The whole experience is PROFOUNDLY inspirational, exciting and perhaps most importantly it successfully unites several creative musical strands.

Mike Brain
Love BBC4 Transatlantic Sessions 2, but it seems to be a repeat from title graphics. This music series should be trailed on BBC1 & 2, maybe even guest slots on The One Show, and Jools Holland?Will last Celtic Connections be broadcast on BBC TV?

Sally Mustoe
Why is the description English always omitted from details of this excellent series; the impact would be be sadly lessened without John Martyn and Danny Thompson, for instance.

Absolutely brilliant! Up lifts the spirit and sends me soaring. I wish there was more of it!

Jan Jong
Fine musicians.Beautiful music to make and to listen to.This is MUSIC.

Stephen Tibbetts
Absolutely wonderful bit of music programming. However, being from the States, I have had to watch clips on You Tube. The DVD for series 3 should be made available to all of us traditional musicians in the States. Also, bring back and release the other series. Watching and listening on a computer is trying, especially when you are a musician.

Angela Tomlinson
Absolutely brilliant. We had never listened to this kind of music before but have enjoyed every programme. The musicians made it seem like just a few friends getting together to play music while letting us peep in through the door. It wasn't like an organised concert at all, but a great "chill-out" programme.PLEASE can we have more series!!!!

Borritt family
Thank you for such a wonderfull series, please when will you be releasing a CD PLUS DVDS of all your programmes

john dawson
superb series of programmes. just watched the last one of the series, and have just ordered one of the cds. really enjoyable and so great to see the obvious enjoyment of the musicians. this is what great music is all about.

Nicola Watson
I still have goosepimples - simply stunning music

Nick Edwards
love the series fantastic music great tv viewing more please

Geat to see another series, It gives me buzz each time I hear them. PLEASE, please repeat series 1&2 and release them all on CD & DVD. These line ups will probably never be repeated. So let some of the rest of us have copies.

annette lees
wonderful program love it love it love it shame its only half an hour

Garry Booth
Best Music Programme on TV - Inspirational to both musicians and music lovers alike

Anton Farmer
Simply stunning!The BBC at its best - top notch musicians and first class production. It doesn't get better than thisAnton FarmerFormer keyboard player with the Climax Blues Band

Anaar Kanji
Stunning and invigorating - humility of musicians is everything.Thank you - may you remain dedicated

Sue Crouch
We came across Transatlantic Sessions 3 by accident on BBC4. Best thing on TV for years, but so far we've only managed to see 2 sessions and would very much like to see series 1 and 2 and the rest of 3. So come on, BBC, how about a CD or, preferably, DVD

Barbara Richmond-O'Neill

Stunning, fantastic sent shivers down my spine. Shame as BBC Wales made the show and there are no welsh celtic friends in the session. Is there a CD? Really proud that REAL music is being made.

john dawson
the content and quality of these programmes has been amazing. I would strongly advise any music lover to try and catch them.

Graham - Gloucestershire
Brilliant, moving, there a CD?

Very very good. Just hope that cd will be released someday.

j smith
Wonderfull music and performers ,well presented i felt that I was a friend enjoying the "jamming session "lets do it again some time

keith fae Orkney
Quality is always better than quantity. This programme proves it beyond all doubt.Superb musicians,superb singers,what a fantastic mix.First time i have ever heard of Joan Osborne,her voice is truly beatiful.More please

Pete White
Not generally a great listener to music programmes but these "Transatlantic Sessions" have introduced me to the wonderful world of music! Thanks so much to all involved in the production of the programmes and especially to the wonderful musicians.

John Rhead
Superb musicians playing superb music. So, so tasty. The two related musical cultures just melt into each other...beautiful.

Martin Lentink
The flash bits I have seen on YouTube make me want to beg BBC Uk to release the first series on cd/dvd/whatever.Beeb, if any of you are still reading these comments: I do just about anything to get hold of series 1 !

I've only seen the DVD and it was amazing. I wish we could have seen the programs over here. :-(

John Anderson
Saw many of the tv performers doing a live concert in Glasgow as part of Celtic Connections. Simply the best concert I've ever been to. SUPERB.

Jim Cooper
Congratulations to all concerned with TS3 it was an excellent series - fortunately I've now got my hands on the dvd and can repeat the enjoyment and delight of the performances - well done and keep up the good work.

fergus andrews
The set with Fred morrison was awesome -he must be one of the best solo instrumentalists around -such polished relaxed style.I would love to hear more of his music as I understand that he composes as well as playing at such a high level.I am a classically trained and appreciate such excellence in a different genre

FanTAStic music! Never missed a show! Cheers so much!

Johnny Stariski
Heart warming, a pleasue to watch When will they issue DVD.s ?

Herman Eijgendaal
Like i said before; a brilliant serie. did anyone tape the second transatlantic series or is there a dvd i missed?

Graham Angus
I bought the cd yesterday and haven't stopped playing since. Let's have some more please.Whens the DVD coming out.

transatlantic sessions Three was absolutely brilliant, very moving indeed. Thanks so much. I saw T.S. two (a while ago) but have never seen TS one.. (hint for lots of re-broadcasting). with thanks, kate

ian gibson
probably the best set of folk sessions that I have seen/heard in my many years . The standard of musicianship - particularly of the principal organisers Aly Bain and Jerry Douglas - is incredibly high, and the emotions engendered by the performances are extrememly moving. Like also the laid back approach to the recordings, capturing the very best of long-remembered and enjoyable nights in folk clubs and pubs over the years. Much more please!

This is one of the most amazing programs i have ever watched.Thanks sooo much!

Moyra Stariski
Great music did my heart good. Please lets have some more.

Paul Kayes
Really enjoyed the episodes that I saw, would also like a dvd of the programmes.

Steven Johnson
"Brother Wind" is a song written byTim O'Brien. It is from his release "A Rock In My Shoe"

pamela freeman
Please, does anyone know whether a recording was made - THAT WE CAN PLEASE BUY! - for that Transatlantic Sessions on BBC2 ... the first one I think. Emmylou was on the programme, the McGarrigle sisters and one of the Black sisters - Mary or Karen. Anyway, there were some amazing musicians and some fabulous music and songs. Although at the end of the programme a trailer implied a recording would be available "from all good retailers", we've never seen it!! And we missed this Transatlantic Sessions 3 too! Whatever happened to TA2??!! Any help would be much appreciated. Thank youPam

Paul Gillies
What an absolutely beautiful array of Music. It was a great pleasure of mine to watch and to see my heritage being played out infront of me. One of the best series this year for sure. This was a fantastic addition to the BBC's list of great programming. More please and soon. Will this series be out on dvd soon?

Nick Shields
This special program me gives me a window of wonder into the world of these passionate musicians. more please

Lynne Bingham
superb - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we have it on dvd!!!!!!!!

Charlie Ford
An absolute joy; to finish the weeks work and have such beautiful music to listen to (AND watch) restores some faith in telly programming. The only shame is that it is on for such a short time.

Great programme. I am at a loss to understand why there is not more of this type of music on BBC television. Just look at how well all the folk festivals are attended and how little of this music there is available on tv and radio.

Tremendous - REAL music. But too short and not enough episodes. Come on, guys - we need more of this and we need lots of it. OK?

Charles McLellan
Are the first 2 series available on DVD? Will series 3 be on DVD? If not, they really, really should be.

Paul jenkins
First rate programmes, waiting for the DVD. Top quality TV, well worth the licence fee, more please!

My partner Chris and I really looked forward to each programme - half an our of real quality music. There was no doubt every one was having a great time - the sheer joy came out through the tele.Perhaps the next series could be extended to longer shows - half an hour just wasn't long enough.Please BBC if you are going to repeat programme several times, feel free with this one.

Orange Monkey
Very nice... Even the wife liked it! DVD would make a great Christmas present?

All 3 series are great, one shares the obvious joy of the musicians performing together.we need DVD's of the first two series as well as this one, c'mon BBC Scotland! :)


Jon B
These six programmmes alone are more than worth my licence fee. Well done BBC! Can we see re-runs of the previous 2 series again, as well as DVDs and CDs for all 3?It would be wonderful to see this format extended to e.g. "English" and Welsh folk music, blues, gospel and other genres - I think there's an untapped market for "live" (I know there was some rehearsal and re-recording) music on TV.

Anyone know the origins of the track 'My brother wind'? Was great!

pat dartnell
caught most of the broadcast on the 19th October and wished I'd seen more.Superb setting for such an assembly of talent. The mix of styles and instruments made for a great show.Let's see it and more like it. I like the suggestion of using it over the New Year maybe to take in previous shows over several nights

Steve Brown
Brilliant, just as the previous ones. Will the music be available ?

Janet Ashall
This is a great programme,should be on longer could listen to it all night,music that stir's the soul.Would love cd and dvd.

Pat /Ivor Meaden.
Wonderful haunting music we would love to get DVD,s if and when they are available, Series 1,2,&3,Please.

Kat Lovatt
Enchanting harmony at every level, transfixing atmosphere, wondrous unpretentious pure skill - real music. This stuff raises my spirits and makes me feel alive. I thirst for more.

The DVD and CDs will be out the end of October.

Stephen Passant
While flicking through the usual trash on the channels I came across this programme. Truly magical and inspirational, I was transfixed. Spent the rest of the evening clambering about in my loft to try and find my old acoustic. Is there a CD/DVD planned

Gladwin DeSouza
Itz jst breath takin,a kind of relaxsation 2 a human soul..itz like i hve already had a visit 2 heaven 4 half n hour..i jst hve a hard day @ work bt whn i listen 2 these folks jammin up their instruments itz jst breath takin..i intend 2 buy these cd at a highest priority n wuld b happy 2 learn where can i gt it 4 grabs...regards 2 all da artists n wish them da best of luck 4 their good music..Jst keep playin!!! Plz.

David Taylor
Breathtaking, and inspirational, quality.

John Walsh
Loved the series, but tonights show with Eddie Redaer, Karen Matheson & paul Brady singing 'Aye Waukin O' was fantastic. This surely will be released on CD/DVD.Fantstic show...well done all

Richard Sangster
Wonderfull, inspiring,moving, when can we see the repeats, or downloads, or podcasts ?

katy from troon
Wonderful. CD Please.

Just finished watching the last in the current (hopefully more to follow) series of the Transatlantic Sessions.A wonderful, wonderful programme.

David Chalmers
I saw the 19/10 session on catch up TV, wish I had seen them all, as a mandolin player of folk music this has inspired me to play St Anne's Reel a hole lot different. Well done to the BBC, just fantastic.

Ann Murdoch
Fantastic I look forward to it every week, best programe on the tv. Look froward to the CD

Kevin Grozier
Possibly one of the greatest music shows ever televised.No banal djs or presenters, just musicians showing their passion for the music.I would love to purchase dvds of all the seriesincluding the one i first saw in the 90s.

Mary Millar
Absolutely Fabulous!! Why only half an hour at a time? I could listen to this music all night long. Please please more of the same and soon!!!

David Heath
Hi Guys to answer a recurring question YES session 3 is coming out on DVD and CD on the 12th of Nov 2007. So you don’t have long to wait. If you are desperate you can pre-order them on site such as amazon. There are two CDs Vo. 1 and Vo. 2 and one DVD. If I remember correctly the CDs are being sold for £11.99 each and the DVD is being sold for £14.24. Hope that is of some help.

julian osborne there a c.d.

Scott Macleod
Simply wonderful, real talent

This is a fantastic programme. Is there a cd?? I missed the first 2. Can they be bought on cd or dvd?

paul heyes
Oh man I saw it friday evening 19/10 and it blew me away.

Julie Cunningham
Brillant so pleased that this programme returns. I love it ... excellent production and not too much talking .... the half hour goes too quick.A quality programme. More please.

paul dowling
this is the best show on t.v if only there was more quality like this on the old box i might watch more often..cheers.transatlantic sessions

John Whiting
I heard the broadcast on Friday, October 19th by accident. Speaking as a classical musician, the performers, including the singers, were as fine as any first-rate renaissance or baroque ensemble. I'll be buying both the CDs and the DVDs when they come out.

John Duggan
Beautiful music,fantastic musicians,the music reduced me to tears - BBC 4- What a great channel. Would like to purchase DVD of these sessions.

Norman Starley
GREAT!!!! Can we buy them on dvd?

Richard Jones
I'm a club DJ and caught this programme on my return home from work. I was totally mesmerised and moved by the quality of the music and performers. Amazing! where can I but the CD?

Tony Davis
Brilliant "Green Grass" as opposed to Bluegrass music at its best. Well done whoever organised all this. Thank you musicians for some top class playing and "jamming " together. I hope BBC will repeat all sessions and what a lovely present a DVD of all this quality music would make. Roots music at its best. More please!!!!!

Pat Brophy
Please,Please,Please A DVD Immediately!!!

Frank Daniells
I am not normally into folk music, but just happened upon the Transatlantic sessions on BBC 4, and was hooked. The musicianship is superb. More soon, please !

Sean O'Donnell
just fantastic, i hope a dvd will be produced of the series.

Vic Blake
To David Wilkinson: Joan Osborne CD - Pretty Little Stranger. Enjoy. Vic

Vic Blake
Superb. Manna for the soul.

Peter B. Glasgow
Just the most perfect and absorbing musical entertainment on T.V. and what a superb line-up of talent. Truly Brill! But can we have more singing from Cara Dillon please?

roz somers
Every programme has a new delight. Why don't bbc use these at christmas and new year instead of the usual boring - watching people, who are watching people bring in the new year (early - since the shows are patently made before the bells etc.). Better still why not have a session live at new year, and never mind any mistakes, everyone knows that is normal. Leave it in.I suspect that everyone has a good time after the session also, because that is what making music is all about. Anyway, it was brilliant again tonight (19 10 07) and I am so sad that is the series finished. DVD?

Brian Purcell
I look forward every week to this most delightful but very short music session. With the high volume set on my TV I am gratefull I do not have neighbours. Please can we have more and is this music available on disc?

John Mutton
For a 'non believer' in folk music these sessions brought tears to my eyes. Breathtaking

Colin Mee
Wonderful musicians, terrific start to the weekend. When can we get the DVD?Well done BBC, worth the licence fee for this sort of quality output.Colin Mee

Great series, i'm hooked. Michael McGoldrick was a real treat.

Roger Froud
I stumbled across this program and was transfixed. Please tell me that this is going to be made available for purchase in either video or soundtrack form so I can play it over and over and over.......Wonderful!

julie rowbotham
Fabulous music in a magical setting. More please.

Please re-run the first two sessions. I remember watching the first set, as a child, so fondly.

Audrey Risk
great shows must have a copy of Edie Reader Tim O,Brien Back to Earth is it available anywhere?

Paul Keenan
V Good series - hope there will be more

bernie t
music is haunting just wonderful!!!!!

Is there going to be a dvd?

tony warburton
hello i would like to say that i have enjoyed all 3 series and i would be very disappointed if the proposed cutbacks meant that a series 4 cuold not be made.these type of programmes are what i pay my licence fee for

dave hollowell
fantastic....real musicians playing real music, not X factor wannabees.

holly moors
transatlantic sessions is the best in music programs worldwide. When can I buy the dvd?

Paul Grainger
Immensely beautiful...inspiring....moving....evocative....thank you

The first series in 1996 introduced me to Iris DeMent and I've enjoyed her music ever since. It was closely followed by series two so how come we've waited so long for series three? Would be nice to make it an annual event or even repeat the previous shows!

dougie hamilton
I hope that Jerry can persuade the likes of Bela Fleck, Sam Bush,Mark O'Conner, and Bryan Sutton to play a cuppla tunes for the show....heres hoping

joshua davis
I really hope we eventually get these on bbc america. These sessions are simply brilliant. Great players and wonderful music. Well done.

brian knox
The music and the performers are excellent. The area in which it is filmed can't be beat in this country.I think the whole team do a great job. I hope there is more to come.When will the DVD be issued?.Best wishes,Brian Knox.

Owen Comiskey
The best music in the world

steve russell
worth the licence fee alone. At last something with a bit of thinking behind it rather than a rehash of reality TV.

love transatlantic sessions. where can series 3 be purchased or downloaded

Absolutely brilliant.Saw the first series years ago on T.V. even still have some olde footage on V.H.S. Great Stuff ! .' )

Mike Dawson
FANTASTIC is one word that springs to mind - that is based on catching by chance one episode - why was the series so well hidden?are they available on DVD? when will they be repeated?? Series 3 how did I manage to miss the first 2! are they available on DVD?

Bob Jones
An excellent series of unmissible sessions. Thoroughly enjoyed. Yet another example of BBC4's brilliant programming. More please.

Guy Rogers
Please let there be a DVD of this fantastic series. This is some of the most sublime music I have ever seen on television. And yes a re-run would be appreciated as I missed the first programme.

paul mayle
what a great series, but could you show the 1st series again please? with mary black and emmylou harris

George Young
Fantastic.When will the DVD be released

These programmes are stunning.I've got the CD's of the last series.Please,why don't you release them on DVD?

John B
Totally and utterly brilliant, and I only turned it on because of the association of the word Transatlantic (label) and great music!Should have been widely advertised, better than everything else on the box, it's real!!

gary Peterson
I was looking forward to it last night, what happened it wasn't on??

Chris Dove
Wonderful. Please keep it coming.

Alister Rae
Hey, what happened to last nights episode (12th Oct) not on bbc 2 or bbc 4, when will we see it?

Says above Friday 14 Sept - Friday 20 why no session last night - Friday 12 October?Oh, and 20 October isn't a Friday (at least not on my calendar)!!!!All very confusing. Why mess people about over a now very rare commodity - a tv program actually worth watching?

Nick Barber
Awesome stuff - there really needs to be more of this - how about programmes which seek out the best traditional musicians of the UK and the USA? Redd Volkaert at the Continental Club in Austin, Steve Riley in Lafayette, an interview with Nic Jones in York, Kate Rusby from Cawthorne...can I be director of programming, please? More like the Transatlantic Sessions, please!!

Frank Donovan
Transatlantic Sessions successfully brings together very talented musicians from different music traditions. The Celtic/ American influences merge to create some fine music, and the show gives the opportunity to see and hear musicians performing together so well.

Lynne Richmond
Really loved the transatlantic session format. Great music. PLease repeat soon.

Geoff Sutcliffe
Simply Excellent! Please release a DVD of all of the series (1,2&3)as they are a landmark production that the BBC can proud of.

R D Root
Thank you BBC4 for such a greatproduction.(Transatlantic Sessions)Absolutely rivetting music.Iris Dement/Paul Brady etc etc Fantastic! (Can't wait for the DVD!)

When can I buy the DVD !!!

Keith Bojczuk
A fantastic production.Highland Sessions was great.Transatlantic sessions is awesome.Please issue DVD before Xmas.Can you repeat highland sessions again.Congratulations to all taking part.More , More , more.

Keith, Leeds
To Alastair, Stenhouse. The singer was Darrell scott, possibly one of the best songwriters on the planet. He also wrote "long Time Gone" which the Dixie Chicks made popular. Check out "the Invisible Man" - one of the best CDs I've ever bought.

Alistair Macpherson
Come on BBC Scotland. This is now the third series and still no DVD. You are sitting on a fortune as these programmes are absolute gems.My old videos of the previous sessions are all but worn out!

Dennis Hanmer
I agree, first rate, everyone involved not least the musicians are to be congratulated...moved me to tears at times...a long time since that happened sadly..please release CD/DVD

VAK Liverpool
Have just read the 78 comment boxes ahead of mine and agree with them all! Well done, BBC - can't wait for more of the same and for the DVD. The ectasy on the faces of the singers and musicians was a joy to behold.

Emma L Miles
Please tell me why this gem is relegated to BBC 4 south of the border, it deserves a much more prominent spot! The performances are superb, the range of music and talent first rate, and even my two year old watches transfixed!! What a fantastic programme this is, what a shame it won't get the audience and exposure it deserves.

Freddie Almond
How can anyone criticise the BBC when they produce such stunning, mesmerising, fantastic (you get the picture!!) productions such as Transatlantic Sessions. The production company staff and all the musicians should be congratulating themselves in providing such joyous music, foot-tapping melodies and abundantly happy musicians to us mere viewers. Watching made me want to be there with them!! Excellent, Excellent and Excellent again.....I have never raved over anything before! I await the DVD.....come on BBC please....a fortune to be made! May such entertainment continue.

Herman Eijgendaal
This is why i love BBC Four so much. after the highland sessions this brilliant transatlantic sessions. more...more...

Ben Hicks
Please,Please,Please,Please!Re-run the whole series. These programmes have done more for folk music than anything I can remember recently.

Peter Cripps
Absolutely great! And better even that the last two series.Will they be available to purchase on DVD sometime?And will the series be repeated as I missed the first episode?

Phil Thorp
Great to see an evening of Emmylou,but,what about episode 5/6 of Transatlantic Sessions for us softy southerners......Please!The best far this year.

Chris Harlow
Excellent!But where has Friday 12 October episode (5) gone? Not listed for either BBC2 or 4

Robbie Gennery
Amazing. I'm a 14yr old from Manchester, you wouldnt really think i'd aprreciate stuff like this, but its incredible. Keep it up.

Larry Murphy
This is Heavens music-Is there a better musician than Jerry Douglas_If there is I havent seen him yet.Cant wait for the DVD

phil beavan
brilliant programe hope to see more of the same soon .Cd/dvd a must for christmas

Brian Gotheridge
HiWhat has happened to the last two programmes on BBC4? According to this weeks schedule the prog has been replaced by an evening of Emi-Lou Harris.

Dave Turner
Luckily switched channel and found this on, the first of the series - superb like the last ones. Why cant BBC announce when good stuff like this is comming up? We also seem to be only getting four programs on BBC4, not the six mentioned. Cant find the other two in schedule.

Graham Douglas
I missed a few programmes but those I've seen are superb. Thanks for getting Jerry over ( no relation more's the pity) his dobro work just blends with the Scots/Irish style seamlessly - outstanding! When are you going to show repeats so I can catch up with those I missed?

J. Scott
Why do the BBC not plug this fanastic stuff as much as some total rubbish that is not worth watching or screening. Repeats are essential.

Gwenda Taylor
Really enjoyed it especially after coming across it by chance.With my cosy fire and my favourite tipple I really I felt as if I was there in the room with the musicians - wonderful. Personally I would like more of this stuff on any channel but I'll take what I can get for nowThank you

BBC Scotland
Hi - great to see all the positive response. Just spoke to the producers of this programme and a CD and DVD will be on general release some time in November.

Gordon Wilson
Wonderful stuff, what a pleasure to watch, made me late for work watching again this morning. I ve been surprised how each week keeps up the standards. More like this and the Highland sessions please. I might have to get my own tv.A much more sympathetic approach to making music than Ceol aig a' chaisteal which also has great musicians.Congratulations to all involvedI see dvd, cd out next month

Tim Clark
Superb programme - best thing on T.V. please, please put these sessions out on DVD. Great to see the best musicians in the world performing together.

kym Bradshaw
Where can I buy either a DVD or audio cd of these sessions

great. still no word on dvd's? they would sell like hotcakes. best music ever.

bill clay
fantastic best television for a long time, let's have more please

Peter Tilghman
Please release a cd or better yet, a dvd of the series!

I'm ashamed to admit I'd never heard of Iris Dement. Her voice has blown me away.

Bob in Chester
I agree, currently the best programme being put out by the BBC. Last night's (Friday 5th) song from Iris DeMent was a highlight of my TV year.

John Adam
I think they are great! I'm a 75 year-old expatriate living in the south of England and the music brings an emotional tear to my eye. I wish I had a recording of the series.

Mark C. Thompson aka TOMMO
I caught the last 15 mins of the last show !!!By accident, And was mesmerised .A stunning production just gutted i missed the series please please show again or make a dvd of the sessions.

mick moloney
absolutely brilliant

If you look at, you will see that a DVD of the current series is due to be released next month. Don't know how much yet, but it will be worth every penny!

Jim C., Crieff
A truly excellent show - but not available in England?! I agree with `David`; CDs or, better still, DVDs on the series are an absolute MUST.

R Russell
Fantastic music, but programme is too short!

Caught the programme by chance this evening - wish I'd seen the earlier ones also. Could the series be made available on DVD? This is music making to delight and inspire.

Jim Leven
Stunning! I was knocked out by this bluegrass singer and missed who it was - I've trawled through a few websites and finally figured out (I think) that it was Paul Brady, who I've never heard do anything but Irish folk previously. Wow! Stick with the bluegrass Paul - you're up there with the Stanley Brothers, Bill Monro, Flatt and Scruggs, anyone! Joan Osborne too was a revelation - what a singer! Cara Dillon too has a beautiful voice; and great harmonies from everyone. Dobro master Jerry Douglas is a living legend, and Aly Bain plays American music as brilliantly as Shetland music. Get this on dvd please!


Simply the best. Should be on for an hour for sure. Definately need a DVD and CD. Thanks for the best programme on telly xx

David B
ExtraordinaryNever fails to amazeThere will be a CD....won't there?

Fabulous music! Fantastic musicians,what a great show,well done BBC Scotland..PLEASE MAKE THE DVD`s AVAILABLE.Forget the redtape do it for children in need..

Jim Etherington
I just have to agree with every comment already written on these t/s sessions.It's a travesty that so much ---- is given air time when talent such as this is snucked away in mere half hour slots.This is the best of the best,a distillation of top quality music from both sides of the Atlantic perfomed by my heroes of the folk tradition, both past and present.Well done Aunty!! When can we buy the whole sessions on D.V.D?

Jane Barton
I have really enjoyed the series so far as I did when the first sessions was shown back in 1995. I have noticed in the television magazines and also on the Freeview guide that the 5th part is not being shown next week (12th October) I hope that we will be able to finish seeing the whole series!Please show repeats of Sessions i and 2.

Fantastic to see this back again - I hope that the BBC can see that they are missing out on a great revenue stream by the huge no of +ve comments posted here. Please, please issue DVD's of the complete series 1 & 2 !!!

Alan Sanczuk
I have watched all the sessions and are the best music under the sun,I am looking for a dvd then came across this website, why no dvd?

fandabiedosie got the vid ready for episode 4 keep on trucking

Agree with all the comments so far.....but most importantly surely these MUST become available on CD / DVD...???? Crazy if not!

Chris Wren
Wonderful! So glad that this series is continuing.

K Jefferies
Loved the show. Would love to buy the CD when it is

Probably the best show on the BBC at the moment. i stumbled across it accidently a few weeks ago and was blown away. If the DVDs are out of the question, what about some podcasts? Please

Peter McCarthy
Marvellous stuff! Have seen all of the sessions, so far. When are we going to see a DVD , at least one of the current series.

lori bagnall
Love it. Fantastic show. It needs to be released in DVD for all us fans - Please !

Just gorgeous music. I would like to see a bit more behind the scenes of the 'off camera' moments.I hope the music will be available to buy .

Peter Court
Wonderful stuff

Mark E
Absolutely wonderful to see Jerry Douglas from Union Station involved in this fantastic get-together. And isn't it funny how all these players, really can play, and the female singers can really sing. There's no justice that these people aren't Superstars when the dreadful Corrs have become world famous! As a guitarist it's marvellous to see that there are people out there still playing for pure enjoyment.

on fri 21st who was the man with the beard singing with Karen Matheson? Excellent programme, could do with more! Thanks

Christopher Taylor
Caught this on sattelite by chance, and really enjoyed it. It's a pity it's not easier to find out who the artisits are. The graphics are unclear and are not repeated. Unless you have a pen in your hand, the names are lost. They are not on the wbsite either. I particularly enjoyed "Rainbow", and would love to know who the main performer was

Carol O'Neill
Really enjoying this series. Fantastic mix of talent and raw energy, wish I was there! I would love to but a recording of the sessions, where would iot be available.

Absolutely brilliant. Half an hour is nowhere near long enough.

drew barker
David I assume you mean the song St Teresa coz it blew me away too.I must admit this is what music is all about.Come on anty beeb what about responding to the fans.

deeg golden
Excellent show today want to download all songs so far this series any idea's when this will be available to buy?

moira mcqueen
we were at the transatlantic sessions finale of celtic connections and thought it was superb watching the programmes brings back great memories & listening to suchbeautiful singers and great musicians makes a friday night extra special I hope you bring out at least 1 cd or dvd preferably the whole series a joy to listen to & thats an understatementso glad you made this series thank you

Roel Sigtermans
Really beautiful & worthwile.And I also share myself under the ever-growing tribe of beggars for (official) DVD's. Please???

Lloyd Ridgeway
Wow...what a wonderful show....Joan Osbourne was fantastic, when can I see this show again, and where can I get the Joan Osbourne tracks from this show?

alistair stenhouse
Viewed the second programme. Excellent! particularly liked the song - "cant leave Harlan Alive" unfortunately missed who was the main singer.Can you confirm please and also if and when it planned to release a CD of the recordings.Many thanks

Nigel Jenkins
Absolutely BrilliantCan we have DVD's of all three series please!

Unfortunately I've already asked the BBC a couple of years ago about TS 1 & 2 being released on DVD and was told they forgot to get the artists to agree to terms for release on DVD, only TV broadcast rights! ARGH! Don't know what the situation is now, but with all the interest these great series I hope they'll try and sort it so at least this series gets a dvd release.

chris cato
great music played by people who really know how to play and sing live

Excellent! I want to own this music! Especially good to see the new blood along with the old and the ancient (sorry Aly). Any plans for a CD and/or DVD? I know that Sessions 2 are available on CD (which I'm now going to buy) but a DVD of that and the original sessions from the 90's would be welcome. What about a BBC Transatlantic Sessions 1, 2 & 3 de luxe set?

Great programme, but so very little information here on the web.

Ben Stevenson
I've been raving about the Transatlantic Sessions for years with requests for repeats ( the only repeats which BBC don't seem to agree to) and for recordings.This series looks well up to standard - with the Jerry Douglas, Aly and all the others doing their thing ...More please as the musicianship is top notch. BBC is missing out on valuable income by not issuing the recordings Thank goodness I've got Freeview ...

Wonderful programme and music - cd details please...please!

Phillip Hatton
Hi,I enjoyed the first programme very much but unfortunatly was unable to record the program! are there any plans to repeat the series and is the prog/music available to buy?ThanksP Hatton

Heather Scott
Thank you for introducing me to a world of music that I've never really paid attention to,until now!Please keep it comming

Richard Hughes
Outstanding and brilliant are just a couple of words I can think of to describe the performance of the two girls singing the duet on program 2.Any chance of this being released on CD.

Neil Campbell
Exellent . High quality musicians and singers performing live in an informal setting. The result is a deeply satisfying and revitalising experience.

Peter Schiffman
A wonderful series of programs. I'm an American living in Scotland and greatly appreciate the fusion of Celtic and Americana genres. You'd never find this kind of intelligent, tastefully-produced music program on PBS in the States. Kudos to BBC Scotland!

Mark N
Fantastic programme!!!I found this programme a couple of months ago; a friend sent me a copy of John Martyn playing "Mister Mister" & I just had to track down the CD.Transatlantic Session 2 (Vol 1 & 2)have bben played to bits...Will here be a (at least a double) CD of TS3?Is Transatlantic 1 avaiable on CD? I have searched the net though cannot find anything.

Ian Thompson
Excellent stuff... not my cup of tea usually but who could not be impressed by the skills and creativity of all involved! Genuinely heart-warming to know this type of music exists.

sally trower
phenomenal programme. Want to watch it again.

Peter Genower
The original Transatlantic Sessions, broadcast about a decade ago, were tremendous. I would love to own DVDs of all three 'volumes'. Are they available to buy?

Andrew Foubister
Brilliant Especially Joan Osbourne.When does the CD & DVD come out?

Glenn stott
Great music Will I be able to buy it on d dvd or video?

David Middlehurst
I have just watched The first Transatlantic Sessions programme on B.B.C. 4. The whole feel of the programme was wonderful. Musicians enjoying themselves with excellent playing. More please!

hazel jackson
this programme blew me away ,ive never heard musicians like it.More of this would be a real treat, thanks.

David Wilkinson
Tuned in by accident ( its still on now!) THe Joan Osbourne track blew me away, Is there any way to get a copy of it????

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