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16 October 2014
Scotland's Music 07

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Scotland Introducing... -  Vic Galloway's Podcast
Scotland Introducing... -  Vic Galloway's Podcast

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Vic Galloway

'Scotland Introducing' is a weekly showcase for unsigned, undiscovered and underground music from Scotland, and ties in neatly with my weekly shows on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio Scotland. "

Take a look at the artists who have been featured already and send us your comments.

26 September
Yoshi -
Satellite Dub -
Thieves in Suits -
Pictish Trail -

19 September
This July -
The French Quarter -
The Paraffins -
The Paradox -

12 September
Integra TV -
Lou Hickey -
The Fire and I -

05 September
Big Big Sound -
Pictish Trail -
Loss Leader -
Gdansk -

29 August
We Were Promised Jetpacks -
Emily Scott -
Brother Louis Collective -
What The Blood Revealed -

22 August
Mersault -
Sabrepulse -
Matadors -
Black International -

15 August
Be A Familiar -
The Down and Outs -
My Cousin I Bid You Farewell -
Burning Dog -

08 August
Sleepmode -
Palace Ballet -
Y'All Is Fantasy Island -

01 August
Popup -
Jason Clark -
Spontaniacs -

25 July
Polymyth -
The French Quarter -
Isosceles -
Icarus -

18 July
Come On Gang -
Running With Horses -
We See Lights -
Zoey Van Goey -

11 July
Departures -
Myshkin -
Ross Nicoll -
State of Affairs -

04 July
Unicorn Kid -
We See Lights -
Thieves in Suits -

27 June
Fangs -
Paper Planes -
Q Without U -
Hey Enemy -

20 June
Super Adventure Club -
Meursault -
Copy Haho -
Be A Familiar -

13 June
Underling -
John B McKenna -
Jump: Press A -

06 June
Swimmer One -
Shutter -
I Am Blip -

30 May
Luva Anna -
Unicorn Kid -
Sparrow and the Workshop -
Over The Wall -

23 May
Urbnri -
Tommy Reilly -
Binary Zero -
The Velcro Quartet -

16 May
Sixpeopleaway -
Running With Horses -
On The Fly -
Delta Mainline -

09 May
Nanobots -
The Stantons -

02 May
Our Lunar Activities -
Icarus -

25 April
Linden -
Plastic Adults -
Withered Hands -
Descartes -

18 April
Isosceles -
Twin Atlantic -
Swimmer One -
The Just Joans -

11 April
Diamonds -
The Ossians -
Polymyth -
Sensorium -

04 April
Acrynm -
The Stop Starts -
The Gussets -
We See Lights -

28 March
Calell -
The Ex-Men -
Tech Noir -
Take A Worm For A Walk Week -

21 March

Our Lunar Activities -
Popup -
The Infekted -

14 March
The Franks -
Gogobot -
Miyagi -
The Paradox -

07 March
Jae P -
Copy Haho -
Taking Chase -
Marshall Chipped -

29 February
Capital 1212 -
Sellotape -
Achren -
Paper Cut Rock -

22 February
Rustie -
Air Raiders -
The Elvis Suicide -
Y'all Is Fantasy Island -

15 February
Willow And The Tearooms
Rags And Feathers -
The Stone Ghost Collective -
Nanobots -

08 February
Findo Gask -
Austen George and the Alvas -
Swordmaster -
Operator -

01 February
Come On Gang -
Cot Death -
The Hijacks -
Archives -

25 January
Velvet Audio Band -
The Draymin -
The Phantom Band -
The Dials -

18 January
Juno -
Calell -
Big Big Sound -
Jae P -

11 January
Profisee -
The Vivians -
Urbnir -
Luva Anna -

4 January
Action Group -
Broken Records -
Frog Pocket -
Isosceles -

28 December
The Amphetameanies -
Dropkick -
How To Swim -

21 December
Rodan -
Departures -
Galchen -
Loki & Butterscotch -

14 December
Sanna -
State Of Affairs -
Hugo Paris -
Yusuf Azak -

07 December
San Sebastian -
The People -
Hi 5 Alive -
Gay Against You -

30 November
David Donnelly -
Come On Gang -
I Am Chemist -
Sola Perplexus -

23 November
Melvitronica -
Tattie Toes -
Laki Mera -
Dumb Instrument -

16 November
Dollskabeat -
Exit Pilot -
Neil Landstrumm -
We Were Promised Jetpacks -

9 November
Dollskabeat -
Exit Pilot -
Neil Landstrumm -
We Were Promised Jetpacks -

2 November
Beatnic Prestige -
Zoey Van Goey -
Mammal -
Red Snowman -

26 October
The Five Aces -
Call To Mind -
The Leatherettes -
The Felt Tips -

19 October
Great Ezcape -
Frog Pocket -
:cryoverbillionaires -

12 October
The Brogues -
Sara And The Snakes -
Northern Alliance -
Pumajaw -

5 October
Num -
Black Bic Biro -
Isosceles -

1 October
My Final Wish -
The Nukes -
Calamateur vs Steve Lawson -
Morphy -

21 September
My Tiny Robots -
10 Easy Wishes -
The Retrosexuals -
Broken Records -

14 September
Over The Wall -
Come In Tokyo -
Ross Clark -
Zoey Van Goey -

7 September
The Draymin -
Swimmer One -
Down The Tiny Steps -
Miaoux Miaoux -

31 August
Sixpeopleaway -
Action Group -
Our Name Is Legion -

24 August
The Pendulums -
Yoshi -
Mac -
The Sorren Maclean Band -

17 August
The Chutes -
Action Group -
The Moth & The Mirror -

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Your Comments

Which of the listed bands are your favourites - and why?



Vic Galloway, BBC Radio 1 and Radio Scotland
Thanks for your comments so far - Big up to BM, Fraser, Colin, Steve, Kay and the girls! I'm glad you're enjoying the shows and the podcast. Call to Mind, My Final Wish and The Valentine Project are all on myspace and easy to contact. Tell them i sent you!! All great bands and more proof than ever that Scotland is on fire with amazing music. Anyone else reading this? Please let me know what you think of the podcast, the radio shows and which bands you're tipping just now! Who should I check out? Cheers,Vic.

Look out for Gogobot.They are makin some moves

Lynne Smith
Without a doubt Thieves In Suits have been my favourites of recent podcasts . Especially the more recent one !. Really love the difference in their songs and the voice is distinct, it annoys me when bands songs all sound the same and those guys dont sem to suffer with that problem.Mind you though I am a fan of The Strokes lol

Mark Woods
You should check out Al Mitchell. He's a really good singer/songwriter from Paisley and has just released his first album.It says on his myspace page he's just been offered a publishing deal with a big company in America.I reckon he'll be bigger than Paulo

Colin Ewart
Hey Vic how come I managed to hea one of Glasgows finest bands Li'l Ze on Tom Robinson introducng before I've heard them in their own backyard?A slight oversight possibly?Great shows none the less but it would be great to hear the Ze on their home countries radio staton.Keep the good times flowing


Colin Robertson
The Phantom Band - ASTONISHING! Had heard one or 2 good things on XFM etc - checked out their myspace- 'pretty alright' i thought, but went to see them at Connect Festival and...ouch... TOTALLY blown away beyond belief. TRULY made my festival and was glad to miss Sigur Ros in favour of this band. And they play all the time in Scotland I now discover...why have I never seen this band before?!! This band are going to blow up!

The Chief o the Puddin Race
Get the ideals on, there tune am:pm or heroes has to be up there with anything thats happening in scotland, if they had a scooby doo how to promote themselves you might have heard o them, gid band tho!!!

Mark W
Did anyone see the Longview gig on Saturday at Tut's? What a show. Not sure why these guys haven't really got the recognition they deserve. The first band on the bill, Delta Mainline (think from Edinburgh) were incredible. What an energy - does anyone know of them and when they're playing live again? Can't believe this band has passed me by!

Get some figure 5 on the go seen em live 3 times and they get better every time

you should put grace emilys on there. they were amazing at t in the park.

Galchen- RRRRRRRRRROCK . You need to see them live to get the full frontal force of the moody melodies.

ilona brandwijk
check out The Honey Badgers band comes from the Scottish Bordertown Hawick.They always get good reception at their gigs and people even film it.The singers voice is mostly noticed.

Come On Gang are quite simply the best band in Edinburgh!

Check out The Day I Vanished - one of Edinburghs most underrated bands.

The Fire and I
These guys rocked Tbreak at King Tuts - had the crowd jumping! Have you had them in session?

Come On Gang!
They stole the show at T-Break

So happy Come On Gang! are playing Tbreak...may the force be with them

When u gonna give The 48 a shout? They're awesome!

Keith (from Kirkcaldy)
Dollskabeat.Gorgeous, seductive, classy electronica.They were fantastic at Cabaret Voltaire too. Dollska, herself, is simply a compelling performer - and really nice to talk to as well.Come on record labels, sign her up!

my final wish are awesome, would love to hear more from them. also quite like their friends 'the ansion', you should check them out!

Come On Gang are my fav's, they ARE the best band in Edinburgh.

Man, theres loads of ace bands there! Though if theres any act around at the moment id recommend you to check out it would be a band called dorian who i saw on monday night at king tuts supporting dead meadow (also ace but not scottish). They put on an awesome show and have an amazing sound for just a 3 piece! Check our their myspace page at


You should check out White Ace - great classic rock/rock/blues - and really burning it up out there. Supported Stone Gods at King Tut's last month and got brill reviews from them - or

Dennis Toun
Love the Glasvegas single that's just out, and Chris Gorman, too!! Glasgow's full of good stuff!!!

Velvet Audio
Seen these guys live,absolute amazing!biggest band of 08/09????

That band of the net this week are really good! Seen them live on wednesday and they are definitely a must see! I recommend you go see them any chance u get!

I have seen velvet audio live and the energy was immense!!!if you have a chance, c this band before they are playin stadiums!!!!!!

Come On Gang!
They Rule, they have more energythan a nuclear power plant!

adam mcray
Vicgreat stuff The Vivians when you having them on live??Have they any live gigs?

Amy Gunn
Come On Gang! No one's doing what they're doing at the minute and they've achieved so much in only 8 months - 2008 will be there year!

Luva, Luva, Luva Folkin Anna!!brill Vic thanks for putting them on!!

This band is really original, catchy to the point of must download this to "favorites" to geta frequent fix.With new songs readily on offer and a street cred bar none these cheeky boys will be huge not only in Japan but world wide. This is smart music, franz ferdinand recognised this at once and kapranos is seldom wrong. More plays please vic!

Alistair Davidson
Been listening to the podcast since it started, great stuff Vic!! Really loving Sorren McLean and his band, hoping to catch him live if he ever comes to Glasgow. San Sebastian are fantastic, seen them a few times in Glasgow, notably at T-Break last year, I thought they were one of the stand out acts.How To Swim, Call To Mind and Down the Tiny Steps are my other favourites... New music in Scotland seems to be thriving in 2008!!!cheers

Red Snowman
Cannot fault the quality of Red Snowman this rock monster 5 piece, get them back on the airwaves and live on your show, speaker shredding good! Cheers, Jimmy B

Otto von Broccoli
thanks for putting on Rodan Vic. enjoyed it. the podcast is great

Red Snowman
Totally awesome live!, have seen them more than 10 times and they just keep getting better and better. In my opinion one of best all out rock acts in Scotland at the moment!

Ryan kane
Red SnowmanRed SnowmanRed Snowmanthey are amaaaaazingget them on the radio! constantlymusic is brilliant!!!Ryan!

Get Red Snowman on again. They are absolutely immense. Love their tunes. Need to catch them live its absolutely mental.

Red Snowman
C'mon these guys have put in the graft! There genuine musicians and ya cannae beat their banter =]lisa x

I love num because he is brilliant and melancholy with a tint of hopefulness. He writes about dark stuff, but ultimately, he is betrayed by his own romanticism.

Chameleon Jersey
ah greetings and good day,I have just completed the Chameleon Jersey album and have had radio play on BBC Bristol Uncovered, Innacity FM (London) and a station in Italy where I will be playing a gig in January with a band called Lolamog.You can check us out let me know if you like any of thre tracks and I can send you the album.I hope you are wellAll my best wishesDavid

Gemma, Glasgow
Check out doghouse roses, an amazing nu-folk duo from glasgow


Fraser Scott, perth
Why haven't I heard of Call To Mind before? Always a great feeling when you discover an amazing new band for the first time! Cheers Vic!

Colin Campbell
I concur with Steve. That My Final Wish track you played was fantastic, and they have some great tunes on their myspace too. A session with them would be worth hearing.

the valentine project
hey guys can you tell me where they come from as me and my friends think they are awesome .we heard them on your show last night or can you play more of their songs if they have any.thanx kay and the girls.

Steve Kennedy
Thanks for finding My Final Wish. Their songs remind me of the postal service. Awesome.Get them in for a session.

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