Turin Brakes

Turin Brakes

Turin Brakes are a modern folk pop duo comprising Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian, hailing from Balham, London.

Exclusive Acoustic Session


  • 0.00 - Dark On Fire
  • 5.15 - Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover)
  • 10.00 - Underdog

Your Comments

I'm yet to see these guys live and this makes me want to so badly! of the most under rated bands around. Can't wait for the new album!!

effortless performance.absolute class,ignore at your peril,on the verge!

Joe, Morley
only just found this!!! absolutely superb live here. cant wait for the new album and tour in march 2010.

Al Hobin
Best band EVER, seen them 4 times and they are always quality and always sound as good live as a recorded studio production


Matt Wakefield
went to see TB at Drury lane theatre 13/09/09. What an amazing gig! Sounded better than ever, and had a sneak of a few new tracks. Amazing! GO SEE THESE GUYS!!

these guys are one of the most underated acoustic bands around. The emensley talented turin brakes.

I love you guys, you've seen me through bad times and good :) your song will always be part of my life.Don't ever stop X:)X

Matt Wakefield
simply beautiful music making! vastly overlooked band. Real talent that deserves greater accalim. never give up guys!

Kevin, Huddersfield
Best acoustic band in the UK! Great cover of Wicked Game lads.

Will & cc
I hope im that good friend Nowsh!! Love TB

A good friend introduced me to your amazing band and now i can't stop listening to you guys! Keep up the great work guys!

Amazing sounds!

Jeff, Bradford
These lads are quality. Getting touring again!!! Have the got a new record deal yet. They've also just wrote a song for the new Take That album.

Simon P
ou covered my favourite heartbreaking song "wicked Game", I'm your fan again. Bless you guys.

does anyone know when they are next touring?

Kevin F
Amazing performance,as always . Come on world tune in and enjoy!!

Shirley. Fife Scotland
Just Billiant! You can come play in my sitting room a wee bit more space that the camper. Get a new album out soon please :-)

brian + susy tomlinson
this inside a van! how good?i have seen these guys, classy in every way.pleases come to newcastle again.lots of love.

Eric, York
What a great performance. More soon please.

gary g
such an incredible live sound - the soundman had a few problems but the band put on such a musical performance. seriously, why arent they HUge??

Amazing! Autumn Tour please.

Seriously, I don't think I've ever heard then sound stronger.Bloody LOVE you.x

malcolm mckay
should be massive have seen them a few times yet to see a bad gig from them

Excellent, first time I'd seen them live at Hydro. id the same as Vince above - bought all their stuff. Inspirational.

Turtle, LA
Came over to the UK for this festival. Gotta say that Turin Brakes were the best band at the Hydro Connect, followed closely by Elbow. Get both these guys out to the US soon!

love Turin Brakes! These 3 tracks simply superb. Why are they not huge?!

truly brilliant, as always

First time I'd seen Turin Brakes and seeing them at Hydro Connect made me go and buy all 4 of there albums. Brilliant.

Sooperb!! pls come back to scotland soon

Definitely the best band at the festival. As good live as they are on record, which few bands are! Tour again soon...please.

Dingo Golango
Yes, i travelled far for this festival, the Turin brakes were by far the best band this year. keep up the good work guys.

fab as usualcome back to Edinburgh/Scotland soonluv ya

Great show, one of the best acts at the festival! Wicked game is one of the best covers ever!

Absolutely brilliant, first time I'd seen them live, Underdog was highlight of festival.

stephen white
This band get better and better.Amazing live.Dark on fire should have been a massive hit.

Very impressed guys.

These guys really are amazing live. If you get the chance to see them, go, you won't be disappointed

john fitz
great stuff guys. will come and see you if you ever hit Devon

go and see turin brakes every time they come to scotland, guaranteed a brilliant show. just cant understand why they are not massive!

Karen Reavill
Music just doesn't get any better than this!

Andy Dolan
Truly Spectacular!Perfect in every way as usual, I want tickets to see them in that caravan!

Gareth Evans
Amazing. Dark on fire has to be one of the greatest tracks in recent years. I agree, more please!

Amazing, as always. And if they sound this good in a caravan imagine how great they are with a full band and on cd.

John Knights
Fabulous! as always,lets hear more please

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