The Moth and The Mirror

The Moth and The Mirror

'The Moth and the Mirror' are six people who began life as a band on a cold February morning in 2006: guitarist Louis & Gordon, drummer Pete, bassist Kevin, percussionist Iain, and vocalist Stacey.

The band collide dark pop melodies and thundering crescendos, like being cradled in a comfortable embrace and having your head smashed into a cushion. Backed by her army of noise, chanteuse Stacey tells a mean bedtime story! Confident in the gripping and moving nature of their songs, the band is eagerly anticipating treating innocent ears to their phantasmagorical landscape of sound.

Filmed at Connect 2008

Your Comments

Scottish Singer
Just discovered the band online. Would love to hear more.

Woop Woop excellent songs

Princess Steph
Who likes to rock this party ! Stace & Co love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The bunnet
Moth and the Mirror likes to rock the party

wot an excellent band.

Brill! I know they have other great songs

Excellent band!

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Performance on

Sunday August 31

YourSound Stage

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