The Levellers

The Levellers

The Levellers are a popular English rock band influenced by punk and traditional English music. They are based in Brighton, England where they were founded in 1988.

Exclusive Acoustic Session - SOS


Video 1 - Acoustic Session - SOS

Video 2 - Acoustic Session - The Cholera Well

Video 3 - Backstage Interview

Your Comments

i think he's lovvelllly

simon b
like gillette the best a man get they rock man

jon and dawn

seen them in leeds greatnite venue as not as good as leeds uni lot better than acedemy

saw them at norwich uea last week. wicked as ever. long live

I dont really know the Levellers but my friend Georgia loves them and she sent me this site and i REALLY like the cover song. Nice =]

love the new album.followed levs since start and always will. long live levellers

the levs awesome as ever love the new toons back to there rocky roots cant wait to see them in december for another drunken beautifull night....

Ahaha that was awesome. Its funny at the end lol.The covers really gooo though. well done =]

Lorna and Dave
LOVE the cover, and Cholera Well is amazing!Good interview too.Can't wait til Dec, (guys were also awesome in the albert hall).xxx

The Nomad
Great as ever,love the sos cover,can't wait to see the Levs again in December!.

Excellent as ever. Could the Abba be a new side to the boys? Cant wait for the Albert Hall gig. Viva Levellers

True punk!True Folk!Not afraid to raise the important Issues.I will keep coming to watch you as long as you keep playing.

oooh they just keep getting better. My boys!!!!

only recently introduced to them and they are great, love the violin and lyrics. just seen Mamma Mia so SOS was fun! Coming to see you in Dublin in December, can't wait

Superb but not on long enough. Always a pleasure

marks jarred , cant here simon :) , nice cover though

ohhhhhh dont you just love Mr C`s chubby chops, i could kiss them all night long.See you guys soon Debs X

anne macpherson

Fantastic, the levellers have changed my life, and i will luv growing old following such a gr8 band.
like abba song but keep up with the new stuff c u sooon in leeds can!t wait as last concert was cancelled steve

Aboslutley love the levs! cant wait to see them again! they never let you down when you see them live!

They ROCK Nice Acoustic Guys Thankyou.

I'm the same age as the Levellers, I used to get wrecked in the same pub as them in Brighton. I'm so glad they exist. I'll be happy to grow old with them, unlike loads of other bands from the same age. Long live the Levs!

Absolutely Awesome!!! The best I've seen them for years and it was superb to hear some new songs in the set!!Shame they weren't on for longer but even so it was awesome!!

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