Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros are an Icelandic post-rock band with melodic, classical and minimalist elements. The band is known for its ethereal sound and lead singer Jonsi Birgisson's falsetto voice.

Recorded at Connect 2008


  • Hoppipola
  • Inni Mer Syngur Vitleysingur

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Nick BBC
Another track coming later today folks, watch this space!

They were the last band i seen at Connect, i will never forget it, incredibley perfect end to the weekend.

I saw Sigur Ros in Prague a couple of months ago and they completely blew my mind. I thought it would be a mellow sit around type of show but some of the songs they played were like unleashing a fury of sound on the audience. There were moments that the energy coming from the stage was so powerful that it literally seemed that the band was fighting some epic battle against the forces of the long dark Icelandic winters. Totally awesome, ranks in my top 5 concerts of all time.

Their song tunes are so moving - and so powerful

Sigur Ros are on the top of the lists for bands to see before i die. Infact top of the list for 'Things' i need to do before i die.They are the most inspirational band ever to live. Never heard anything like it.Unique


I have never been moved by a performance - the tears were running down my face! It was stunning. I got a freebie CD on a magazine and there was a live performance osf Staralfur and I thought that it was mislabelled because I didn't think they could sound like that live. I was wrong - they do!

Absolutely incredible, best live performance i've seen in ages. They are so innovative and inspiring, their music moved everyones' hearts. We were all howling along in Icelandic (or at least trying to!) The atmosphere was electric. Thanks Connect!!!

badger mchuil
wasnt going to watch them made up id as they blew every one away just sublime

Just maybe the best live performance i have ever seen, one of the very few times I have been completely lost for words!

Aye great end to the weekend, didnt stay for franz to much after sigur ros set, nothing would compareJD.

they started with Svefn-g-englar! I was the one crying like a wean, snotters and all to Hoppipolla- it reminds me of my old school buddy Jim Burgess who died 3 summers ago. We used to splash through puddles together.

Still smiling... Roll on November!

Beautiful, as always. Sigur Ros can bring even the most hardy guy to tears of rapturous joy! Gushing praise maybe, but it's true...

Fantastic, best live music I have heard in a long while. Mesmeric.

The Duke
Nick BBC, do you have popplagið. This was an amazing performance.

is it just me or has the studio version of the new single just been shoe-horned onto the end of this 'live' recording. Come on BBC, where's the live version, it was far better!!

This was the best yet , seen them at T in the park and at the grassmarket what absolutely outstanding musicians great set great band and gutted that this wont be the same band at Glasgow later this year although i am sure this will be another outstanding performance a must see and i have the tickets woo hoo

ive seen Sigur Ros about 5 times and each gig is a separate experience,they continually expand boundaries,and prove that music goes beyond understanding lyrics,they take you away to a place so amazing it takes ages to get back...roll on Nov!!!

Sigur Ros - beyond words - completely and utterly blew my mind. I'll admit to having slight (very slight) reservations about going to see them - due mainly to that feeling that, as with Zero 7 or Beth Orton, we'd end up standing pretty still for a lot of the gig. I'd just never seen their stuff as festival music - more as tunes to take it easy to. What a set tho - mesmerising, inspiring, touching, blissful. To anyone that got mud-splashed by me and my girlfriend's impromptu ceilidh my apologies go to you now. Up there with my top ten gigs without a doubt. A complete, unexpected, glorious gem. Words aren't enough :) How anyone couldn't have loved Connect is beyond belief. Sigur you rule. Come grace us again, a definite festival star amongst so many highlights. Thank you Connect. Summer 09 couldn't come soon enough

Sensational set at Connect from Sigur Ros. Some of the most beautiful and amazing music, certainly the highlight of the festival for me!

Magic, just magic. I had such high expectations and was not disappointed. We know that Iceland and Scotland have this weird link, and Sigur ros resonated at Inverary. A mystic experience.

A great set in an idylic location. Watching Sigur Ros by a stream in freezing Scotland was a dream. They brought the stars out. However Mercury Rev still played the best set of the weekend, no doubt.

Have to agree with the rest. Along with Grinderman made the trip from Nottingham and the rain and mud so worthwhile.

There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said. Sigur Ros were absolutely incredible! We bought our tickets to Connect as soon as we saw they were playing. I've been wanting to see them for years and they blew my mind. I couldn't say a word during their set and everything else was blocked out, even the huge crowd, except their music and stunning visual performance.

In a festival of extreme weather and extremely beautiful setting, it's hardly surprising that the the best two sets came from Sigur Ros and Grinderman balanced on either edge of musical influence - but both completely focused and accomplished. Thanks Connect, for the best line up, and the best food, of the festival year

Best gig of the festival closely followed by Gomez. Let's have the whole thing on iplayer

Amazing, amazing, amazing but agree this recording does not do the performance any justice they did on Sunday.

Incredible! Had never heard much of them before, but that was a magical performance!

Contrary to the BBC's apparent belief, Sigur Rós DO have more songs than just Hoppípolla. They say they even have a new album out that has ELEVEN songs that aren't Hoppípolla. But that's just a rumour.

thanks all thought perhaps i was caught in my own personal whimsy. only ever cried at one other gig ( fyi: dj shadow private press gig in manchester a few years ago ) but these did it for me. mesmeric- thousands of scots clapping and singing to some icelandic lyrics that they could not understand is surely a testament to their craft.

just great

Big Dave
Average to poor. Inventive but not inspiring.

Easily the best performance I have seen this year. The highlight of the connect festival for me. Beautiful on a crisp cool night with the rain having stopped and the stars twinkling through. Thanks to Sigur Ros

magical, unforgetable, sublime

Probably one of the best sets I have seen, definitely the best at Connect... beautiful, haunting, what more can i say. i have to agree with Nadim, your recording does no justice to the beauty of the experience.

Agree completely, absolutely magical experience that really made the festival. Any chance of posting more of their set?

I agree with nadim, Sigur Ros put the other set's to shame, phenomenal for all 90minutes!


Best set at the festival by miles - shame your recording does not do them justice as they were absolutely haunting and inventive

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Performance on

Sunday August 31

Oyster Stage

Sigur Ros ON

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