Phantom Band

Phantom Band

Exactly when the Phantom Band formed is hard to say because their name arose from the fact that they chose to change guise for every gig or art happening they played. Robert Redford, Robert Louis Stevenson, Tower of Girls, les crazee boys and Wooden Tree's are apparently a few. They stuck with the earned title of Phantom Band sometime in 2005 when a succession of packed gigs persuaded them to go canny on the improvisation.

Three of them knew each other from childhood, performing in the mysterious rites of north east of Scotland. Setting on off at a canter from Aberdeenshire amidst the gloaming they picked up another one bashing away at a moog in Dundee, whilst on route to the Scottish west coast. There they found two willing rhythmists waiting for them at the vaults of Hamilton. Since then, they have regularly breathed major tenenbarum over all the usual Scottish venues - Mono, Sleazy's, Tuts, Barfly, Bongo Club and more than a few in London Village. The Phantom Band have recently signed with legendary Glasgow indie label Chemikal Underground. The debut album is almost complete and will be released on 26th January 2009.

Filmed at Connect 2008

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paul armtrong
watched the band a foppin glasgow 28th jan..could be the nextbig thing....honestly

Missed the "shelvophone"! When you coming to Aberdeen? Cannot convey the bodacity of the PhantomBand!!

Pap! Saw them at connect. Cant play, rotten songs. Slightly odd in a nice middle class way. Dull. They'll go a long way.

Garth Vadar
Is it january yet?

Throwing Bones is great. Hope the album is as good.

Stuart Young
Had never heard of this band until i got lost and ended up watching them live, there songs were immense yet hilarious, jan 26th albums out

Davd Lee Roth
Best new band in Britain What a live show. Made the weekend!

Eggy Man
You had to be there. No, really. This recording doesn't convey the awesomeness at all - you can hardly hear the bass, just a very loud main vocal without the gang backing it up. Make it a priority to go and see this band of wildmen! And i hear their album is out in January.Eggy

Grinderman, Gomez, Errors and these boys were the stars of the show for me. I can't wait for the album.

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