Neil Landstrumm

Neil Landstrumm

A stalwart of the UK electronic music scene since 1994, Peebles' finest techno artiste Neil Landstrumm has released albums and EPs on many of the most revered labels in the industry - Peacefrog, Tresor, his own imprint Scandinavia and most recently Mike Paradinas's Planet Mu. Neil's sound has evolved over the years - he has recently been toying with dubstep - but has never strayed too far from his roots in the bass and bleep of early Warp and hardcore. His live sets are an uncompromising hyperactive journey through rave, techno and bowel-wobbling bass.

Neil meets Vic in backstage bomb shelter


Video 1 - neil meets vic in backstage bomb shelter

Video 2 - Radio 1 Session Track - Supermoose

Video 3 - Radio 1 Session Track - Designer Rave Pioneer

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