Grinderman is a garage rock band formed by Nick Cave (vocals, electric guitar, organ, piano), Warren Ellis (electric bouzouki, Fendocastor, violin, viola, acoustic guitar, backing vocals), Martyn P. Casey (bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals) and Jim Sclavunos (drums, percussion, backing vocals), all of whom are members of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Interview at Connect 2008


Clip 1 - Video Interview with Vic Galloway

Clip 2 - Exclusive Audio from Connect 2008

  • Tracklisting:

  • Get It On
  • No Pussy Blues
  • Love Bomb

Your Comments

it's a shame that a bunch of men in their 50's have to show an entire genration of young bands how it's done. Where are the young pretenders??

Craig Brown
Without a doubt the highlight of the weekend. Who would've thought Cave would allow himself to be seen having a good time on stage?

Craig Sheridan
Damn!!! That was good.

amazing - wanted to see Nick Cave for years and was not disappointed.

Mister Mug
If it weren't for my boots being stuck solid in the mud Grinderman would have blown me right off my feet! Big Nick, what an artist, poet, performer, singer and sharp dresser! Grinderman made hydro connect for me and especially my partner who incidentally was the lady with the 'bluebottle on her head'. Thanks guys!

i dont know wot yous are on about, i think the interview is hilarious

yes simon, a terrible interview.However, they were the highlight of the festival. Forget the bikes that power showers, just hook up Warren Ellis and the whole site could have stayed clean all weekend. Took their call to 'Get It On' literally and lost it til Monday morning . . .

what an embarrassing interview - where was Nick Cave when we need him? I fondly recall the Zane Lowe/Grinderman interview where Nick took Lowe to pieces.

David Preston
In a world dominated by women and feminism, what we need is more good old fashioned misogyny! Long live Grinderman!!!

absolutely awesome!definitely my personal highlight of hydro connect!!!!

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Performance on

Saturday August 30

Oyster Stage

Grinderman ON

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