Elbow are an alternative rock band based in England. The band formed in the English town of Bury in 1990, and currently comprises lead vocalist, guitarist and lyricist Guy Garvey, guitarist and back up vocalist Mark Potter, keyboardist and back up vocalist Craig Potter, bassist Pete Turner and drummer Richard Jupp. Over the band's 18 year career they have released four studio albums, four EPs and ten top fifty singles in the UK..

Interview at Connect 2008


Clip 1 - Video Interview with Vic Galloway

Clip 2 - Exclusive Audio from Connect 2008

  • Tracklisting:

  • Leaders Of The Free Worlds
  • Grounds For Divorce
  • One Day Like This

Your Comments

loving the lyrics, loving the band, loving the totally full on commitment to the great music; just loving guy garvey xx mirrorball is the most romantic yet real love song of all time xxx

Elbow and Camera Obscura was a painful, painful clash this year, but Elbow was probably the right choice. just fantastic stuff. Everyone singing along to One Day Like this was fantastic, even if the weather didn't QUITE reflect the song content :D

Not sure if there is any one word to describe Elbow at Connect so amazing they were! They just took me to some other time and place. This is their time - at long last.

Dead right Turtle. Elbow were as amazing as ever. Also saw Turin Brakes for the first time and I thought they were outstanding. Check their van session out.

Turle, LA
Loved Elbow and Turin Brakes at Hydro. Both sweet bands.

Craig Sheridan
Loved the band for ages and at last got to see them and it was absulutely brilliant. Very exciting not knowing what they would play and 'Station Approach' was possibly my song of the festival.

made the weekend worthwhile after all the mud n rain! they r simply fab!

Wee John
absolutely amazing, you guys were immense. Definitely the highlight of my weekend and we'll see you Glasgow next month!!

angela robison
This was the first I'd seen them live although I only caught 15mins as I just had to see Camera Obscura again. They were fantastic though!!

Connect gave me my first experience of Elbow and I was blown away....a new fan has arisen!

Elbow rule!! Highlight of the festival! Simply uplifted and warmed by the quality musicianship. Best gig!

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Performance on

Sunday August 31

Oyster Stage

Elbow ON

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