Broken Records

Broken Records

Seven-piece Broken Records formed December 2006 in Edinburgh, creating a sound combining traditional European folk with modern Scottish alternative music.

Recorded at Connect 2008


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Rob Herschell
WOW - Just found this vid, about 3 months after the event. Only managed the one day, but what a fab festival it was.These guys are fantastic, highly recommended - go see 'em / buy their records!

wow wow wow! why aren't they signed???? wish more stuff like this was on the radio

the pianist's just so dreamy!! i wish i live in edinburgh too

Verrry Edin-bur-ugh... uhubruuugh!

Aband to look ut for. They are just g8 live

The Notty Pie
Fantastic Gentlemen. Will see you soon South Of the Border....

brilliant stuff! vid looks rough as, but really captures it! wish i'd been there instead of stuck in a van :-)

Seen them twice, gonna see them again in November. They're fantastic.

Brilliant band. Really blew me away.

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Performance on

Saturday August 30

YourSound Stage

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