Darren Foreman (born 14 May 1982) alias Beardyman is a beatboxer from Brighton, East Sussex.

Interview at Connect 2008

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Morningside School of Music
Brilliant Beardyman! Fantastic!

id like to hear um play an acoustic guitar and do that aswell, interesting!

Beardyman, you legend!

More Beardyman videos please!

ewen macdonald
beardyman was worth the ticket price alone

Craig Cowan
Absolutly Amazing! Definatly One of the Best acts of the Festival!

mark Thomson
Could not believe my ears, this guy is GENIUS!!

Like the interview. He is really good and so humble too. Don't plug yourself. Just do the do.

Wullie McGartland
I don't know how the guy made those noises, but I'm glad he did.

stewart maccallum
Beardyman was the most phenomenal think I saw over the whole weekend. This guy is so damn good!!!

Jason Brown
I thought tis was the best act of the hole festival!! really got the crowd going!

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Performance on

Saturday August 30

Unknown Pleasures

Beardyman ON

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