Michael Marra

Michael "Atlas" Marra is a Dundee-born (1952) musician.

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Green Grow The Rashes


  • Clip 1 - Green Grow The Rashes

This footage was filmed for TV at the Auld Lang Syne concert at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Saturday 24th January.

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andy holland
best yet brill

Stevie W
Wonderful distinctive voice - well done Michael! My 2nd favourite Burns poem!

I was there that night. What you don't hear on the recording is the sound of the audience singing along to the chorus, with only a few voices at first and gradually buidling with each chorus. Magical! Michael Marra deservedly got the longest applause of the night.

Jim, England
I watched this on TV at New Year and I have watched it 40 times since.Absolutely brilliant and moving. Burns would surely pat Michael on the back for such an amazing performance. I hope the BBC release this concert on DVD soon. as I only have a few more days to watch on i-player.

phil dray
the man is god !!!

I was there that night. Best song of the night. Had I wee tear in the eye.

joe dubya
Funny . . . and moving. In a class of his own

lyn and anne
We had a great night.Would liked to have heard Michael sing more.Brilliant!

Ian DougalL
best thing i ever heard bar none.

me, my mum and auntie
We were there and this was amazing. A memory that will last a life time.

What a legend this guy is. Saw him at Lochailort ages ago and he made me, a grown man cry, and laugh in equal measure with his genious.

Mike T
... not a dry eye in the place....

Blane Mc Knight
If ever a voice encapsulated the earthy origins of the Scottish folk song, and the people themselves, this is it. Marvellous.

jim wingate
sweet and true.

The outstanding song of the show. Thanks BBC for making such a great performance available.

fantastic rendition of Green Grow The Rashes. Looking forward to seeing more

Absolutly brilliant Sir i doff my cap to you.

Connie Mara
Pure genius

robbie tancred
Weel done, Cutty Sark. Brilliant.

Michael Marra is fabulous at Green Grow The Rashes - I love him!

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