Lo Cor De La Plana

Lo Cor De La Plana

Based in Marseille, Lo Còr de la Plana are an all-male vocal group who re-invent the ancient Occitan traditions of southern France, drawing on sources from medieval to the present day.

Lo Cor De La Plana at the Old Fruitmarket - Part 1


  • Clip 1 - Fanfarneta
  • Clip 2 - Tant Deman

This footage was filmed for TV - the programme goes out on BBC Two Scotland on 15th February.

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Sharon Mikulich
I also think these should be available to us in the U.S. I was there in Jan.& saw LoCor--they are great. The BBC provides unique & extensive coverage of news & arts info that isn't provided by U.S. media. We need more,including music coverage.

Why on earth can these BBC Scotland Celtic 2009 sessions not be listened to in the USA? I know of no other website that 'blocks' content geographically

I enjoyed this so much I went straight out and bought it.Superb!!

These guys were absolutely fantastic, would love to see them again.

Superb evening. Quite unexpected. Well worth a visit.

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Performing at

Saturday 17th January

Old Fruitmarket

Sunday 18th January

Oran Mor

Tuesday 20th January

Old Fruitmarket

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