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3 November 2014

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Notes for Parents

The use of computers and technologies in the home is a rapidly expanding market and many parents see opportunities to support their children's learning and play through the use of computer programmes. This programme has been designed for use at home and at nursery and early primary stages.

This programme has been designed for children aged 3-6. It provides opportunities for children to have fun exploring familiar contexts. Your involvement with your child will make the experience much richer. This will also help you to understand what your child is finding out and what is most interesting. You can also help if necessary and encourage your child to try something else.

There are no right or wrong answers on this website- your child can be in full control. Your child can experiment and decide which way to go. There are lots of opportunities to go back and visit again and find out more.

The experience is supported by story, music and dance. Young children love to be active and they respond enthusiastically to music, often moving naturally in time to it.

The music can be played at other times and perhaps you would like to tell the stories again to your child and talk about them from his or her own experiences and perspectives.

The programme is built around 4 main areas : Looking Closer, Wet Day, Moods and Feelings and Dark Room. Children can click on a bubble containing an object to start their journey. This object will lead them to an area they wish to visit. You will find lots of ideas for playing and exploring with your child. For example, you may wish to help your child develop their interest in these areas by taking them out in the rain, or encouraging them to look at objects through a pair of glasses or a paper tube or a magnifying glass. Children need help to understand their moods and feelings and this online site helps them to do that. By talking to them about how they are feeling, you can help them to understand. If your child is interested and excited about the dark you can play Hide and Seek or see what happens when you turn all the lights off and shine a torch.

The programme is designed to be used for a short time each visit. We suggest that visits up to 15 minutes are long enough for children at this stage and they can visit for shorter spells too. The programme encourages children to move away from the computer and try out an activity inside or outside. We are all concerned with ensuring that children have plenty of opportunity to be active and physical and this programme provides ideas for that. The Owl Help Icon appears after 5 minutes. He can offer help and encouragement and he also makes suggestions to get children moving and playing away from the computer. The child can ignore the Owl but he will come back again after another 5 minutes.

We hope your child enjoys this programme- it is designed to give them a fun and pleasurable experience and to support their learning.

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