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Liu Hong Liang - the factory worker

Liu Hong Liang left a life in farming far behind when he moved to the city. What is life really like for him in modern day China.

"I left the farm because firstly I wanted to improve my whole family's living conditions, and secondly, I wanted to go out and see the rest of the world." - Liu Hong Liang.

Liu Hong LiangLiu Hong LiangLiu Hong Liang
  • In 1950, less than 13% of Chinese people lived in large towns and cities. Today that's changed to about 40% and this could grow as high as 60% by 2030.
  • Most of the workers employed in factories on China's east coast are from provinces further inland where other job opportunities are limited. Many come from farming background, and many of these hope to return.
  • There are over one million labourers working on building sites in Beijing. 90% of these workers people came from other parts of China.

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