Here we go then...

25th Mar 2008 11:00am, Gerald

Right then. No pressure at all. This is the first entry in our production diary and I will try not to mess it up.

We are producing a whole lot of content on China this year in the BBC Scotland Learning department. There's some TV programmes, some radio programmes and this great big website.

One of the questions I am always asked when I am out and about visiting schools is, "how did you make/build/do/think up that?" I thought to begin to answer this might be helpful. And if I could do it in an interesting way with an unusual project then even better. But how do we document our production process as we put together a project about somewhere as far off and with as many complexities as China?

A blog sprang to mind but lets face it, blogs are so last year (as I'm sure saying "so" is too). So this is definitely not a blog. It's... a... erm... production diary?

Whatever it is, it will tell you how we go about producing stuff. Whether it is for the web, radio or for TV. It's not the definitive way of doing anything and despite what we might think some of the time we are not experts. But, this is how we do it (to quote Montell Jordan - google him, you won't regret it) and it will hopefully be of interest to you.

Bejing at night.
A high tech Chinese street display.
A Bejing city scene.

So whether you are toying with the idea of becoming a web designer or fancy training to be a director this diary should give you a glimpse into what the job is really about.

And hopefully you'll learn a bit about China too.

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Key Dates:

The TV crew arrive in China

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