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16 October 2014

wilma - November 2008

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A ticking off.

Guess what? I got a "nice" ticking off from the beeb moderater. In my last blog I wrote a comment about some other blogger and I got ticked off. Mmmmm I can take it! Though I do think it was fair what I said. I just said I wasnt sure about the authenticity of this blogger.

Anyway, it has been another gorgous day here. Perfect Autumn weather. Perfect for Halloween on Friday. Plenty of kids about guising and lots came to the door. I never invite the kids in as I want to protect myself from accusations. I am always surprised about the amount of children I dont know, all young and in a wee group that appear at my door. Where are the parents? Although I sometimes see some lurking around the corner. Halloween has certainly changed a bit from my days. Happy to get a biscuit, fruit and nuts. Now its money they want. Scrooge me, insists on fruit, sweets etc.

Not long till Christmas now. All the shops are full of stuff. Cards, decoration, selection boxes etc etc. I love it!!!!!

I did threaten to put my Xmas list on here for the benefit of my family.

Here goes ( a start)

A kenwood Food mixer ( about £199.00) not the cheap one.
Sleeping beauty DVD
DS Lite and brain training
"Special" gold earrings

I will update the list every week.
If you want page numbers for the argos catalogue I will supply.

Names for today are

Jonty and Jilly



Posted on wilma at 17:15

just trying this out

Just trying out the insert image button.

This is NOT today, but was taken at the begginning of last week from a friends garden.

Hope it works, then I can take pics to show you all this beautiful island.


Posted on wilma at 09:41

lots more to come

Hi all

Working very hard this week on all sorts of things including" real work". So have not had a chance to post.

However, if the weather is good this weekend, I hope to be out and about taking pictures of this beautiful island to share with you all.

Whwn walking down the town yesterday, I noticed the enormous amount of old gum on the ground. Once I had noticed it on the pavement outside one shop, I was aware how much there was all over the place. You can obviously spot the shops etc where kids congregate. Though I am not saying it is all kids who chew their gum and throw it on the ground. What a mess. A power hose every now and again would get rid of this horrible mess.Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I must be getting old and grumpy.

Babies names today are

Kirstie and Kieran

And added to my xmas list is

The Mamma Mia DVD


Posted on wilma at 09:32

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