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16 October 2014

wilma - October 2008

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Red Elastic Bands??

Feel that I am becoming a Victor Mildrew these days. What with dog poo etc. But has anybody else noticed the large amounts of red elastic bands lying about the streets?

After some investigations, I have discovered they come from the post. They are used to tie the letters together and when the letters are delivered, the bands are discarded.

Okay, I am not accusing every post person of littering the streets but there are definately a lot of elastic bands about. As these post people don`t seem to be stroppy teenagers or kids, then you think they would know better.



Recycling in my street seems like quite a big thing and I notice many bins and green and white bags out for our fortnightly recycling. It would be good if they could do a doorstep collection of glass as well. All those dimpled bottles soon add up and get too heavy ( and noisy) to take to a public recycling centre.

Sun is shining today, in between heavy showers but still mild.

Names for today

Erin or Evann



Posted on wilma at 13:57

What a gorgous day here in Bute

What a gorgous day it is here on Bute. I tried to load a picture I have just taken to let you all see but it says the file is too large. Oh well, I will look at it again and post if I can manage it later.

The weather is fantastic for October. Wish I was on holiday and not working so that I could take advantage of the lovely weather. Hope it lasts.

I have been very busy over the last week or so. Not sure exactly what I have been doing but I seem to have not had a minute to spare.

I had a friend staying for a few days and had a few dimpled bottom bottles to share. Great fun.

It is amazing how after a few glasses of wine, you can commit yourself to do things that you would not even consider when you are completely sober. Things I have agreed to in the past are posing naked for a photograph - a very seductive, no nudity showing, Gok Wan style photo( I have not done it yet). that itself might need another few glasses to overcome the nerves. Go to a dancing class. (went and really enjoy it) and my latest is to try horse riding. Okay, horse riding might seem an easy challenge but since I have never done it before I am slightly nervous.

I am quite a big girls and would be mortified if they either

Could`nt get a horse big enough for me


The horse collapsed under my weight.

The other thing is I am not really an animal lover ( I dont hate animals) and not sure how frightened I would be of a horse. And I hate smelly things and horses are quite smelly.

Anyway I will give it a go soon and let you know what happens.

My friend G is a lawyer in Glasgow and phoned the other day to say how sad I was writing this blog and did I know I had`nt written anything for a few days. Yes I did know and G your clients are the sad ones, or at least they will be when they see they are being charged for your time spent reading the blog. Thats just naughty.

Now for todays names.

Flynn or Fiona.



PS anyone on Islay? Four of my friends arrived there last night on the flight from Glasgow and are staying for a week. Hope you show them a good time. They are "doing" all the distilliries.
Posted on wilma at 14:47

Stepping out!!!!!!

Went along to the local drama group auditions and guess what, ended up with a part to play in the production. There are two productions for next year. Stepping Out and the Odd couple. Stepping out involves lots of music and tap dancing, should be good fun. The odd couple is going to be nearly all female due to the serious ;lack of men in the drama group. Should all be good fun and lots of hard work for everyone. Trying to better or equal "The steamie" is going to be hard.

The Buteman is talking about a fence around the pier area again. Not a Colditz type fence, but a fence all the same. All seems a bit of a shame in the name of health and safety. But I suppose if it saves someones life, then it will be good. Will certainly spoil the look of the whole place.

However I think we in Rothesay should hold off on the fence for the moment and see how all the other islands, Mull, Islay, Millport , anywhere else that has a ferry port as they SHOULD be having a fence too. Maybe we all need to stand together to tell someone this is all a piece of nonsense before we all end up with a huge fence greeting us when we arrive on our islands. If a fence has to happen then it has to happen for everywhere and not just Bute. But that is just my opinion.

My son brought home a Wii fit for me last week. Its a game that goes on the television and helps you get fit - or so it proclaims. Still waiting for it to be sorted on to the tv but looking forward to trying it out next week when I have worked out how to set it all up. Looking forward to a new me!!!!!

Hubbie announced the other day that he has been looking at my blog which made me think that I will need to be careful what I say here. However it could work to my advantage as I can post my Christmas list here and he has no excuse for not knowing what to get me. Devious but good idea!!!!!

The railings across the road from my house are looking a bit (a big bit) shabby. I dont think they have been painted for at least 5 years. They belong to the council and I suppose due to cut backs it will not get done for another 5 years. I was wondering if I secretly (maybe in the middle of the night) painted them, anyone would notice? Do you think I could be fined for vandalism? It would sure improve the look of the street.

My names for that new baby coming are

Graham and Gemma


Posted on wilma at 10:44

Different folks and different strokes

Im back after a lengthy time without internet connection. Not being too technical minded, I dont know what was wrong but I do know that it is now fixed. Yippee.

Seems like quite a while since I was on here.

I have been attending various meetings and getting my winter evening entertainments sorted. Apart from the drama group, I have been along to a few other meetings for other groups.

I find it amazing how different people in a group can have such a positive or negative effect on the group. I went along to a meeting on Wednesday night for a group ( not saying what one it was) and met the most bumptious (if that is a word), rude and full of herself lady who was resigning from the group that I wanted to join. All I can say is that if I had turned up to join and she was still a "leading light" I would have marched straight back out. It made me realise that maybe there were so few people attending meetings or joining the group because they had encountered this lady before. Thank goodness she has gone, hope she does not come back ( valuable though her contribution may have been in the past) and hope this group moves on without her.

The comments above make me sound like a real witch ( apt as it is halloween). I`m not, honest. Just wanting to enjoy myself and my free time without being involved in others private crusades for glory.

I heard today ( whilst in the library) that the library staff had their wee staff room broken into and a handbag stolen while they were working in the library. And thieves had even taken a cable from one of the computers at the library desk. All this while the library was open. Its terrible when you feel you cant trust folk around you!!!

The weather last week was absolutely appalling. Welcome to the Winter. However another gorgous day today. Sun shining, leaves crispy but cold, cold, cold. BUT NOT raining.

Names for today are

Innes and India

Hope you are all warm and well wherever you are.



Posted on wilma at 14:16

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