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16 October 2014


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What a gorgous day here in Bute

What a gorgous day it is here on Bute. I tried to load a picture I have just taken to let you all see but it says the file is too large. Oh well, I will look at it again and post if I can manage it later.

The weather is fantastic for October. Wish I was on holiday and not working so that I could take advantage of the lovely weather. Hope it lasts.

I have been very busy over the last week or so. Not sure exactly what I have been doing but I seem to have not had a minute to spare.

I had a friend staying for a few days and had a few dimpled bottom bottles to share. Great fun.

It is amazing how after a few glasses of wine, you can commit yourself to do things that you would not even consider when you are completely sober. Things I have agreed to in the past are posing naked for a photograph - a very seductive, no nudity showing, Gok Wan style photo( I have not done it yet). that itself might need another few glasses to overcome the nerves. Go to a dancing class. (went and really enjoy it) and my latest is to try horse riding. Okay, horse riding might seem an easy challenge but since I have never done it before I am slightly nervous.

I am quite a big girls and would be mortified if they either

Could`nt get a horse big enough for me


The horse collapsed under my weight.

The other thing is I am not really an animal lover ( I dont hate animals) and not sure how frightened I would be of a horse. And I hate smelly things and horses are quite smelly.

Anyway I will give it a go soon and let you know what happens.

My friend G is a lawyer in Glasgow and phoned the other day to say how sad I was writing this blog and did I know I had`nt written anything for a few days. Yes I did know and G your clients are the sad ones, or at least they will be when they see they are being charged for your time spent reading the blog. Thats just naughty.

Now for todays names.

Flynn or Fiona.



PS anyone on Islay? Four of my friends arrived there last night on the flight from Glasgow and are staying for a week. Hope you show them a good time. They are "doing" all the distilliries.
Posted on wilma at 14:47


You don't sound exactly like one of Nature's horseriders, Wilma, but I hope it goes OK! Pictures please...

Jill from EK

The smell of a warm horse is one of nature's great pleasures, like sticking your head under the duvet...

Flying Cat from under a duvet

Sorry but YUK!!!!!!

wilma collins from Bute

Oh purrlease don't apologise wilma, after all it is your blog...

Flying Cat from just popping up for air

Wilma, Wilma, horses are large and it is a long way down from the saddle to the earth - believe me, I know. Mark Twain said it all when he siad (or maybe wrote) that "HOrses - dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle". Stick to Wii, at least you can only electrocute yourself.

Barney from Swithiod horse sense

I'm afraid M and I have different opinions here. M loves horses (seems to be a woman thing) whereas I think the best place to ride a horse is to the glue factory - they are over-rated, nasty, smelly animals that bite and kill people on a regular basis. The best part of Animal Farm was when Hercules the horse was driven off to be made into dog food. How I laughed. And as for smelling a warm horse and sniffing under strangers' duvets, I have no interest in giving either of these marks out of ten (it would be 0). I wouldn't dream of smelling under M's duvet, especially if she'd recently had a curry (another bad liking of hers).

J and M from Bute

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