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16 October 2014


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Is a dimple on your bottom a sign of good breeding?

Following on from the earlier theory about good wine, I was asked if this was a sign of good breeding in humans. I`m not sure about that Plaid. But if it is true then I am certainly from quality stock as my (rather large) bottom is full of dimples. OR is it cellulite? I` m not saying!!!!!!!

Our health service here in Bute (in my opinion) is wonderful. There are a couple of doctors who I would prefer not to see. But others think they are wonderful. I think this is the same for anywhere. The practice nurses marion and Alice are great and the Chiropodist Brian is a life saver. I went to see him last week and he sorted my feet out yet again and I am now walking with a spring in my step. Actually the spring is really insoles but they feel great. Thanks Brian.

The Hospital caters well here ( in my opinion) and the accident department is like something out of "Heartbeat" but does a good job in the circumstances. Anyone I have ever taken there has been well impressed how quickly they are seen and dealt with.

Not forgetting , of course, the Dentist Mr Thomson. He has been my dentist for years and gives good service. Again this is my opinion and as usual not everyone is likely to agree.

So all in all, the service is good. Forgot to mention Peter and Michelle, the pharmacists in the local chemists. Very knowledgable and friendly.

Advantages The great service we get from the NHS

Disadvantages Having to travel for specialist services - but as this happens in most other places, I am not sure this can be classed as a disadvantage for Bute.

Names for today Donald or Desiree



Sorry forgot to mention the ambulance/paramedics who are super and of course the paramedics on the helicopter and the sea king too.
Posted on wilma at 13:36


Just remember Desirée is a potato! And I am told with utter certainty that your self-confessedly volumptuous bahookie MUST be dimpled, as we are not allowed to use the 'c' word here at Anorak Towers.

Flying Cat from Dierdre, Dymphna, Doris, Dorothy, Donalda...

How on earth can you see your own bottom without having to set up a series of carefully angled mirrors around the house? I seeing ones own backside really worth the effort? I suppose one would have to go through the whole rigmarole before deciding. I think I'll settle for a whisky instead, thank you.

Barney from Swithiod reflecting

Dont know about bottom dimples, but there ARE dimples on the lower back which rejoice in the name "Dimples of Venus". Look up the wikipedia entry for it. Supposed to be a sign of .... ahem... supposed to be ..... well, OK, just read the wikipedia entry and you'll get the gist. Actually, fascinatingly, they are , (according to wikipedia) also known as "butt dimples" Butt sounds supiciously like Bute in this context, so maybe a letter got mixed up..... Completely back on topic, your comments about health service provision apply here in Mull as well. Superb service, first class with brilliant people running it (my wife is a community nurse/midwife so I might be a bit biased....) :-)) MM

MM from Tobermory

Depends. Is it on the left, or on the right? As the town crier said: Send Pics.(no, not Picts) [or should it be, send piccies?].

mjc from IN, USA

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