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16 October 2014

Improving Island Life

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Another attempt

A second attempt to make a posting. Our postings for the last few months are just suspended in some "Processing limbo". I think the BBC are up to clandestine tricks.

Well, I am happy to report that M has now been divested of her plaster cast, which you may recall had been secretly “decorated” by some yobs while she was asleep in town. These obscene scribbles were removed by me: after initial laborious attempts with Tippex, I realised that a can of left-over emulsion from the garage would do the job rather faster. M was rather pleased with her magnolia-coloured leg, and indeed added some yellow flower stencils. We may have hit upon a niche business here! I will write to Dragon’s Den.

So, it appears that we are not allowed to express “commercial” opinions on this blog. What a disgraceful suppression of free speech by the BBC, of all people. Perhaps they could define what “commercial” means in this context. I doubt it, as apparently opinions on ferry companies – surely commercial organisations - are allowed. What if there were two ferry companies? (which on some routes there are). Are we allowed to express a preference between them, or an opinion of either? But enough of this - in spite of this BBC nonsense we will continue to push the boundaries!

I am pleased to say that our house modifications have at last been completed, though we did need to imprison a joiner for the duration. Our thanks to those who consoled us for only having two bathrooms, but we pride ourselves on being able to ‘rough it’ when necessary (our travels have seen us in many an en-suite bedroom with no sink plug), and there is a downstairs toilet which we omitted to mention, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

Anyway, the main point is that we are back in business!

We’ve not quite got the hang of this blogging business so sorry if this is a repetition of interesting comments we have said elsewhere. I think this was a reply to someone on Bute who liked the stink of sweaty horses:

I'm afraid M and I have different opinions here. M loves horses (seems to be a woman thing) whereas I think the best place to ride a horse is to the glue factory - they are over-rated, nasty, smelly animals that bite and kill people on a regular basis. The best part of Animal Farm was when Hercules the horse was driven off to be made into dog food. How I laughed. And as for smelling a warm horse and sniffing under strangers' duvets, I have no interest in giving either of these marks out of ten (it would be 0). I wouldn't dream of smelling under M's duvet, especially if she'd recently had a curry (another bad liking of hers).

J and M from Bute

Posted on Improving Island Life at 11:17


now i know---you two are comic piece

carol from whitianga(new zealand)

Why not join us on the new (non-BBC) Island Blogging site on Fewer if any restrictions. This BBC site is for mothballing in the future.

Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway

Don't you want to move to the other site?

cathy from Kilmarnock

J & M, we would love to see you on the other side! You can give free reign to your opinions, recommendations, dislikes and so forth.

Stromness Dragon from Where the grass is greener

I wish you would move to the new IB site. The freedom is quite breathtaking and anyway, hardly anyone comes here any more. It's like talking to yourselves isn't it...unless that's what you are about, in which case...

Flying Cat from Widget Wonderland

This blog is now closed and we are no longer accepting new posts.

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