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16 October 2014

Irishman Abroad

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Summertime.....and the living is wet

Evening plane got cancelled today, fog, mist etc. I'd hate to be marooned on the Mainland.

Went walking in the hills of South Uist today, didn't see a living soul, wonderful. The weather closed in, I got soaked and eventually found my way back to the car. The dog was happy, he'd had a good walk.

What is it about these remote (if you're in London) and yet for us so accessible. I spent 3 hours wandering about in the pouring rain and didn't see another human July. Apparently some people come up here on holiday for just such an experience and pay money to do so.

I get it all for free.

Actually the first part of the walk was fantastic, the sun was shining and the hills were beautiful. Next time I'll look at the local weather forecast, and perhaps wear the correct clothing!!

Posted on Irishman Abroad at 22:08


Hope you don't "catch double pneumonia" IA on your walking trips, IA. Aren't you glad your dog guided you back to your car ( I would like to see a cat do such laudable yeoman service)?!!

mjc from NM,USA

a cat mjc has more sense than be a slave to man! IA I love the 'devoid of people' ness of the islands too, I love the remoteness,

island threads from lewis

Coll is absolutely heaving at the moment. There were two other people on the beach this morning, and I passed at least three people on the road. My goodness, it's like the M62. Two poor souls were camping down by the beach, black clouds, rain and struggling hard to light their fire for a warm drink, Some people eh? camping in this weather, must be mad. Titter titter.

Squidgy the Otter from 3's a Crowd

Squidgy, generally I try and find another beach if there is already someone there. MJC, if only my dog was that useful he was too busy having a good time. IT, you are spot on about the lack of people, but my cat was as daft as a brush.

IA from drying out

yes, Lewis is heaving too at the moment ... I remind myself of your sentiments Irishman, everytime I take my dog Mindy out for a walk, immediately on closing the shop ... Looking out over views of Loch Roag and the misty hills in the background ... Pity about the flies at the moment ... don;t know whats brought them out, but they're there in force, and not just flying around, they're looking at me, little bu&&ers ... and I don;t mean midges either ... these are big mean-looking things ... :-)

soaplady from snatching any moment of peace she can get ...

" ...but my cat was as daft as a brush. IA from drying out." Yours was not the first one, IA, and, for our sins, won't be the last (I fear). # The flies are probably attracted to you, Soaplady: I have advised you many times to give up on those expensive perfumes.

mjc from NM,USA

Flies, don't talk to me about flies. Why do they always go for the ears?

IA from Grrr!

soaplday: how about an update on mindy,please(plus some photos)

carol from off duty and feeling shattered!

What can mjc mean?

Flying Cat from Last of The Summer Clegs

Hullo IA, silence is not golden (nor is my Timex watch). Wake up. Or did the cat get your tongue?

mjc from IN, USA

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