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16 October 2014


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A step forward

There is a major deer issue in the village of Craighouse. Not just deer eating plants but elderly people are actually frightened to go out of their homes in the new Care Centre because of the large stags. This issue has been put to the Community Council and nearby estates for months now. And what has happened? Nothing. Is there a reason that stags are left in the good pastures round Craighouse so that they grow big antlers? Perhaps the large land owning ‘so called conservationists’ have a plan. Do we suspect that people are not included in this plan? How wonderful for the ‘guests’ if the whole island could be turned over to deer. How useful for the planned venison butchering unit.

Locally questions are being asked about why the Deer Commission for Scotland is not taking action to help the common people of Jura. Is their remit not the control of deer? Or are they just there for the benefit of the landowner’s. The Community Council is now writing to the Deer Commission to ask for their help. So quick of the mark. The people of Jura should be proud of their passion and speed.

Well there are changes within the Community Council on how they conduct business. Great. We have been calling for this for some time. WHAT A GREAT SUCCESS FOR US.

The mighty Islay and Jura Ferry Company and Overland Route Co wait for Argyll and Bute Council to consider their proposal. How long do the people of Jura have to suffer harassment from these groups? It has been made clear on many occasions by public vote that no one wants this overland route. Despite the now clear association of the Jura Initiative at the Edge group and the overland proposal. How long is Argyll & Bute Council going to allow them, to keeping wasting public time and money. It is time for you Argyll and Bute to throw this stupid plan out. Why are this group even given a place on the Community Council agenda?

Deer’ people of Jura, together we can stop this nonsense of a massive venison plant on this island. We must also make the roads safe for our four legged friends by stopping the senseless and discredited Overland Route.

Posted on newsonjura at 15:33


No one on Jura supports this stupid overland idea and the people running the passenger ferry certainly do not. As long as we all stand together it will never go ahead. I do feel sorry for the gardeners who have lost plants to the stags but they are such sweet creatures. Where is this meat plant going to be built? I have heard rumours about it with apparently a questionnaire going about asking for comments but I never received one. Who is going to build it? Is this another of these secret projects. I am not sure I approve anyway. We do not want a smelly meat plant in the village. Our efforts must be to keep this a quiet and peaceful place.

unhappy from craighouse

News on Jura, do the stags actually approach people ...? This surprises me, for I thought they were timid around people ...

soaplady from bit surprised ...

Deer newsonjura, a major deer problem in Craighouse, we all know this. What has happened to your investigative powers. You should have told the people of Jura the real reason for the problem. It has nothing to do with the JCC. These poor trapped deer just can not get back to Islay because ASP have cut the number of sailings. Perhaps that nice new passenger ferry will give them a discount to cross to the mainland! The Community Council, quick of the mark with passion and speed. Ah.ah.ah.ah.ah.ah. I suppose it is all relative. What great success? Something has happened? Oh deer, oh deer newsonjura, you ask, ‘how long is Argyll & Bute going to let them waste time and money’. Do you not yet know, that is all Argyll and Bute can do! Deer newsonjura, it is time to tell us a story we do not know. Ps/ Perhaps best not spend much time with your four legged friends, just in case you have an unexpected visit to the venison plant in Knockrome.

Fly the flag from Jura

Who says no one wants the "stupid" overland route, unhappy? Maybe the white settlers who are now running this place on our behalf don't, but plenty of fed-up natives do.

Jurahoora from Whirlpool

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