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16 October 2014


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Overland Route gains behind the scene

What a disappointment it is to see how things are developing on Jura. We have always supported the idea of the passenger ferry to the mainland as projected by the Jura Initiative at the Edge group. They are to be congratulated on how hard they worked to provide this service for Jura, which clearly had the backing of the island.

How sad they must be to read the articles in the Jura Jottings and the Ileach. The wording about getting to Lochgilphead faster than the Islay to Kennacraig route is almost exact that which comes from the ill founded organisation the Overland Route Company. What hand have they had in the setting up of the passenger ferry?

We had heard sometime ago the rumour that officials on the mainland had commented that this would be the ideal test for the overland route. At the time we dismissed this as innuendos. Perhaps we should now look at the agendas of those involved in promoting and funding the passenger ferry.

Jura Community Council have been at pains to make us think they are on top of the Port Askaig problem but what of the association with the Overland Route Co? Do they honestly think we can be led up another path, whilst this group has continual correspondence with council officials and MSP’s. Has an agreement been reached whereby at the end of the passenger trial the Council will take onboard the promotion of the overland route. WE BELIEVE SO

The other members of Jura Community Council should demand to know what is happening. Remember the people of the island elect you.

We must apologies to the people of Jura for not noticing this unholy alliance earlier. Our commiserations to the members of the Jura Initiative at the Edge group, it is not your fault if you have been misled.

We understand from a ‘source’ that another party is already asking for an investigation into how the passenger service has been funded. You also must ask questions. On the 1st of August at the official opening for the ferry, Argyll & Bute Councilors and MSP’s will be present. Go to the hall and challenge them. Make clear that you do not want any kind of overland route. United we can stop this rot.


Posted on newsonjura at 12:51


This is shocking news. I do not want the overland route passing my door. What are the IaTE going to do about this? Let us hope that the people of the island go and shout their objections on the 1st.

unhappy from Craighouse

What do you expect. They are all there for the power and the glory. Power greedy the lot of them. Just ignore them all. Lets do our own thing. Go to the hall on the 1st and eat all their sandwitches and drink their drams. That will sort them.

Fly the Flag from Jura

newsonjura where do you get your ideas from? The people of Jura want this to go ahead. We want an overland route that will take us to the mainland when we want. Great if more people come to the island, it is big enough to take them all. We have to stop this 'rot' of trying to keep Jura for the birds and the beasts. Go and do that on some other island. Let us live on OUR island and let it develop the WE want it too. As for the IaTE, good on them. If they have decided to start the overland route, let us support them. I will be there on the 1st and I will be shouting FOR THE OVERLAND ROUTE.

Crofter from Township

newsonjura and unhappy from Craighouse you are not good for Jura. You live in the past. Tomorrow is the place to be.

house on the hill from Jura

Crofter and house on the hill both talk rot. It ued to be that residents of Jura, lived on Jura because they had no choice, they were born here and were 'stuck' here' but with a wish to be able to travel more freely to the Mainland at a cheap price. Times have changed, the majority of people who now live on Jura, have made the decision to MOVE here and can well afford to travel by the traditional methods. Why move here and then want to change it. Surely all those shouting for easier access to the Mainland, should take a few minutes out and think 'why did I move there?' It's because of what Jura is and will hopefully will be, that is, REMOTE. Why change what we have, to become like the Mainland. We have what we have, just appreciate it, love it and do not try to change it. Once things change, they will never go back to how they were.

me from from Jura

So 'me' you are basically saying that locals should not have a say, do not forget that we (the locals) made jura the way it is today just as WE will make it the way it is tommorow! The overland route WILL go ahead and thankfully there is nothing you can do about it! Crofter and House on the hill have the right idea and if everyone on the island could think like that Jura would arrive at its best that much faster. As i said the overland route will go ahead and anyone that trully loves jura will welcome the day.

River Mouth from Jura

What a lot of RUBBISH! Get your facts right before making comments on passenger ferry and overland route!!!

Marie-Ann from Islay

And build the Islay Jura Bridge, Just think no more ferry travel

up on the hill from Islay

Nice idea about getting the facts right Marie-Ann, but judging by the above facts are the last things anyone cares about!

House on the Edge from Craighouse

River Mouth. Can you read? If so, just go through my comment again and read it. EVERYONE on Jura should have a say but the MAJORITY of Jura residents at the last poll were against the overland route, you must be one of the new arrivals. How can anyone who loves Jura, want all those vehicles zooming up and down the Island all day long? The roads could not cope, the ASP ferry could not cope and we would have to resort to footpaths (Who pays for them?) that's just a couple of the problems! As with all of these FANTASTIC projects, no one checks the finer details.

Me from Jura

Overland route; Good points and a lot of very bad points The people on Jura voted against it by a masive vote however The powers they be in the overland company still decided to try and force it upon us I supose this is democracy they are still trying to persue it through the scotish parlement etc behind the residents of jura backs Yes it would be nice to get to the mainland easly if their was a good public transport infrastructure however the roads on jura as most resedents know would not take the trafic grid lock and trafic jams also the jura-Islay ferry refusing to do duble runs were would the extra people stay if abnadend on jura by ASP Another thought the jura overland route company has what apears to be a endless pot of money to persue this i wonder who funds this ongoing project that the majority of the residentsare against Another note I would greatly benifit from a overland route however the infra structure on jura is totaly unsutable

Stalker from Jura

I hear we now have people from the JDT who have barely been on the island five minutes telling lifelong Jura residents that they can no longer drive along the wee pier to load/unload their fishing boat. And they've even threatened to put a bollard up! I really am getting sick to the back teeth of people coming on to this island with too much time on their hands telling us what is good for us.

Stranded fellrunner from On top of the Paps

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