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16 October 2014


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Why are they protected?

We note with interest that our recent Blog to the BBC site, on the associations of the Overland Route and the Jura Community Council has not been published.

Our freedom of speech is again diminished. What a sad day for those islanders who have no where else to go with their complaints.
Posted on newsonjura at 09:13


newsonjura, I've emailled you separately about the blog you might be referring to above. Could you get back to me with those details mentioned in the email? Thanks

Carol from IBHQ

I support you. Where is our freedom of speech.

Fly the Flag from Jura

Fiddlesticks. Just be a bit cleverer next time.

Flying Cat from Dunmoanin

Agree, where is our freedom. One thing can be sure the Community Council had no hand in this. They do not have the brains to make such a move. Hey Ho

unhappy from craighouse

What on God's earth has happened to my island? Is it just me or does anyone else feel like a stranger in their own land? I seriously am shocked. The once vibrant, friendly community (which I am sure is still there somewhere) has been trashed by a whole new breed of islanders who appear to have a lot of money, have far too much time on their hands and have too much input with not much output. They appear to have created a mass divide on the island. Having been home to Jura recently, I felt like a stranger. I would have been lucky to have met a single person that I knew and the ones that I did meet which I didn't know were rude, arrogant and unwelcoming. People used to come to Jura knowing that there would always be friendly faces to greet them, and true, I managed to say hello to a few old friends, but honestly, it's like the place has been taken over by aliens. I've even heard of real 'locals' being turned away from THEIR OWN village hall. Please don't let Jura lose it's true identity. It's a sad and sorry day when the local football team has been replaced by a bloody cricket team!! Enough said!

Feeling like a native no more!! from a galaxy far far away

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