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16 October 2014


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1st beach barby

Since Buttondiva has moved away I thought I would keep everyone up to date on the goings on on Gigha.
Sorry no photos at this point but will have them in the future.
Lots of changes on Gigha again,new Trust and assistant Trust Manager and new Trust Administraror,housing refurbs steaming ahead.
Hotel having new heating system fitted at the moment,ready for easter,and we have a new chef,brilliant,come and give the new menu a try!!
March 3rd March,WE HAD SNOW!! Unusual for us especially for it to lye for more than an hour,kids and a few of us big kids had great fun.
Yesterday had our first beach barby on Johnny's beach,kayaks,rafts and a wee punt in the water and for a change the weather was on our side as well,cheers to the B/house boys and Mari for a great feed.Boathouse getting ready for an Easter openning.
I will try and keep all interested parties updated,let me know what you think of my first blog!

Posted on Clemontee at 09:52



Flying Cat from hoping for more

Welcome to Island Blogging Clemontee. If you have any queries about the wonderful world of IB, email me at More blogs and some photos would from Gigha would be lovely.

Carol from IBHQ

Good to see Gigha back on the blog Clemontee! Love to see more photos of eveyone. Haven't been over yet but as I'm heading home to Arran for Easter e were thinking of dropping over for a night. Anything on over the Easter weekend?

Sunny from Far far away

Hurrah! New blood on IB! Keep 'em rolling, Clemontee. Barbie, indeed. I look out of the window to see the first snowstorm of the year (well, almost the first). Certainly the fiercest. Barbie in your birthday suit in that!

Barney from Swithiod with a smile

New blood is fine, blue blood is acceptable (it being the UK), but nothing like bad blood to get a blogging site going. I am working on it. Almost as hard as Arnish is working on WI NHS, and the windfarmers in his/her spare time. The determination Arnish shows is both praiseworthy and frightening. See you at the Fank, Arnish: we all deserve a break from time to time.

mjc from NM,USA

Somewhat disturbing that Barney should be thinking of Barbie in her birthday suit...

Flying Cat from The Sindy Bin

FC, Barney is prone to having visions. I don't think the Christian Brothers cared much for the gleam in his eyes whenever he had those visions.

mjc from NM,USA

FC, you are an educated cat and know very well that "barbie" can be both noun (slang), proper noun (US English) and verb (slang), tch! mjc, the Christian Brothers never like the gleam in my eye, and, my eye, are they right! Clermontee, you'll have to get used to the comments on your blogs suddenly ricochetting off at an unpredictable angle. Suprising but sometimes quite fun.

Barney from Swithiod nto ashamed

US English? There is the English and that's it! Everything else is an abomination! Scots however is a glorious pleasure to the ear..............

Sunny from Tch!

Where's the photos? There's istuctions on the site, love to see them?

Sunny from Aaargh!

Sunny, Oz, Canadian, Carribee, Cockney, Estuary, US, S African, Indian (probably several variants), oh me, oh my, gotta wize up, Sunny. Vairety is the spice of life. Maybe Catalan english soon?

Barney from Swithiod in a pendantic mood

Sunny, Oz, Canadian, Carribee, Cockney, Estuary, US, S African, Indian (probably several variants), oh me, oh my, gotta wize up, Sunny. Vairety is the spice of life. Maybe Catalan english soon?

Barney from Swithiod in a pendantic mood

US English an abomination? Tsk! Some of it is more authentic than modern English English, and sub-continent of India English is a refreshing vibrant take on the original. Like a linguistic retread...I would like to give a *big furry hug* to all the various forms of this lingua franca of the world.

Flying Cat from feeling a bit tyred

That was Barney in a Repetitious Mood. Sunny, out here we speak American, not US English (the thought! the chutzpah!!). Your attitude, Sunny, is typically .... French (who would rather speak in broken English than allow you to speak fluent French!).

mjc from NM,USA

What are you lot like!!! Start off speakin about mt blog,then.........whooooooo where are we now??? Ach well as long as we can have a laugh in life,where would we be without it? Photos will be on the next blog...didn't have a camera that day....cheers Clemontee

Clemontee from Gigha

You should be honoured and flattered Clemontee! Alas and alack my comment extolling the virtues of US and Indian sub continent English and the way they enhance the language remains unpublished. Could it be that a strand of unperceptive PC misunderstanderation crept in?

Flying Cat from snipe flight

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