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16 October 2014

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I am sure I am not alone in screaming in absolute dismay and heartfelt agony WHYYYYYYYYY must island blogging come to an end??
I had to go check the calendar to make sure it wasn't April and someones cruel, twisted idea of a joke. But nope its November and the reality is very harsh. Island blogging as we know it is going to be no more as from the end of January 2009, as far as I can make out.
I only stumbled across IB by accident about a year an a half ago - but what a wonderful world I found. A world in which I was accepted no questions asked and was made to feel like part of a big, happy family, where theres always an ear to bend. Always someone there to pass the day with and discuss anything and everything. It is a marvellous place to let of steam, to share our highs and lows, to share the laughter and the tears. Some of the blogs have had me in tears and some have had me raoring with laughter. And what a privelidge to be invited into these peoples lives and share snippets of their lives here and there.
I was in a bad place and IB became my vent. Somewhere I could be completely myself and not just wifey and mum.
I met some amazing people - complete strangers who would spend some of their time reading my blog - some giving some real words of wisdom/support - constructive critisism - and what a difference that wee bit of thought could do. Some of these comments got me through the darkest of days. Lifted me up. Or simpy gave me a different perspective on things. IB in simple terms was my lifeline to the outside world and something that stopped me cracking up (completely!!)
I just don't know what I'll do without it. Its as if I'm losing a much loved friend. Not knowing how I'll be able to keep up with all the fellow bloggers of whom I have really enjoyed reading their blogs. Its a part of my life in all honesty. Reading someones blog and knowing exactly where they are coming from. Finding common ground with people that I would never have encountered had it not been for IB. Where else would you find such genuine people like Squidgy or Tws, to name just a couple?
I really hope that the beeb rethinks this terrible decision that some eedjit has decided to make. We could all live with the dodgy spam filter (we have anyway haven't we?!) I definately would prefer some missing comments opposed to NO comments.
Life without Island Blogging just doesn't bear thinking about...
Me thinks a major protest is in order!! Or we could set FC on them..Or Soaplady..who could say no to either of them?? Some of their comments have made me sit up and listen, on mine and other blogs. No offence is meant there but they both know how to use words, if you know what I mean. It makes sense in my head!!

What do we want?
When do we want it

After all what else would poor Carol do if she was monitioring us lot? There's more arguments FOR IB staying than going. Its certainly not the start of the New Year I was looking forward to.
Posted on Island Life at 12:43


I echo Island Life's sentiments about the IB. I accidently found this board a few years ago. I look forward to reading the postings daily while I am having my morning coffee. The IB board is like the salt of the earth. None of the fluff and glitz, just honest feelings, lovely musings, and such beautiful pictures. I don't envy your extremely cold windy weather, but I certainly envy the beauty of your environment. I think the BBC should upgrade whatever they need to keep the IB going. I can't believe such a large corporation with a world wide audience would shut down the IB because it outgrew itself. That sounds like an extremely weak excuse to me. Certainly with it's popularity and the service it provides to many of the remote areas, it would be an asset for them to continue it. When I finish the reading the IB, I usually mosey on over to the BBC site. If they shut down the IB, I may have to mosey on over to the Daily Mail. Start a writing campaign and protest!

Gale from NC, USA

I think it is sad/odd/strange that IB is to be closed.....makes it worse with no explaination....I am very new to blogging but can see the benfits of it per say but not as a collective so my thoughts are that surely the same bloggers will just find another Host and the implied link to BBC Scotland will disappear. I hope all those who NEED blogging find a suitable replacement and those who just like having a voice or outlet for their musings find a new medium/channel...maybe email adds need to be exchanged by those who feel able...

RJG from Gravir

Yes I was shocked to read IB was coming to an end. As a frequent visitor to the islands, I like to keep up to date with whats happening on the island and also fellow bloggers like Fred and monitoring his move to the islands and how he and his family have settled in. Its a great shame,what will I do now. Which pen pusher sat behind a desk, thought that getting rid of IB would be a good idea, Shame on you BBC.

Amanda from Tyne and Wear

I was very upset to learn that IB was ending and I hope that somehow you all can move to another blogging site! I know Carol just posted a thread with ideas. Come on, everyone, Save IB!!!!!

thelovelyOutlander from very upset

my thoughts entirley 'island life" i'll be "lost" without ib--its brilliant; hopefully the "beeb" will have a change of heart:

carol from now in whitianga(at last)

I've just posted a comment on calumannabel's blog, please read that (once it's moderated!). I'd love to help set up a site to keep the concept of Island Blogging going but I might need some help on the technical side. Drop me an email to (replace at with @) and we'll see if we can get some ideas together. Regards, Les Ellingham

Les Ellingham from Stafford now, somewhere in the Western Isles soon

I just found the Western Isle Blog sight. Just when i have an oppertunity to say hello to my childhood holiday retreat, it is being scrapped. I love the Isle of Harris and all it's people. I fondly refleck on my time in Harris and having had the oppertunity to travel this wide world from Canada to USA to Cuba Mexico not to mention many parts of Europe over my lifetime there is no more beautiful people or places on this planet than Harris.I hope that I will return again fairly soon to Harris that I may see once again my Aunty Mary MacCuish a resident in the Leverborough House Seniors Care Home. All the very best to you all. Ian

Ian MacKenzie from SaultsSte Marie Ontario Canada

Oh here we go, some fool at the Beeb getting rid of something he doesn't like and to hell with the ones who think its great. save IB! I for one will really miss it, its so good to hear about normal life on the Islands and see all the photographs too. So change your minds about getting rid of it please.

Sandra @ Kalymnos Island from Greece

Why wait for the BBC to care? There are hundreds of blog hosting sites where a virtual community of Island Bloggers could live. Get startednow whilst this site can be used for publicity...........

Ealonder from Eilean Siar

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