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16 October 2014

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Natural High

Isn't it good when you get something unexpected? A lady came to the door today with a bunch of flowers for me just because I went to see if she was ok.

You see her dog was out barking and whining in the wee hours of the morning and I got concerned that maybe something had happened to the dog or maybe even her owner. She lives alone and kind of keeps herself to herself. Not being that confident I was pretty nervous sneaking out of the house in the wee hours of the morning, so as not to wake the whole house, and went to see if I could find the dog. After finding the dog fine and well the house was in complete blackness so my mind went into overdrive. What if the owner was lying unconsious somewhere or worse? I didn't know what to do. So I took a deep breath and walked up to the door and knocked. Nobody answered so I opened the door but couldn't hear a sound, except my heart thumping! Then the dogs owner appeared - sleepy eyed but thankfully fine. I apologised for waking her but said that I had been worried that maybe something had happened to her. She apologised for the dog making a noise - she had run off and she couldn't find her. So after a bit of awkwardness I said goodnight and left to come back home.

All day yesterday I wondered if I had done the right thing. Worried that maybe the lady just thought I was being nosy and interfering. But then this morning there was a gentle knock on the door and there was the dogs owner with a beautiful bunch of flowers. Just to say thank you! I felt so sorry for the lady though as she said 'its not like people to worry about me' and she had tears in her eyes. I told her not to be silly and that she was welcome to come and visit anytime.

It definately goes to show just how much human nature can vary. Although from now on she needn't worry that nobody cares because I do. And I'll make sure I make the extra effort now to speak to her etc, and not just walk on by just because she doesn't speak. I might even find out her name...
Posted on Island Life at 15:55


What a lovely story IL. You've gained a friend through one simple act of kindness.

Carol from IBHQ

You did the right thing even if you hadn't got a good response. Imagine if she had been hurt or ill! Hope you and she get to know each other a bit, it's always nice to know you have someone nearby even if you're not "friends" as such.

Jill from EK

Good for you, IT. I am not surprised you did the right, proper thing.

mjc from IN, USA

... and it's equally nice and appropriate for your neighbor to show her feelings.

mjc from IN, USA

Apologies to both IL and IT. I mistook IL for IT.

mjc from IN, USA

It's easy done mjc...soap and sewing...they both begin with an 's'. What a nice story IL. And brave of you too. Next time try "Hi, I'm so-and-so," and see if its reciprocated. What's the worst thing that could happen? She could ignore you and turn away, but that's not your problem...

Flying Cat from an admiring glance and a furry hug

"It's easy done mjc...soap and sewing...they both begin with an 's'. - FC". Aren't you lucky tommy boy that you are not in my neighborhood!!

mjc from IN, USA

Lovely thing to do, IL.

thelovelyOutlander from across the Pond

nice to hear a good neighbour story, you did right il, when I was on Scalpay people always spoke to you and on Harris,

island threads from lewis

If I lived on Lewis, IT, you can bet your garden that I would speak to you. # Have you seen any more birdies with wellies on your walks recently? Is bright yellow still their color of choice for their water proof booties?

mjc from IN, USA

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