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16 October 2014

BT and Western Isles Exchanges

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Why are BT not enabling the Western Isles exchanges ?
Posted on BT and Western Isles Exchanges at 08:54


Actually, there are a few exchanges on the mainland that have not been enabled either. The main reason for BT not enabling certain exchanges is economics - it would cost too much for too little return. Plus, throughout most of the Western Isles you can get a better service through Connected Communities' wireless broadband service.

EddieH from Lewis

cos you're not in the rest of the british isles?

scallowawife from thinkin hard

Pull the string tighter between the two cans - that should do the trick.

calumarconi eddison bell from digital dell lewis

"Connected Communities" has been a disaster. Some places - including parts of here, North Uist - still don't have it, despite repeated promises stretching back to 2004. Some places that do have it have an intermittent service. And we were promised it would cost the same as mainland services. Monthly cost is 20 pounds a month, rising to 80 pounds per month for a package inferior to the 12.99 per month my son pays for his broadband in Glasgow.

Given up waiting from North Uist

Crikey! That should discourage any prospective small business people intending a move away from the rat race...

Flying Cat from Orkney Mainland

where can you get cheap broadband from? I'm paying BT a small fortune - but can't seem to find any better alternatives.I'm paying (I think, cos its so hard to follow the bill), £44 a month.thats for free phone calls at weekends and evening. I hardly use my pnone or broadband - but can't do without either.Any suggeestions?

scallowawife from shetland

Scallo, you could take to drink?! # I pay about 55 dollars for broadband and basic cable tv (which I don't use, 'cause the rabbit ears get me the station I want just as well). Why buy the basic cable tv when I don't use it? Because broadband sans basic cable is more expensive by a mighty two dollars than with! My mother did not raise me up to be stupid, thank you, Comcast (cable network company).# If BT has a de facto monpoly, it's got you by the proverbial ... Nothing you can do but take it on the cat!!

mjc from NM,USA

That sounds much the same as us scallowawife.

Flying Cat from on BT

Calumarconi above failed to mention that it is imperative the string between the two cans be double stranded. You may think it is loop-y, but if you don't follow my advice, I plead innocent if all you get is silence or, if you are lucky, static.

mjc from NM,USA

That's it, then. BT not only did not provide him/her broadband, but took away his regular land line as well. So, it's back to the peat smoke signals, I fear, for Scalpay.

mjc from NM,USA

This goes to show that the Western Isles is soooo Stornoway-centric. Stornoway and the surrounding villages all the way out to Back, have BT broadband. Although I use the BT line, I don't use their service. As long as you've got the BT b/b line, you can use any of the cheaper ISPs. We use Virgin... But back to the rest of the islands - if the town has it, then the rest of the exchanges throughout the WI should have it too!

Heb Life from Lewis

Personally, I think a deal was struck which enabled BT to take Stornoway and surrounding districts as long AS THEY DIDN'T upgrade the local exchanges thereby forcing you to go down the "Connected Communities" route and justifying the project. Of course, don't expect anyone to own up to that one!!!!!

MumpingfromLewis from Lewis

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