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16 October 2014

de tha dol

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Harvest time

Here in Vatersay the air is busy with the sound of tractors, cutting the grass for silage and crofts are also busy with the potatos also being picked. It was a good potato year by all accounts with everyone reporting nice big potatos and very tasty they are too. Of our own crop (my dads), the pentland dell, the record and the desiree were nice and big and smooth easy to peel . We had the sante tonight very tasty but not quite so big - and lots of them had strange knobbles on them too as did the kerrs pink, you know the one that falls apart in the pot(I'm not keen on that one I always forget to watch it and get left with skins) , anyway the conditions couldn't have been so good for them.

Maybe the lambs and calves will be the ones to get the benefit of the bounty if they can't be sold this Autumn what with the foot and mouth and blue tongue they'll have to be fed somehow .

Anyway thats enough of the agriculture amazing what a glass of wine can do, so oidhche mhath an drasd.

Posted on de tha dol at 21:45


Potatoes ... I too hate the ones that fall apart the moment you turn your back on the pot! Do they wait for that moment of inattention?! I can hear the tractors and smell the cut grass ... lovely picturesque blog.

Plaid from South of Capricorn

hope you have a good crop and that you will be able to sell your livestock soon:

carol from over here

When I was out last week I kept getting stuck behind tractors carrying huge square wooden boxes, also a big lorry with dozens of them. Eventually one came along where you could see the contents: potatoes!

Jill from EK

Machair land does give great potatoes, agreed. Hope you're spared more erosion this winter, wouldn't like to see Vatersay split in two

Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway

Would it be such a tragedy if Vatersay were to split into two? Of course, Holyrood would fund a bridge. Then one part could remain Vatersay and the other one (you guessed right: a guga for you!) can be baptized Muttersay.

mjc from NM, USA

Has there been a dearth of wine since this first (and last?) post?

Flying Cat from just asking like...

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