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16 October 2014

Wild Freckle

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Farewell Island Blogging

Well it doesnt seem like 5 minutes since I arrived on Mull and started blogging - but here I am - about to spend my second Christmas on Mull and Island blogging is coming to an end. Such a friendly and welcoming group of people - seems as if everyone is going in different directions! Not sure where I will blog in future - had a quick look at the new Island blogging so will perhaps go over there! Just some photos taken over the last couple of weeks. The weather here has been incredible - with snowy tops, beautiful blue skies and crisp days - the only downside was I had to go to work but needs must. I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their kind comments and would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and peaceful 2009.
(resubmitted - hopefully pictures will appear this time)

Duart Castle

Paps of Jura from Ardalanish Bay

The Wilderness from Bunessan

Ardalanish Bay - just beautiful!

Iona from Fionnphort

From Ardmore Forest looking towards Tobermory and the Mainland

Loch Frisa

Reflection on Loch Frisa
Posted on Wild Freckle at 23:16


WF Your pics seem to be lost in cyberspace. I will miss this site too as it was so easy to comment on. I'm not quite technically minded for the other blog page but I've registered anyway. You were the link to my dream for. the future. Seasons greetings to all in Mull.

Cathy from Kilmarnock

Have resubmitted so hopefully pictures will re-appear from cyberspace!

Wild Freckle from Gusty Mull

Photos are visible OK, spectacular in fact! I do hope you will move to the other IB blog, all your friends are there...

Jill from EK

Debby, great pics! IIs that my shadow in one of them?!) Been good to see your stuff over the past couple of years. See you on the field trip on the 10th of January hopefully! More info later. Have a cool Yule..... JW

James (MM) from Alloa actually....

Love the photographs !! They just get better and better, have a great Christmas Wild Freckle. PS had a greeting from Barney the other day and one of your superb photos was in the message, which was simply stunning. Thank you Barney, and thank you Wild Freckle for all the photos you have shared with us.

Squidgy the Otter from Putting up the Decorations !!

Hi MM - well spotted - yes it is your shadow and Monica's taken at the Cemetary. See you on the 10th - you may have an extra body - Stuart - said he wanted to come along. Hi Squidgy - I was really flattered that Barney wanted to use my photo - planning to move over to when I get 5 mins - I've had a great time over here and its a great bunch of people - shame it has to end but we cannot stand in the way of progress - have a happy Christmas one and all

Wild Freckle from listening to Slade - again and again!

Dear Wild Freckle, don't leave it too long to get to grips with the New IB. We're having a ball. Comments appear instantly and NEVER GET FRITTERED EVER!!!

Flying Cat from all singing all dancing shiny new FC2

Great photos! Come on over and join us on Island Blogging. My blog is Help Me Blog! and that's exactly what it is for. Once you are signed up it's easy and carefree, you won't regret it.

Les from the man who helps on New Island Blogging

Hi to Wild Freckle. I'm putting together the Clan MacLean magazine for this year, and we've got an article about the historical fortifications on Carnaburg. Your picture would be so good to use. Can't pay but would attribute, and send you a coopy of the magazine. Please reply, bit of a rush (when is it not in publishing anything?) Yours Aye. Donald

Donald MacLean from Australia

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