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16 October 2014


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Here are the pics

Lamsey a day oldknitted sheepLamseyyummy brocollilittle LamseyPostbox at BunaHuisinisstrand line - Huisinis
Posted on shortlegsthesheep at 00:56


Possibly a bit short of words shortlegs, but maybe that's a mercy these days. The knitted blackfaced yowes are BRILLIANT!!! In Orkney we have knitted sheeps which cover a spare toilet roll and, whilst characterful, they're not quite as brimful of character as your relatives. You're looking very perjink yourself...

Flying Cat from an admiring glance

Nice blog shorlegs. Is the last fotie another of those "I see sea shells on the sea shore" thing?

Barney from Swithiod shortly sighted

ooooohh, lovely lambie ... :-) He's a bit late, isn't he...?! are you going to be keeping him ...? (heavens rein yourself in woman) ...! Is he a cheviot, or just a bit of a white blackface ...?

soaplady from are any going spare ...??

Is there a space in your freezer Soaplady??

Flying Cat from Cheshire Grin

surprised at you FC ... never eaten rabbit or Bambi, ducks or other waterfowl, don;t eat red meat ('cept bacon lol!), and barely manage a bit of chicken in a month of sundays ... :-) 'Never eat anything with a face', that's my advice ... :-)

soaplady from bit miffed due to many missing comments ...!

Long time, no hear shortlegs. Great photos as always. The great blogging engine of IB has been creaking lately Soaplady, hence your missing comment :-( Thanks for letting me know that it has gone astray.

Carol from IBHQ

Carol, IB takes about x10 longer time to download than other websites .. so I assume there is some bottleneck on the IB server or IB lines .. can you confirm this and of course can your technicians sort it out?

Barney from Swithiod woefully wondering

I hear you Soaplady, I have many a missing comment lately. They all in a big pile somewhere Carol (Carol IBHQ not Carol in France on the way to NZ) Anyway I had said something very witty about the lamb--very lovely!

thelovelyOutlander from hoping this comment shows up!

It's all very disheartening...and if I emailed Carol@IBHQ every time my comments went a-missing, her inbox would collapse under the strain!

Flying Cat from lost comments bin

love the veg.. ours got washed out!

luddite from cumbria

Did the camera slip in the last one shortlegs? Great photo's otherwise.

Crofterbill from under the table

love the sheep!!!

luddite from cumbria

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