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17 October 2014

Fetlar School Blog

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Its always good to put something we're proud of on the old island blogging site.

Outside the town hall

We went to Lerwick on Tuesday 24th March to present our cheque to Andrew Hughson of the CLAN 123 Appeal. The money was raised from our Wii night & through calendar & book sales (see the entry below for more details). £720 from 2 pupils is rather good going we thought!

This is a report from our P7 on the fundraising:
I am writing about our Wii Night on Saturday 21st March. 30 people appeared to play on the giant screen at the Fetlar School. It was a great evening producing a brilliant £360 on top of the previous £360, doubling our money for Clan House. The first £360 was fundraised through selling calendars and nursery children’s books written by the bairns.

The night gave opportunity for people to have a go on the Wii. Many people laughed as some inexperienced people had a go.

One particular person was playing tanks and kept blowing himself up with the mines. My Dad said that his sides hurt after the Wii night. All the other games were darts, table tennis, normal tennis, cow racing, shooting, fishing and bowling. We had a raffle and some very delicious fancies. We also had a game of guess the weight of the baby.

As the organiser I would like to thank everybody for coming and having a laugh and raising an astounding amount of money!

Posted on Fetlar School Blog at 11:04

Da Croft Hoose

We've worked hard on this with Mrs Nelson our Art Teacher.
We painted the planks of wood in the background individually in a variety of styles and designs so that they would like driftwood that had been re-used by a Crofter. We painted the dyke by using paper towels and stippling effects. We drew the bottles from real life examples and painted them to show light and dark.
Inside Da Croft

We cut out the chain for the cooking pot and painted the metal so it looked well used. We're proud of this display!!

Posted on Fetlar School Blog at 15:39

A Whale of a blog

Thought we had better share this with our friends on the 'old' blog site.
A fin!

We saw a whale in our Lunch break this week.
A whale!

Our pictures are a bit wobbly though.

We're on the new site but don't know how to hyperlink to it from this page.
Posted on Fetlar School Blog at 15:37

Da Ultimate Blog

Its December 18th and this is our final blog.

So far today its been windy, thundery, sunny and heavy hail. We're off for the Christmas Holidays as from today so that's it from us.

We'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to our blog over the last two years, especially those who bought calendars from us.
Merry Xmas!!

We've moved to the non BBC site which is at

Hope to see you there for 2009 & part of 2010.
Posted on Fetlar School Blog at 11:33

Penultimate Blog

We are going to stop blogging at the end of the Christmas Term, so this is the penultimate Fetlar School blog.

Our film was a success this week. The headscarf (featured on a previous blog) was part of the costume of the Wicked Wife in our film Da Three Sheep.

There's a picture below showing some of our puppets from the play.

4 characters

You can see the side of our Laird (from the last blog), a Crofter, The Wicked Wife, The Avaricious Shopkeeper & the Second Sheep (with his 'designer' cap). There have even been DVDs of the performance sold!!!!

Our production is going on tour with performances at the Old Folks Club here in Fetlar and in the Baltasound Nursery and Primary Department next week.

4 more school days to go....... & 1 more blog!!
Posted on Fetlar School Blog at 14:10

Wha's dis?

Find out December 10th

Posted on Fetlar School Blog at 11:59

An Outside View

The view of the hoose with the window.........

Oor Hoose

Posted on Fetlar School Blog at 14:29

Through the square window

Just a little more information for you........

A window!

Posted on Fetlar School Blog at 15:43

Secret Project

If you have been sitting wondering why the Fetlar School hasn't blogged for a while, the answer is very simple. Its been very busy here.

Can you see what it is?

A report may appear soon revealing all...........
Posted on Fetlar School Blog at 14:57

Halloween Magic

Sprinkling Magic

Our Cook is the best of cooks:
She adds the ingredients and gives them a stir,
You see the ingredients and watch the magic whirr,
The magic flies up and around, dodges the people in the town,
Finally, it comes back again into the pot; right deep down!

When she lifts the lid by the wooden knob,
This time the magic comes out as a Blob:
A blob sticky, tasty and thick,
Oh, how the spoon I would like to lick!
However, when its done it will be twice as good;
Thanks Cook for all the nice food!

By the Fetlar P7.
Posted on Fetlar School Blog at 12:02

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