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16 October 2014

Images of Bute

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Donkey Rides on Ettrick Bay?

Donkeys on Bute

We spotted four donkeys in a field near Ettrick Bay (a third grey one out of shot). Do you think there's going to be donkey rides on the beach next year? I don't think I've seen these donkeys around the island before (they're not the ones from Ballianlay or The Straad).
Posted on Images of Bute at 21:38


What is it about donks that make you just want to give them a big furry hug and tell them 'there there everything's going to be ok' when they are obviously happy and well cared-for...

Flying Cat from can I have one please?

Those donkeys were well patted on the head, I can tell you. Still didn't crack a smile, though.

Bute Photography from Bute

Oooooohh, they are lovely. Just imagine taking a ride on a donkey cart for several days! Travelling the local countryside and you could, I am positive, see everything at a relaxing pace. Lovely photo!

Plaid from Outback

Plaid:- just imagine sitting on the back of a"calm,docile" donkey and the b****r decides for once in its b****y life to make a bolt for it!!!! not lovely

carol from counting the days

Carol, are you speaking from experience there?

Bute Photography from Bute

alas BT alas--twice once on the beach in St Cyrus and once one the beach at scarbourgh!!!!!!

carol from freezing in france

Parental units have strolled on the beach at St Cyrus. No donks though.

Flying Cat from no painful memories

Which daft poet was it called them, "The Devil's living parody on all four footed things." PS; not redeemed by the nativity verse either.

Hyper-Borean from The beach

what does a bute donkey have for lunch? Half an hour like everyone else!

hee hawwwww from the port

Healthy looking donkeys. They look youngish - or do they always have that fresh Sunday look?

mjc from NM,USA

For a mere quid we now possess a wonderful book called 'A Passion for Donkeys' which tells everything anyone might want to know about these delightful equine creatures. Even 'how to age your donkey'. Must catfully refrain from comments along the lines of 'work them hard and don't look after them properly...'

Flying Cat from Orphir carboot sale

FC:tell pu's this was circa 1960-61

carol from over here that case, you could have been 'Shakin' All Over.' Especially on a donkey...

Flying Cat from Little Donkey

But I wonder if they know Hee Haw about anything?

Kelsaekid from Chicago

great picture i love Donkeys their so cute and amazing!!!

chelsea from uk

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