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16 October 2014


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Golden Jubilee NHS National Hospital

Well! That was a different fourteen days, where do I begin? I flew south to Glasgow on the 17th to have my Op the next day. Unfortunately due to a communication breakdown, me not reading the small print, I had not stopped taking a daily soluble aspirin, OK, but I'm an engineer, or as it sometime said, an old f**t with a memory problem, no medical training, I usually do as I'm told by medicals. The upshot was that the surgeon, rightly, decided to postpone my Op. Some behind the scenes activity ended up with me being transferred to a surgeon who had a space the following week, I was put up in the Beardmore Hotel, part of the hospital complex and fed at the hospital canteen, I would eat there willingly all the time if twas handy, it is excellent.

On the day I was to be operated on, I had several tests and checks, which only confirmed there worst fears, yet another old crock, friends of yours FC? I checked into the hotel and went to find out just where I was. The hospital was apparently built originally for Arabs, hence the posh hotel bit, then bought by an American organisation and finally bought back by the NHS some two years ago, since then it has been trying to stem the backlog of orthopedic cases in Scotland, mainly hip and knee replacements; it also handles cardiac patients. It seems well run, clean and very friendly despite the heavy workload and long hours the staff work.

I was on the edge of Dalmuir, but a short bus ride to the shopping precinct at Clydebank and for an islander this was great, I could have done with a pack mule, but just wished instead. A 24/7 ASDA and one of my favourites, OK they have one on Orkney, a LIDL. They do lots of odd things which are hard to find on the island, I did manage a few exotic fish tins. They also had a cinema with 9 screens, hurry up Shetland, it was so nice to have an uninterrupted view of the screen, ie no heads in the way! In two days I saw 'Miss Potter' it was lovely, I also saw the new Bond film, yes not bad either.

Using my old F**ts bus pass I went into Partick and visited the re-opened Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery, an amazingly uplifting experience, if in Glasgow do go, it is well worth the visit, if was fairly full when I was there and I will write something about that and the Transport Museum, which I visited the next day. Well it beats staying in the hotel moping all day. I went to the bar on Saturday night, the bar staff, two, out numbered the patrons, me! I didn't stay too long, so much company!

I checked back into the hospital on the Tuesday and had my Op the next day, they are quietly efficient. I had some tremendous pain and they pumped me up with epidural and I was with the fairies.

When I worked in France an old engineer I worked with said to me the ideal mistress is half your age plus seven years, no I don't know how he arrived at this, but one nurse fitted the frame and I was hooked, she come from Cumbernauld and was probably relieved when they discharged me. The other nurse, who looked after me directly also had a partner much older, so I warned her to be aware of the obstacles older men are prone to fall fowl of.

Apart from the pain etc, the break down in Glasgow has been good for me and I must watch that episode of Jeeves and Wooster.

If the staff at the hospital read this blog, I want to thank them all, sincerely, for making me feel cared for in an environment that was friendly and supportive, I always felt in good hands. Thank you all very much.

One thing I must remember in future, especially when you have reduced mobility, they loaded and unloaded me in a chair at the airports; is not to arrive back on the island on Up Helly Aa day, the next day is a public holiday and nobody, but nobody works, a bummer when you need things and you are on your own.

Posted on LerwickTrevor at 19:22


I'm fairly certain croc is short for crocodile, the one whose smile you should beware of.... *gulp* Surely this 'older man' is a mere spring chicken.....ahem. Fpu is getting all excited - is that a Big Crane in pic. 2?

Flying Cat from blanket, cellular

Hi Trevor, good to have you back. Nice digs. I have always thought those hospital beds look like an engineering marvel. Glasgow is a nice place to visit, perhaps to live (I would not know). We thought the People's Palace and Museum in Glasgow was awfully good also, with locals from all social strata visiting with their kids and looking genuinely interested. # Follow your rehab schedule and get better soon.

mjc from NM,USA

Aye, it is, that is the Clyde out there in the rain, I'm told they used to make ships.

Lerwick Trevor from Lerwick

Fpu mutered something about a queue don't make sense to a mere cat.

Flying Cat from rattling in chains

A mistress is not for life!

Nic from Coll

So long as your Fpu does not start muttering about any charlee something or other. The old gal is not going to give up either her seat or the ghost when she knows the Welsh is waiting: can't blame her really. # Hi Trevor: do your rehab. well so you can go feel the wind in that roofless RED wreck of yours. Well worth the effort.

mjc from NM,USA

pleased to know your back home-you'll soon feel better the hospital bed doesn't seemed to have changed much since i stopped nursing-poor patients!!

carol from france

Hello Lerwick Trevor,nice to know your back and on the mend again,however someone is feeling a bit miffed,you mention all the help you recieved from the hospital staff and conveyed your thanks to them, but what about the lady who took care of your animals and looked after your house while you were away and did these as a kindness, so a little mention of gratitude would not have gone amiss.Nothing against the hospital staff but they are paid for the care they give.Sorry if this sounds like sour grapes,but it does come across that the lady in question was taken a little for granted!

Olickgob from shetland mainland

Olickgob, my profound apologies, the lady in question was certainly not taken for granted, but has in the past not wished to be mentioned. However, I will correct that omission, my pets, Nina and the two cats were in fine form when I returned, the house was cleaned, there was milk bread and all essentials so that I did not have to fuss. I am etenally grateful, I have thanked personally and now I am thanking you publicly. I could stay in Glasgow an extra week knowing the pets were well cared for, especially as the lady in question has so many current worries, dauhters, son-in-laws and cold houses. Thankyou for reminding me.

Lerwick Trevor from Lerwick

Hell hath no fury like a pa-in-law scorned by proxy.....

Flying Cat from Cheshire Grin

Good to read you are on the mend and have acknowledged your house sitter... It is difficult knowing what and who to mention in blogs - I thanked my wife in mine and she went bananas, didn't want to be acknowledge as a wife - let alone in my blog... ah well..

David from Bristol

What's wrong with being a wife? Fpu has made a living out of it. She says it's legalised prostitution....whatever that means. It's mostly over my head.....

Flying Cat from in a Free Hug

Mostly over your head FC! I fear your education is sadly lacking, or there's a joke somewhere.

Lerwick Trevor from Lerwick

Us poor felines must just get our education where we can, LT. It's a hard liff for cats. No really!

Flying Cat from huddled over slate&pencil

I assume you are doing okay, Trevor? How about a posting on the rehabilitation/exercise center?

mjc from NM,USA

mjc, thanks, yes I am progressing, doing well with help, always gratefully accepted. I am exercising, but cannot as yet get a 90 degree bend, then again it is 30 years since that leg has gone that far. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the physio terrorists and they will make an assessment. A few very painful nights, co-codomol helps though. Thanks for your thoughts.

Lerwick Trevor from Lerwick

My mother is due a trip down to Golden Jubilee shortly for scans to her spine and as usual she was a little sceptical about going to 'new' places after always going to Aberdeen, but after reading your blog i don't think she has much to worry about and besides it's a grand excuse fur a peedie trip tae see her boy! Good luck with your recovery trevor..

farmboyphil from Aberdeen(Orkney expatriat)

Glad to be of help, having been to Aberdeen, I look forward to going back to the Golden Jubilee.

Lerwick Trevor from Lerwick

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