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16 October 2014


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What a blow!

Well that was all a bit breezy round the nether regions wasnt it?
With me halfway through the new fencing and all that, had to abandon ship and wait for it all to pass. I thought a big well done to the Clansman captain and crew for making the effort to help get my gravy browning rushed through. I hope its a sign of the times and that my specially imported strawberrys from the southern slopes of upper Nepal will still get through in much the same way.
Im not into all this food miles stuff, it travels all over the hillside with me so a few more extra miles getting it into my stomach wont matter will it?
Someone told me that xmas is coming soon .... dont go there bah humbug!!
Im still waiting for the final designs on the interior decor in the sauna/ steamrooms and then after my case comes before the Fiscal in Stornaway I may be able to proceed with the planning application.
Its the individual massage rooms that seem to exercise the various officialdoms minds. .......... and I thought it would all be so simple !!
Putting the tidal turbines in the causeway has suddenly roused some sleeping minds ... now its not a good idea.
Two wind turbines hidden behind Theiseabhal Mor may be a good starter and free electricity for everyone when they are paid for .... so in 2030 its free electricity then !!!! what a bargain!!
Well must get on, things to do and people to annoy
cheery bye
Posted on CrofterBill at 12:33


"After my case comes up..." I don't think we wish to know any more details, CB :-) I can see how the massage booths could be a problem, also the pole dancing on the bar might not go down too well. Just make sure you've got the fluffy dressing gowns and infinity pool (heated by free electricity of course) and you'll sail through the enquiry... Good luck with the fence!

Jill from EK

This seems to be a blog with a bit for everyone. "Gravy browning" ... isn't that very traditional? I'm all for tidal turbines, they will help keep the massage parloours warm.

Barney from Swithiod blowing in the wind

Your right of course Barney , everyone wants gravy browning and traditional is my middle name. Jill the enquiry is in a locked room and I cant sail anywhere -- thanks for the good luck wishes I shall need them.

Crofterbill from the kitchen

If Gravy is to be browned won't you need some sunbeds as well? Might as well go the whole hog...

Flying Cat from mmmmmmm gravy.....

......and I thought the last lot was breezy, Sunday was off the scale here. Sunbeds? well now I understand from ready "Sauna Weakly" that sunbeds are not the 'in thing' to have. Although you have given me the idea of painting said customers in gravy browning. As long as they stay away from rain they should be ok ----- and tasty too !!! Whole hog - I shall look at pig farming as well - FC your full of bright ideas - another idea I shall have to write to "Stockbreeders Fortnightly" about.

Crofterbill from deep in the bunker

Isn't it Stockbreeders Monthly? Errrrrrrrrrm...I almost wish I hadn't said that...

Flying Cat from Crackling Good Ideas Inc

I assume the gravy browning is the non-toxic equivalent of the St Tropez spray tan? Just don't go out in the rain...

Jill from EK

...or near a d.o.g.

Flying Cat from fingerlickin' good

i'm still witing to try to your tatties and gravy,cb!!!

carol from on great barrier island

I think you'll have to get a wee bit closer than NZ Carol, if you're wanting a go at CrofterBill's tatties!

Flying Cat from virtual gravy boat

FC-i and here was i counting on crofterbill moving out to nz just to serve me his famous tatties and gravy...

carol from back in auckland

..... and I thought the last blow was a real one, this one is worse than the worse one. Good job I had a case of the gravy browning set aside. Carol, the mind is now racing as to how I can get the tatties to you hot -- there has to be a way. My case was set back for social reports - wondered if thats like a gun report? The planners are still not happy with the massage rooms ( I had spelled it message rooms) so they asked if I was running a Telegraph service. They liked the pole dancers poles, I had those labelled as roof supports. We are nearly there now i's to be crossed and T's to be dotted. Still thats what you get if you hold the plan upside down. cheery bye for now

CrofterBill from the lower bunker

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