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16 October 2014


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Christmas is coming.

......So they say, well, well I would never have guessed.
My memory span doesnt go back to the start of the Xmas advertising splurge.
.... where was I? ---- Oh yes Xmas.
Have you got the Governments Xmas gift yet? I have and Ive salted it away so I can pay the electric in February.
My its been cold and windy hasnt it?
.... where was I? --- Oh yes Xmas.
I told Angus I had a big bird in the freezer and his reply was unprintable on these pages. Before he twigged it was a Turkey and not Mhairi from the other place, he gave me some very friendly advice about stuffing.
I must admit he had me totally confused for 10 mins or so, but when we had straightened out our misunderstanding he laughed and had to have another top-up of his dram.
.... where was I? ---Oh yes Xmas.
Alec was saying that i hadnt sent out any Xmas cards this year and I told him I had. He said I hadnt and pointed to the pile of cards on the chest of drawers. Ach well I'll post them soon.
Ive changed the car the other was giving me a headache with the not starting and the not stopping was even scarier.
The boys going to join me for the Turkey and heres fingers crossed we get enough electricity to cook the damned thing. Otherwise it will be a boiled ham dinner like a couple of years ago.
Minced pies are something I love and he's bringing a couple of box's.
Aunt Aggie has baked me the best Xmas cake in the whole universe, I had a wee taster the other night with some dubious sherry I had left from last year.
Quality Street it said on the tin and theres me thinking Aggie had bought me sweeties and baked no cake this year. Good job I was tempted for a sweetie otherwise the cake may have been discovered too late.
.... where was I? ---- Oh yes Xmas.
I will have to throw the creels and rope out of the spare bedroom so the boy has a bed to sleep in, I'm sure he wont mind the smell of the sea in the room.
Did I say the sea? - ach well.
I wish you all the very best for Xmas and the New Year, and as long as I see both through I shall be a happy man.

Posted on CrofterBill at 15:09


Hi there, Crofter Bill. How is the new car doing? Better gas mileage, eh? Turkey for Christmas? My memories of UK Christmases have grown dimmer, but I remember roast of some kind, not turkey. Anyway, have a good Christmas, Crofter Bill, and don't have us wait another twelve months for another posting.

mjc from NM,USA

Hello, CB, I hope all is well with you and that your luxury spa is full of rich folk this Christmas! Best wishes to you.

Jill from EK

The smell of the sea was too much as you can see. TY mjc, probably roast beef you were thinking of. Ive been into Glasgow to one of the main shoe shops looking for a better Carbon Footprint - but no one seemed to be able to help me. Any advice on that foot would be greatfully accepted (no pun intended - as if) Jill, Oh how I now wish I had employed you as a principle consultant on the Luxury sauna/ spa project. I must have got the wording all wrong because I got a wee message from the powers that be that suggested what I had in mind may well be illegal!! Would you believe it? -- not I. Anyways in the New Year I shall reapply and maybe you could provide perhaps better wording than I had Jill. Still no news for you on the 2 water turbines in the Causeway after we tear it up and relay it. When we do relay it perhaps we may even get an official opening ceremony this time. Have a good one.

Crofterbill from from the spare bedroom

ah,at last a blog ffrom CB!! i was beginning to think you'de fell of the face of the earth!welcome back!! one BIG question to you and everyone who is living on an island. WHY when their are so many power cuts do you all use electricity to cook with?? why not use botled gas???ie:calorgas?? in my village in france we have no mains gas but the majority of us use bottled gas. otherwise have a merry xmas and a happy new year..xxxcarol

carol from in nz

All the best CB,good to have your post, you didnot say how the new dog was going, hope ok,good company(in case FC comes on board I also have pussie of the cat gendere, male of course) Best wishes,From supping on a dram of Black Douglas.

roy from Sofala.Oz

We've just found the best ever Christmas cd, called Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire, it has made our festive season very lightsome. And how lovely to hear from that nice Mr CrofterBill again after so long. I expect the deckchair became a bit redundant as winter wore on... Also, me and m'Marmalade Chum would just like to wish you a Very Merry Juletide and to say that that nice Roy from Sofaland has just gone up in our estimation mightily. What good taste.

Flying Cat from bottled gas but no chimbley

Well I did make a comment but it seems to have disappeared. Nice to see some old ib traditions endure!

Flying Cat from Lost Comments and Merry Jul

Right! I've waited long enough and nothing has appeared (almost fatal to say that, I know) but I was just wanting to salute Roy from Sofaland, who is obviously a man of very good taste indeed!

Flying Cat from Merry New Year!

...but since we're still here, and I am nothing if not a tenacious kitty, I just wanted to say how chuffed I am to see that Roy from Sofaland has got a properly gendered pussy!

Flying Cat from Eighth January 2008 (to be precise)

did you have a god xmas CB?

carol from still at the other end of the world

A god Xmas? Well did you CB? Would you just look at that there, four comments in a row, no-one can say I didn't try really hard...I just hope he appreciates it...

Flying Cat from Comments R Us Inc

Is the new car still tootling along? Not a resurrected Ford Cortina, I hope?

mjc from NM,USA

Right, pussy cat. Soliloquizing? CB is as deaf (it would seem) as Ardnort and Diamond. Must be the air on some of the islands: soporific included at no extra charge.

mjc from NM,USA

27th jan : maybe they still have hangovers???

carol from still in nz

Soon the Ides of March will come around, CrofterBill, in the form of MOT officialdom asking for your papers (on that Cortina)... and for the reasons why you are not blogging!!

mjc from NM,USA

Christmas has went...and, while the goose hasn't had time to get fat so far, it soon will.

Flying Cat from still 2008

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