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16 October 2014


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The Greeks and Nessie

Well the boy did me proud, a flight, a room, food and all the wine I could drink - well almost - and me a small drinker too.
Those Greeks have got the measure of this work - life ballance off to a T.
Before the sun gets too hot a quick look at the sheep and goats then inside for a quick snooze. Then food and drink, then perhaps another snooze and then, without rushing or fretting, another look at the stock.
Nothing too taxing you understand, all conducted at a gentle pace.
They have one or two good tales to tell as well - not unlike our friends over there on the mainland with the Loch Ness thingy.
The Caves of Zeus and a 2000 year old tree where Zeus and his girlfriend were caught ..... well you know the thing. I couldnt see any carving on the tree, you know the sort of thing I mean, Zeus loves Europa 2000BC.
Nothing - not even a heart carved on the tree.
An old boy sat in a nearby taverna asked me in broken English ( his English was better than my Greek) when he knew where I was from, "Didnt I have some story about a monster from the deep, which brought coach loads of people to look?".
He laughed and sipped another sip of his Raki - that stuff would strip the paint off an old chair leg.
I did wonder whether it also had something to do with the incredible number of lines on his face. I would never know the answer to that one, the guide blew his whistle and we all climbed back on the coach to see yet more antiquities - or were they?
Posted on CrofterBill at 11:33


Ah! ' The Isles of Greece,! the Isles of Greece,/ Where burning Sappho loved and sung,/Where grew the arts of war and peace,/ Where Delos rose and Phoebus sprung!" Sounds like the old magic continues, kali spera sas.

Hyper-Borean from The Taverna

The incredible number of lines on his face may have been Raku, caused by the heat of the sun...

Flying Cat from pottering about

did you say hello to demis? or to nana?? glad you had a good time!

carol from rain and tears

What did you do with freyja when you went away???

carol from over here

That'll be Nana Moussaka then. When my brother first saw Kyrie Roussos on tv he called the rest of the family to come and see as he thought we looked rather alike. I wonder if he is now as grey as me (Demis that is).

Hyper-Borean from A symposium

I have always been impressed by the Greeks and the Cretins (oops, forgive me, I meant Cretans). Forget the well worn classics, Troy and the boys at their games, etc. Remember: The Guns of Navarone. Nobody has impressed me in my childhood as much as the Greek fellow who would put a handful of pistachios in his mouth and, tout de suite, spit out the shells while gobbling the nuts. I don't know many monks out there on Athos who could keep up ... And if Zorba could do it, why did he not?!

mjc from NM,USA

Of course mjc you remeber the greek saying,"All Cretans are liars." Actually I suspect they meant movie makers, "Guns of Navarone." indeed! Try "Ill met by moonlight," it has the advantage of being based on a true story.

Hyper-Borean from Minos 2

FC I just didnt get the Raku stuff, but sunshine and Raki would do the trick I think. What we need out here is a Fable, a tale to tell on dark winters nights that will draw in the tourists from far and away. Carol - Demis and Nana are both going strong. Sad to say I didnt report at the time, that my wee friend had to be put to sleep because of severe medical problems, life has cruel twists but another wee friend will appear early next year I hope. Now , who's for a nice stew and dumplings - or have we done that one before?

Crofterbill from sundrenched beaches

Now, wait a sec. I missed something, a full stop or whatever, somewhere. What joined the ranks of recently departed?

mjc from NM,USA

i'm so sorry to hear the sad news about freyja. i know its painful for you,but i'm happy you are going to another one. I don't know what i will do when the time comes for "oor wullie" to go(hes eleven in sept) i just love my animals,because they give you so much love.xx

carol from feeling sad

Ill met by Moonlight: Apparently there is no DVD edition which can be played on US tv format. Too bad, as I wanted to check it out. The book is available, of course.

mjc from NM,USA

What was wrong with Freya? Looked sturdy enough to me.

mjc from NM,USA

Raku is pottery with a crackle glaze....sorry to hear about the wee dug.

Flying Cat from Kiln Corner

Ill met mjc. Probably not on dvd as it was made too long ago. My reccollection is it was a low budget, probably Ealing Studios, job

Hyper-Borean from The Dictean Cave

Mjc - a brain tumour Carol - they give without any strings, thats the thing isnt it? FC - I saw that, but with my now slow running brain didnt "get it" - sorry. H-B - 1957 film by Powell & Pressburger. I thought Red Shoes was a better film. A much better version was done by Spike Milligan called "Ill met by Goonlight"

Crofterbill from back at the ranch

Sorry to hear about pup's brain tumor.

mjc from NM,USA

C B, 1957 checks out it would have taken a couple of years to reach my local flea pit or perhaps I saw it second time round the circuit. Would I be right in thinking the story has been done again much more recently by Hollywood under a different title? As for Spike et al. I enjoyed them at one level first time round then learned the references as I grew up so enjoyed them again since. Funnily enough when we lived in the S Pacific 20 odd years ago Radio Australia were repeating Goon shows on their MW stations so we could if we were lucky get them twice a week from Brisbane and I think Townsville complete with atmospherics due the night effect propagation.

Hyper-Borean from Tea House of the August Goon

H-B. One of my passions is repairing old radios, a friend and wag asked me if he brought his old EKCO round to be repaired could I fix it so he could still get - Round the Horne, Much Binding in the Marsh, etc. - my answer was - if only !!

Crofterbill from at the back of the shed

The night effect propogation? - wow - when i was in hospital, a long time ago now, there was a nurse who had that effect on me too.

Crofterbill from from the radio shack

It doesn't work in the garden...

Flying Cat from by the light of the silvery moon...

WHAT does not work in the garden? If it works elsewhere, why should it not in the garden? Puzzled. If it's propagation, I would have thought it would find fertile soil in the garden?! Maybe LT could decipher the English for poor me.

mjc from NM, USA

Calm down dear, it's only the blogosphere....

Flying Cat from every one a winner

Propagation, night effect. Do we want another didactic outpouring then? Well do we?

Hyper-Borean from Pedagogia

No we bloody don't!!!

Flying Cat from a hard stare

didactic outpouring --- steady on HB. FC - language !!

crofterbill from the dictionary corner

Jolly good!

Hyper-Borean from Apologia

Oops sorry CB. B****y! (Will that do?)

Flying Cat from house of correction

Whose vita Hyper-B.?

mjc from NM,USA

Brevis mjc, brevis.

Hyper-Borean from Ars longa

By the way, whatever happened to Calumannabel?

mjc from NM,USA

MJC! away with annie b or tws???

carol from walking back to happiness

CB: forgot to say still waiting to eat the dumplings---and the bikkies!!!

carol from reading this blog--again

Hyper-B: an answer to your brevis comment disappeared on the way to or in Aberdeen (it was sent before the search for Calum. got under way). Anyway, you won the round, hands down.

mjc from NM,USA

???? what contest??

carol from the usual place

Ooooooooooo, do you think Calumannabel and AnnieB are Up To No Good????

Flying Cat from curiosity cott

maybe baby!!

carol from the usual place

I know the problem mjc I sometimes lose comments, funny thing is sometimes I'm glad because they don't always seem so wiity on day 2. Never mind, we shall keep trying.

Hyper-Borean from Cloudy bay

Anyone think its time for a new thread here?

Crofterbill from the outhouse


carol from the usual place

A really well embroidered one purrlease.

Flying Cat from stitching&sewing

cross stitch?? come on cb i'm feeling bored

carol from usual

come on CB,time for an update!

carol from feeling bored

Tent stitch. CrofterBill could do a Tracy Emin. All the women I have ever slept with...

Flying Cat from The Anchor Book of Embroidery Stitches

If you don't do something soon the thread will run out and there'll be no way back...

Flying Cat from delving deep

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