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16 October 2014


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Island discrimination

Now that we have the political unpleasantness out of the way how about a few subjects for discussion.
Why is it that everything I buy costs upwards of 20% more than my Aunt Aggie can get it for in Glasgy, and almost 30% more than my cousin Shelagh can get it for in the south.
Not that my Aunt Aggie is after buying engine parts and the like, but you know what I mean.
Its discrimination at its best and worst.
The heavier "it" is the more the discrimination, so if we were going to ship Shelagh anywheres, we would need a lottery win for sure.
You remember the lamb stew and dumplings?, well Shelagh knows just how good dumplings are for sure. Shelagh looks in a mirror and she knows all about Weight Watchers. I love her and she loves me, I wouldnt change her nor her me, and if you were ever going to cuddle a lady then Shelagh's your girl, theres lots to cuddle there.
Consider this if you will - if you bought something and you carried it in a suitcase or a box with a handle on it as luggage, then providing two of you could lift it, it wouldnt cost you anything extra.
If you send "it" whatever "it" is on its own, then it will cost you an arm and a leg.

Second topic is Red Diesel, why are we still under threat from the "Johnny Foreigners" to stop our Red Diesel supplies.
If this isnt another reason to cast off from the rest of mainland Europe I dont know what is.
Mind your own business is my advice to the rest of them.
What price ferry tickets, fish and lamb stew then eh? go on answer that one!!

Lastly business enterprise. Out here there isnt any. Two words that do not sit together even when forced to by others.
The reason I bring this up is, the idea of a sauna suite and massage rooms in a tin shed, sorry Jill, a luxory appartment block, sea facing, with a mountain backdrop.
HIE and cne-siar fell off their collective chairs and called the Police when I asked the question. They thought it was a drop dead bad idea for a seedy ..... you know what.
So much for Business Enterprise. ......... or is it - my next idea was something to do with my old potato peelings and an old boy from County Wexford was telling me that they make a wonderful after dinner Aperitif out there and it has some marvelous medicinal actions.
Sounds good to me boys and girls - what do you think
Posted on CrofterBill at 13:18


You are a free thinking anarchist, CrofterBill. I suspect the authorities are encouraging you to stick to your crofting, and not to travel nor to go to town meetings. The only way to survive/sanity may well be self sufficiency.

mjc from NM,USA

I was a flower power young man of the 60's, surely that automatically makes me a wild child and anarchist all at the same time. I wish I knew then what I know now.

Crofterbill from going back to the bunker

my god crofterbill,you're as bad as i am!!to make matters worse i think we belong to the same generation,only in the 60's i kept quiet-i was too scared of my grandparents but now--!!!!!!

carol from feeling tired after 3hrs sleep

CB:-regarding potato peelings what about fermenting them and making your tractor run on them instead of diesel??

carol from deep in thought(for once)

CB, maybe you should have omitted the words 'massage room' from your business proposal, as this could have sent some misleading signals. Also, perhaps you didn't make clear the kind of high-end jet-setters that you were appealing to? I'm afraid it will have to be the Costa Smeralda again for me this year now...

Jill from EK

Don't we all Crofterbill, don't we all?!!

mjc from NM,USA

you turning chicken ,jill?one down,three to go,smirk,smirk!!

carol from feeling gutted over election results

"I wish I knew then what I know now": isn't that just the tragedy of life? If youth but knew, if age but could... I was too conventional to be a flower child but I remember the time well!

Jill from EK

Carol - Jill doesnt do chicken - remember - veggie. I kept far too quiet in the 60's. Jill - conventional you? surely not, rethink required Jill. Your right I will resubmit the proposal - but I shall have to do it under a psuedonym now - providing I can write with the handcuffs on. Talking of flower power I wonder if the green leave stuff would grow in a small cloche? - I wonder do they do grants for that as well? lol

Crofterbill from standing on the bunker lid

Fpu had a floppy hat, a bell and a guitar.....but the hat looked pure daft, the bell bounced about too much for comfort and she couldn't play the guitar for toffee...failed highschool hippy in suburbia...(*SIGH*)

Flying Cat from a mixed bag

Cb, if you were a flooer pooer young een in the 60's then you wouldn't remember what you now know because if you could you wouldn't have been there. Or something like that. BTW I'll give you clue to my age, the first record I bought was Joan Baez, " There but for fortune." The b side was "Chagrin d'Amour.' now it's Chagrin d'Amnesia.

Hyper-Borean from Can't remember

sorry about the use of the word chicken how bad of me. how about "bean"?(as in runner)for a new name how about "the western isles answer to-think about some hunk of an actor(i can't think of one)what green leaf stuff?(or are you talking about wht i think your talking about)?? if so the answer is NO!!

carol from going to see deep purple in concert

Of course I now remember it was " Plaisir d'Amour," But it's stiil chagrin d'amnesia. In my defence I plead interruption from the gudwife who was offering food and us middle agers are too easily distracted.

Hyper-Borean from Really forgetful land

We all have choices to make in life, some are good and some are bad, we can choose to live on an island, where the average wage is low, yet the price of goods and sevices is high, especially petrol, that is the choice we have made. If you want low-cost goods and services and you know where to get them then go ahead and do it, leave the island life behind for the price of a pint of milk. I like it here, and wish to stay here until the day I die, and realise the price I have to pay for my choice. I'd rather live here than anywhere else in the world, the weather could be a bit better though.

Gordon from Stornoway

Hyper B: I thought Chagrin d'Amour was an Edith Piaf song. Did Baez ever sing it? I've been listening to Chuck Berry recently: lotsa ENERGY!

mjc from NM,USA

mjc:-WHAT you didn't know joan baez sang "plaisir d'amour"? are you kidding??or are you that young?

carol from still rockin after deep purple concert

i agree with gordon(sorry cb) as i get older(aches all over,shouldn't have danced like i did last night at my age)the best things come at a price,i'm still waaiting for timetables

carol from still rockin after deep purple concert

If mjc thinks "Plaisir d'Amour," was Piaf he probably bought a copy on an Edison cylinder ( sorry just joking). I think lots of artistes did it, we have a version by Judith Durham and the Seekers on dvd, now there's modern!

Hyper-Borean from Trying to catch up with the folk revival

HB:- how did you manage to get a dvd of judith durham and the seekers?send me a copy pppppllllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee!!

carol from sarkoland

Carol, about 18 months ago we went into a music store in the Melbourne CDB (Downtown district) and spoke to a very hip young dude. We asked if he had or could get a copy of the Seekers 25 anniversary video as we had worn ours out (sad or what/). Said hip young dude said no video but he thought there had been a dvd made. @ days later phone call to our friend's house in suburbs dvd ready for collection. It is the 25th anniversary from 1993 plus extra stuff made I think in 2003. The dvd was made by Jukerats for EMI and its title is: "Judith Durham / The Seekers. 25 year reunion celebration.' Try google or one of the music selling websites. Bon chance.

Hyper-Borean from Nostalgia nook

Or Carol you could google basementdiscs.

Hyper-Borean from Samizdatskiplatz

HB.thanks,if i can't find it on the net,perhaps pascal can find it auckland before he comes home at end of may

carol from her garden

all is quiet on CB'sblog, is he hiding in the bunker again??

carol from in the garden spraying weedkiller(more on herself)

It's an awful slow way to do yourself in...shouldn't you be swallowing it rather than spraying it on?

Flying Cat from Cheshire Grin

Gordon I choose to live here for all sorts of reasons, many the same as your good self I bet. I dont choose the high prices, petrol, diesel etc etc, that is something that the politicians who were very very keen to talk to me 2 weeks ago could change if they choose to. But you know and I know they wont - will they Gordon? And just for the record, as its a free country ( why am I laughing out loud now) a rant is a rant is a rant !!. Judith Durham - now there was a girl. For the record ( laughter again) my first record was Lonnie Donegan My Old Mans a Dustman. Carol - thanks for the cloche advice. Jill - Im looking at bean soup and a crusty roll - fancy some? FC - its amazing what some people will do, isnt it? must get on despite the rain.

Crofterbill from one leg in the bunker.

Jill - dont do the Smeralda, I'll get a native American in to do one of their dances, very similar to our own but without the pipes. That will ward off the rain and allow you to get into the sauna cabin. I am getting in fresh birch twigs from Norway for the after sauna lashing. Sounds appealing eh?

Crofterbill from still on the surface

Our natives dance FOR rain (not to ward it off!!), Crofterbill.

mjc from NM,USA

Mjc - its all too easy to not look at these things from my point of view - These native americans were dancing backwards of course !!! Jill - soups ready

Crofterbill from out of the bunker and into the sou'wester

cb:one of my first records was "a tall dark stranger,rode into town by rose brennan no2 was joe gordon and jimmie mcgregor "coultars candy"!!

carol from feeling her age

I know someone who thinks she can sing Coulter's Candy....Ally bally ally bally bee, Sittin' oan yer mammy's knee, Greetin' fur a wee bawbee, Tae buy some Coulter's Candy....but she can't really!

Flying Cat from ancient music compendium

i sang it to my kids,wee girl i've looked after since she was born,to my two grandkids,an to anyone who is brave enough to listen!!

carol from going to choir practise

whats up with crofterbill,this blog will soon be staler tyhan his gingernuts!new please!!

carol from its good news week

now i know why crofterbill is so quiet!! I've just read a comment from jill from EK on tws latest blog-- she's married,so perhaps cb is licking his wounds,so that leaves let me see,squidgy,bluebell and me makes three!

carol from in the shade

Sorry last minute rush. Eldest son has invited the old ### on a holiday in the sun. So packing my old brown suitcase, the one with the riveted corners, and I shall be gone for a fortnight or so. The excitement of it all. See you soon.

Crofterbill from out the bunker and packing

CB:-read tws blog about diabetic son: Jill from EK is out of he contest,turns out she's already got a man!! so that leaves,bluebell,squidgy and me makes three!!

carol from trying to be funny

where are you going-south of france to join trevor--send a postcard!

carol from under grey skies

CB:pack a laptop with you and blog from under the sun!!

carol from sun's coming back along with the wind

are you back from your hols?? where are squidgy and bluebell hiding? or are they in your suitcase???

carol from under a grey sky

Judging by the recent contents of Lerwick Trevor's pre-France suitcase, several hundreds of Nambarrie seem more likely!

Flying Cat from a purring kettle

FC:: what is "NAMBARRIE"???

carol from in very grumpy mood

Caught a cold. Got bitten by mozzies. Missed the Greek ferry. Is someone giving me a hint I shouldnt leave my own island?

Crofterbill from under the duvet

Why are you grumpy Carol? Nambarrie = teabags!

Flying Cat from worriedaboutCarol

got a hangover? CB!!

carol from over here

FC;we have general assembly for the choir tonight. Instead of having it in the hall where we reherse friend said "we have it at my place"OK: only she phones this am:please come and help she realised she didn't enough garden chairs etc: me not having a big car couldn't drive mine to her place,so i phoned"man with"" to drive to my place and pick up some chairs-he had hard morning and was nice with me (better be) but told my friend to think before taking action!! ouch!!

carol from not so grumpy

CB: Why didn't you send me a postcard? feel very distressed that you forgot all about me! sniff sniff

carol from stairway to heaven

Oh well, if it's only the Big M, that explains everything...but it's not a disease, it's a way of being. Embrace grumpy and use it to your advantage....grrraaarrrr!!! Nearly time for the purple dress and the red hat....

Flying Cat from patting a grumpy-lumpy

bring bill back

john from usa

My boys, 26 & 24 are traveling to Glaskow. I want them to purchase some beauties of your homeland to bring back to Texas. I sell purses, and I also want them to purchase some home made sweaters - people have also suggested crystal - what is a BUY in Scotland that we cannot find over here in the USA? Please, any suggestions would be GREATLY apreciated - they will ALSO travel to London, Italy and Spain. Thank you for your time and help.

Colleen from Argyle, Texas

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