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16 October 2014


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Is there anybody out there ?

Or is it the wind thats hammering at the door, is there anyone else in the (same boat) to pardon my french?
Posted on Majorblog at 20:00


no its me

eriskaboy from eriskay

Hello, good to see someone from Eriskay, how are things there?

Sunny from Arran

Hello! Could you contact me at so we can complete your registration?

Anne from IBHQ

Go away me, you are frightening me and if me screams then only you and me can hear it, so who is me?

copag from Eriskay

Yes we are still here with fond memmories of Stornoway from 1968-69 when the RAF Base was in operation and we all lived in digs, I stayed at 4 seaveiw terrace. Stornoway is not forgoten, I still have my phtographs.

Peter from Now in East Sussex

My Mrs comes from Eriskay, its a nice place(when your indoors with the central heating up full bung!!) been up a few times, the causeway is great, nice to see yous on the web...

Chris Mcbamm from Glasgow

I going to eriskay for me holidays , looking forward to getting a tan, any chance

geoff macinnes from milton keynes

Geoff M - don't forget your sunblock ... Factor 73 (AKA A Sou-wester). Forget the tan - don't need it, you'll have a ball. Spent 2 weeks there in a dear friend of mine's croft. Phenomenal sunsets, partiularly over the isles, late light nights. Stunning views. Clear water (brrr) of Prince Charlie's Bay. Don't miss Barra (share the beach with the coos). The new Wembley Football Stadium has nothing on the Eriskay Field. Try the great lobsters, from just over the causeway (be nice to the fishermen, and you will). PS .... it will rain, and a tadd windy!

Jim from Dubai (temp)

Peter , I lived in Seaview Terrace then to . Was it with Nonie you were in digs with ?

anne from stornoway

Yes! someone is here who loves Eriskay very much is out there waiting for all the news from Eriskay.

Catriona from kingston

Just to let you know that I'm busy knitting the Eriskay Gansey sweater. Something of a challenge, but I think it will be worth it when I've finished it. Is there anybody else out there who's knitted one.

Mary from Gloucestershire

how is things in eriskay today .plenty of wind

willie from oban

i here the poly's under new managment, the foods good but dont anoy the gezzer at the back

michael macinnes from mk

going home in a few weeks get my yearly weather beaten tan.

linda from glasgow

Hello to all in Eriskay. I am coming back for the third time in August. your island has captured my heart with teh feilds of machair and glorious sunsets (oh and teh great beers in The Politian) see you in 23 days (not that I'm counting!)

Libby from west midlands

the polys under new management now, and about time to, fine food and beer you had better watch out for the cook she wont stand for any back chat , 5 star recommended

geoff macinnes from milton keynes

So, no one else knitting an Eriskay Gansey then? Oh dear, I was hoping to compare notes, and no I don't come from Eriskay, I was born in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.

Mary from Gloucestershire

New Years Day 2009 took a picnic to Eriskay, beautiful day paddled in the sea in my wellies. The best place on earth

Yvonne from Lincolnshire

to mary from Gloucestershire - my mother was from eriskay and i remember her knitting a gansey. I am sure she knitted it on 4 needles

carol from glasgow

hi am reading a book The World is My Home from James A. Michener and decided to go online and check out Eriskay.

dina from san diego, california

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