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16 October 2014


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Blog posted 21st June

How come a blog I posted on the above date has not been published?
Posted on jurastores at 02:01


I don't see any blog from you in the moderation system. Could you let me have more details eg, the title of the blog and I'll look into it for you.

Carol from IBHQ

that is the problem with inert objects !!

the house on the hill from Jura

Inert objects? Are we back to talking about the community council again?

the house on the edge from Jura

I hope you're not calling Carol@IBHQ an inert object!!!

Flying Cat from feeling a bit concerned...

Hello Jurastores: get a hold of yourself, or you are a likely to pop a gasket. Anyway, are you really sure you are not thankful your post did not see the light of day?

mjc from NM,USA

mjc. What are you on about? the comment I left is hardly gasket blowing stuff, just a simple question.

Stephen from Jura

He's psychic...

Flying Cat from reading between the lines

Flying Cat, do you mean psychatric? Okay, I cannot spell but you know what I mean.

Stephen from Jura

Hi Stephen from Jura, judging by your note to FC, you seem to feel that I would fit in with your crowd. Very generous of you.

mjc from IN,USA

I'm a Brit but I want to get out there and take you over!! However, if that's not possible, how is the fresh water and sea fishing?

Gwyn Howells from Wisconsin, USA

Take them over, Gwyn Howells, but perhaps you should ask your neighbors in Winsconsin first? Perhaps you could all hitch a ride on the Rev A Lation's ark?

mjc from IN,USA

Silence. Maybe Gwyn Howells did take over and imposed a gag order. I am sure Carol from Glasgow did not come up with a cease and desist ...

mjc from IN, USA

It does sound as if being a basket case might be a prerequisite for small island living, but I have no doubt whatsoever that mjc is in possession of all his marbles and then some!

Flying Cat from a wee sensation

Dead as a dodo. If may hazard a guess: too much imported guga.

mjc from IN, USA

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