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16 October 2014


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marathon weather in Benbecula

Benbecula half marathon
This is the weather the poor sods had for the race a few weeks ago. Hardy souls braved the gale force winds, got sodden but triumphed by finishing. There were shorter runs also but running against that wind with the rain hitting your face was i believe an exhilerating experience. They all got medals and deserved them.

I've been thinking about getting solar panels but wondered if we had enough sun in the Outer Hebrides so i phoned a solar panel shop on the mainland. Seemingly we have the best light for getting maximum use of them. I knew we had great light as it bounces off the sea surrounding us and blinds us when we are trying to drive to the coop before it shuts after i notice i've run out of cream to have with my strawberries. I'm getting into the spirit for wimbeldon just now. It is boring to watch though.

I think i would rather play golf or bodarach - the true gaelic word for it - and not goilf as has been put on a sign at Askernish. At least you would have a real island experience trodding in the cac na beachean (cowpats) and tripping over the sheep and losing your balls down rabbit holes. Didnt Tom Morris have a great idea when he thought of sighting a bodarach course at Askernish. Was the guy really in Uist???? Is this another island myth??? Did the green welly people really take him to Uist to set out an 18 hole golf course for the locals to use??? Weell i dont know but maybe it would be nice to have a club house and golf course after all we have to move with the times. Its a good way of keeping fit since we tend to use the uist raincoat (car) so much rather than walk to Coop and our days of running after sheep and cows and making hay and collecting pewits eggs and running away from the gamekeeper are distant memories.
Posted on UpSouth1 at 00:35


the above photo just confirms nwhat have always thought-to run marathons you must be gluttons for punishment!!

carol from under grey skies

I have a similar raincoat here - has an engine, steering wheel and a wheel at each corner. It's a 2 1/2 mile hike to the nearest shop (no public transport) and then it's uphill all the way home. Any shopping ends up making your arms 2 1/2 times longer if you don't take your 'raincoat' with you!

Rachondarox from Lancs

I just look forward to the day when when we will all go back to walking to the Coop & carrying our messages home in environmently friendly carrier bags (paper), there is one advantage you would never be lost as you could follow the trail of other peoples shopping as their bags degrade on their way home.

David from Luanda

David from Luanda as in Angola?

mjc from NM,USA

Yep - brave souls; wild weather can be great running, but hefty winds mean you get your "resistance training" for free - probably equivalent to a few extra miles in easy weather. The shower/bath after would be bliss! Didn't realise there was so much running on the islands - running clubs & summer events too - the running keeps you warm & once you're wet you can't get wetter (usually...); hope the other half-marathon's were a bit brighter for everyone: brings out more folk to cheer you on/ specially helpful on longer runs!

Elspeth from busby glasgow

i lived on benbecula in the 1970s in a caravan concreted in the ground so it didnt blow away. well done those lads.

lyn pidd from lincoln

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