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16 October 2014


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Offending lamp-post

The view from Lochboisdale Hotel Public Bar ~ after a few

With all the important stuff about the results of the elections and Storas Uibhist i thought i would bring to your attention a lamppost which is in a highly dangerous place.
The roads department - if there is such a thing in Uist - consist of two men who gloomily drive a yellow pickup with tar in the back. I dont think they are responsible for such a reprehensible positioning of said lamp post.

It has been concreted on the opposite side of the road to poor deceased Father Roddys house. He painted the rocks on his croft in an artistic manner and used to write poetry. This is a dangerous corner and many people have ended up in the ditch right from the days of the horse and cart to the days of lorries loaded with lobster. Most have emerged unscathed but won't in the future as the lampost is now in their path.

It is well over 500 yards from the other lamposts newly positioned in Lochboisdale. What had it done to be so isolated and placed in solitary confinement away from the warmth and comfort of the other lamposts??

Posted on UpSouth1 at 23:17



Alan Garland from Glasgow

Maybe the council can shine a little light on the subject?

Gordon from Stornoway

Would it be possible to post a photo of the artistically painted rocks? This is fascinating....I know curiosity killed the cat, but.....

Flying Cat from Orkney Mainland

You can see the Maids of Bute from Lochboisdale? !!!

Hyper-Borean from Steam lighter Vital Spark

Hello, a belated welcome to Island Blogging!

Anne from IBHQ

The last sentence was supposed to be:picture shows view from Lochboisdale Hotel Public Bar after many whiskies. Truth is i dont know how to reduce my photo of offending lampost to 200kb as needed by this blogsite. If someone can enlighten me i will enlighten them and include painted rocks too.

Swampdweller from South Uist

maybe our council will decide to move the road and leave the lampost for future questioning

seumas from cambuslang

I glad it wasnt there when me & my Wolsley 1300 (Austin 1100 with a bigger engine & some walnut veneer) encounteredthe same fate as many others on the way back from St Peters in the wee small hours, it still lies somewhere under the back of McAulays garage.

David MacLeod from Luanda Angola

Yes the lampost is in a very dangerous place on a corner barelly big enough for 2 cars. Beleive me there are plent of old lorries and cars burried under there

Angus from Uist

Maybe somebody need to have a quiet word with the lampost about its personal hygiene & then it can back in towards the school?

David from Luanda

The council should just widen the roads on beautiful Uist rather than spending 99% of their budget further north

Don from California

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