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17 October 2014


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My word, I'd forgotten about this blogwotsit. What's going on here on Canna, you may well ask. Westword carries some news occasionally, when we remember.
Oh, and's one of those classic drying days here in the Small Isles. Just as well; it's been a long winter and the washing's stacked up to the rafters.
Posted on Cannablog at 15:38

Summer's gone

Well, not quite on Canna. A couple of fine drying days at the weekend.

A whole month and no blog! Loads of visitors recently, and we've been all over the place seeing folks, so things have slipped. Busy once again, new term and all that...

Just back from work...Michaelangelo may well have got the Cistine (sp?) Chapel ceiling, but I got the contract for the Canna Pier toilet floor...hah! Pier opening officially on Wednesday. Must remember new loo roll.

Vegetable patch re-dug at last...found water pipe - works stopped pending further investigations.
Nice new swing frame installed at the school...more timber wrangling much to amusement of visitors.
Awaiting cladding for shed and Butinox No.2 for house. Garden path done. New oiltank installed after leakage...days after the guarantee runs out. Blinking flip.
Beasts showing much interest in 2 tons of coal in the garden. Messy business. What is it with these bags? Biodegradable nonsense! Old oiltank put to good use as coalbunker.
Recycling skips starting to arrive at the pier. Lighting and electrics underway.
Meeting to discuss possible renewable energy scheme postponed due to...too much wind(!). Again.

Posted on Cannablog at 09:42

Dodgy burgers and a question of sportsmanship

Barbie at the school sports, numbers boosted by visitors from big house...great weather helped...Oh, how it could have been soooo different..! Blue team scraped through by a point, although I still maintain that there was a bit of cheating going on in the obstacle race. Missed the sack race (my best discipline), and unfortnately forgot completely about tug-o-war...nevermind. Perhaps a Canna Triathlon next year...2k run to the bridge, 2k cycle to St Edwards, swim to the pier from Point House anyone? Compass Hill Race?

Last weeks celebrations almost scuppered by the fly day, certainly; boat just made it out, too, and brought parties for both service and wedding. Couldn't decide between kilt or black suit, so wore neither. Sun made brief attempt to shine, unseasonal weather but didn't spoil the party. Tremendous spread of seafood, fine music and dancing indeed! Spent all day in bed on account of (ahem) infected sinuses...
Posted on Cannablog at 22:42

Two funerals and a wedding

...or is it the other way around?
Big week on Canna. Chaps came to fix power, something to do with the Pier line widget thingy wotsit…still none the wiser really. However…success! Anyway, if anyone can explain what was going on three quarters of the way through The Russia House (apart from our generator packing in) and how it ended, let us know. What happened to Dante? Did Katya get off with Sean Connery?
Mystery guests arriving for celebrations (imminent) Rumours are flying…there will be music and much merriment no doubt.
Low cloud playing havoc with sat. broadband. Meanwhile, some more photos...
Still some snow on Skye...Evening paddle round the bendPuffin territoryThe Frandsen sneaks in...
Posted on Cannablog at 22:39

Basking for trouble

Busy time here on Canna! Loads of visitors, about ten or so yachts in tonight and even one tucked out of the way round at Coroghon. Did I see two vehicles off the slip today? I must have been mistaken. Reminder...move the pickup before the next big tides. Had to put the boats in at the bridge, set off for the puffins and thought what the heck, it's a nice enough night...carry on round Sanday...met a basking shark in the bay which wasted much time and was a bit scary too. These things are quite big when you get near to them. Shark got bored and went home. Got a photo a waterproof camera...
Tea room not pub as such but has licence and is a bit closer than the Marine Hotel. Great steak pie, too. And chocolate.
Posted on Cannablog at 01:30

Yakety yak kayak

Some nice weather here of late...Westerleys blowing and a bit nippy but still didny put off a paddle or two round the bay. Almost nipped into the Harbour View for a Pint but resisted the temptation. Evening entertainment...wrestling with several metres of fenceposts and a big box of bolts; no falls, no submissions and er, no instructions. Finally admit defeat when it gets dark; a rather precariously balanced arrangement of timber vaguely resembling a swing. Finished tonight but annoying pool of water still collects at the bottom of the slide. Small children find whole thing quite amusing.
Some photos of no particular relevance...

Posted on Cannablog at 00:20

Missed post!

Despite the fact that the boat tied up at the pier for the afternoon yesterday, I still managed to forget to post my mail. Running out of binbags again, thanks to a litter-pick organised on the shore which looks nice and tidy now. Till the next big tide. Oh well. Baked potatos were great by the way! Hope they managed to finish the chick pea soup. Yum.
Posted on Cannablog at 18:33

Boat day and all that

Boat day today. Stores arrived...sausages at last and three bottles of wine. Cloudy wet morning brightened up this afternoon. Took a walk to Tighard...Wild garlic going crazy, bluebells all over. And some red (or is it pink?) campion. Pier almost done, Sanday bridge looking good, too.
Posted on Cannablog at 22:41

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