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16 October 2014

Kilpheder Kate

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Changed days indeed!

Well who would have though it. Things have certainly changed since 700AD when I finally succumbed to the old arthritis - although it's only recently I found out that's what it was.

It's taken me the past 7 years since they ressurected me to get used to the bizarre new life you incomers lead. And I mean all of you. I was here first - a long time before any of you lot!!

So, now that I've figured out what a computer is it's time to get out there and say hello to the rest of the world. I see from this new fangled television thing that the rest of you out there have got some of the trappings of modern life these Uibhisteachs have become accustomed to.

Do you all have electricity and proper houses or do some of you still live in caves like I used to?
Posted on Kilpheder Kate at 20:01


did you know the recently discovered chap who was murdered in Orkney about 2000 years ago - give or take some hundreds of years?

curious from lonely island

who do i contact for donating to the buyout? from scotland

for information on the buyout, please go to

Lynne from Jordan

Do the people of South Uist feel that their looks in general have rose on average since they have been joined to Eriskay by the causeway ?

Stephen from Germany

... no Stephen, but on South Uist we have noticed the rise in theft, prostitution and petty crime.

Rocco from Glasgow

Good to see that theres still a bit of humor on Uist, but my mind boggles as to how you notice this living in Glasgow.

Stephen from Germany

i miss south uist very much

jack from boston

your post dated april 2006 interested me as i was searching the net looking for information on an excavation site I was at in South Uist 1998 when Cille Pheadair (Kilpheder Kate) was excavated. I named the mummy Kate. I was a nurse at the sth Usit hospital If your post has any relation to this and it sounds like it might, I'd love to talk/chat to you. hope this site is still active. I have photos of the site. my email address is

eileen from australia

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