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16 October 2014

Digital sands

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Which blogger would you like to meet?

This came up in conversation with another BBC Islandblogging blogger the other day.

Basically, which blogger would you like to meet - and why.

Note: this isn't an invitation or incitement to gatecrash, or stalk, bloggers. There are no prizes.

Guess I'll go first as suggested it. I'd like to meet Ruthodanort and Scallowawife, as (a) I can practise my basic Norwegian with the former and (b) the latter has good taste in food and (c) I have yet to visit the Orkneys and Shetland islands and am madly curious about the beaches there. And the shopping.
Posted on Digital sands at 14:13


I should also stress - this is also NOT some kind of odd island dating service. It's a straight Q&A.

Digital Sands from Berneray

speak to Flying Cat - Fpu was at the shetland folk festival this weekend and we all had a long chat... she knows what we're like... you want to know about the shopping????

scallowawife from shetland

If ye want to go to the Orkney Islands, I'd drop the S at the end of Orkney, they can get a wee bit uptight aboot that. I'd like to see a Hermit Life, a Flying Cat, A Muness View, A Mountainman, and I'm a bit curious about Acutelycurious. To meet Ruthodanort and Scallowawife would be a dream come true.

Gordon from Stornoway

Many a true word - re the last line - is spoken in ignorance (as in not knowing something/someone, not as in crass) GfS,...and thanks for correcting DigiSands' dreadful solecism, saved me the bother. Orkney. Shetland. There, it's easy when you try....The shopping in Lerook is better than in WI by the sound of things but not as good as in Stromness/ I'm told. Being a cat, I don't do much shopping....I'd like to meet NiconColl, because she sounds fun; calumannabel because he sounds just a bit tetchy but also entertaining (mpu can be a bit tetchy but not fpu of course OOYAH ma lug!!!); AnnieB because she's terriffic; CrofterBill on a good day (when his gingernuts are crispy) and, last but not least, TGMITN, because I cannot make out where she's coming from and it's just INTERESTING! Curiosity and cats go together like a horse and marriage...

Flying Cat from a position of pedantry

Well, what can I say? Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE. (almost anyway.) I would like to meet DS and Gordon, (obviously); TWS is a MUST; FC I have already met; all the bloggers from Flotta sound great fun, I have also already met Lerwick Street, (do you remember her, I am sure Lerwick Trevor does); and its LONG been an ambition to meet Calumannabel and Sunny (where IS Sunny?). There are others forby but can't fit it all onto one comment withoot it getting too conspicious so I'll mention them as they come to me.

Ruthodanort from Unst

Du kan praktisera norsk med ein gong. I am surprised that so many of you on islandblog know some Norwegian. Eg likar det.

Dag from Norway

I've already met Ruthodanort (know her fairly well!), Scallowawife (daft as a brush) and Muness View (only a brief meeting) - I'd really like to meet Mountainman, as I'm keen on rocks myself and Hermit Life, to meet the person who writes such wonderful stories.

Rachondarox from Lancashire

I've met ruthodanort, muness view, soljey, a dog's life, and flying cat. I'm longing to meet TWS - first on my list of course, and would love to see if Arnish Lighthouse is real. I must get Annie Beag to introduce me to Chrissie Mary - and I want to swap recipes and spinning yarns wi hermit life. I'm a bit concerned about those sharp knives we glimpsed in the background of one pic tho. finally Na Hearadh - photos and fencing - well done.

scallowawife from pondering the shopping

Scallowawife: I've met Arnish Lighthouse and he is real. Prolific blogger who lives on Lewis, but doesn't like visitors without appointment (and no, I wasn't stalking him). Pleasant chap.

Digital Sands from Berneray

I stand corrected (thanks Gordon, Flying Cat). Orkney it is.

Digital Sands from Berneray

sorry, forgot, have also met rachondarox and have glimpsed Lerwick Trevor. I want to go to meet Carol - would IBHQ pay? and mjc? and of course Anne fae IBHQ. eventually we'll mention everyone cos we want to meet them all. I agree - where is Sunny? Am I daft? as a brush? is that a compliment? why do I get called names on the blogs? first tws then rachondarox joins in, mutter mutter. PS dag whats a gong? you can practise your norwegian with a ?

scallowawife from inside, ought to be out

I'd love to meet all of you!

carol from france

well theres so many people that I would like to meet. But I guess it would be nice to meet FC, TWS and I know hes not an island blogger but Mjc. Ringside seats provided of course

Barebraes from Shapinsay

where would you loike to meet me scallowawife-here in the "midi""in france or at xmas in allblackland? here i think would be a hellava lot quicker---and cheaper,will maybe have coffee in uzes(market town 10mins away)with lerwicktrevor

carol from still rockin after deep purple concert

There must be something wrong with me (alright, something else wrong with me), I like IB best because I'm never going to meet you, so you will never be disappointed in me and I won't have to lend anyone a tenner. But if push comes to shove I will take Getoffthe for a walk.

Nic from Coll

In your previous blog Mr. Sands, the title was " Couldn't run an election in a brewery" Well I may not be able to do it either, but I am willing to give it a go, for the sake of our country. And when I die, It can be said that I did this for Scotland. I feel that someone has to put oneself up for it, and I shall dutifully do it.

Gordon from Stornoway

Not only would I like to meet Hermit Life, I would like to HAVE Hermit's Life! More power to all of you, anyways. I like joining in with all you strange and wonderful island bloggers.

Stromness Dragon from Living in hope

I know Scallowawife and Ruthodanort really meant to say they had met fpu and not me purrsonallee! I was wondering about the gong too....Forgot about Sunny cos she's been gone so long. Also WLTM Barebraes and Island Threads, GSOH. OT. NS. CAT.

Flying Cat from copycatting corner

Ooops, yup, I meant FC's FPU of course. And MPU for that matter.

Ruthodanort from Unst

Scallowawife - being 'daft as a brush' is a big compliment from me - far better being daft and causing people to smile than the opposite. I always smile at your blogs and the occasional joke which comes via Ruthodanort and her mobile phone! Any name-calling is meant to be endearing and I must apologise if I have caused offence - sorry.

Rachondarox from Lancashire

Why not gather for a meeting and please invite me. Perhaps a hotel in Kirkwall wood be a suitable location. I will even make a speech for you. It wood be an honour and a great pleasure to meet you islandbloggers.

Dag from Norway

fc: me too would like to meet crofterbill-not to taste his gingernuts but more for his lamb stew and dumplings!but as i said higher up the page i'd love to know you all

carol from deep in thought

i was wondering if blogging commentators were being included in the 'most like to meet section' cos i would like to meet mjc. i already know madlamb and MC and it goes without saying FC is on my wishlist. i'd like to meet barebraes and hermit as well - cos they've got all those supplies to cater to a cat's well being

mia from pondering at the pc

Rach - always best to ignore Scallowawife's mutterings! If she had been serious she wouldo been in touch direct I am sure!!

Ruthodanort from Unst

Are you mad Digital Sands? (In fact, are you secret agent Sandy, D., on a mission to sing and dance with Trevor in his garden?) This is very scary indeed and needs a serious risk analysis. Alfred Hitchcock probably appears in a cameo role. Let's see, we've got a multi-tasking, frog-killing cat, a woman who electrocutes her dog with an electric casserole dish, someone who writes to a blog to ask how to open their oven before it catches fire, a talking lighthouse, a gutted French resident who's rocking in the rain, a new Mexican, a distributer of brackets, a stitcher who's fond of donkeys etc., etc. That's just a random sample of bloggers. And you really think it's a good idea to meet? Tch. Of course, I've met Calum, his cousin Donald, Murdo John, Chrissie Mary, various sheep and all the members of the Fank Committee except Arnish (the Fank's honorary transport marshall) so I know that fear and suspicion are rational responses. I'm honoured to have met Charlie Barley - although he's not strictly speaking a blogger. Mind you, if he counts in the dramatis personae, the ultimate date would have to be with Jeremy Godwin.

Annie B from the usual

Annie B - if it's the same Jeremy Godwin, he's been around awhile. Found an old Orcadian from 19-oatcake and there he was on the letters page. Maybe he'll keep going like Francis Gay, or Lassie.

Stromness Dragon from Counting on both hands and feet

dear annie b--i wasn't rocking in the rain -we've had sun since saturday-soon i'll jumpng in the pool

carol from sarkoland

Wow! Ruthodanort wants to meet me! I feel honoured, flattered. And more than a little scared. Had better lose 20 pounds, have a shave, buy some smarter clothes and polish up on my Norwegian before booking my boat trip to Unst.

Digital Sands from Berneray

If you REALLY want to impress me DS, then sail your own boat to Unst. Well, it doesn't actually have to be your own, but if you can sail it here that would suffice.

Ruthodanort from Unst

Of course there are the commentors, (or are they commentators?) that I would like to meet too: mjc; Carol; Hyper Borean (oops no, met him); Rachondarox (no, met her too, seeins as she's my big sister); and Dag - he would be great to meet, cos I would have to go to Norge once more. Any excuse you know.

Ruthodanort from Unst

Ok, this was inevitable, with this sorto blog, but SOMEONE HAS BEEN HURT!!! Check oot FC's blog, someone we know and love (and that loves brackets) has left a comment there.

Ruthodanort from Unst

SOMEONE HAS NOT BEEN HURT ( that is assuming that the Great One is referring to me) a bit miffed maybe, but I'll get over it. Now who would I like to meat? Obviously Scallowawife, I have a picture of her in my head ( I don't really ) and Niconcoll, you do not take Getoffthe for a walk, she takes you for a run, and you will have to take a small ball with you, and don't bring her back covered in sand & dirt, don't let her drink the sea water, as she gets very sick. I would like to meat The Man that is AL, I always look up to him, and of course Ruthodanort, Muness View, just for the sounds, and everybody else that wants to meet me. I'd really like to meat FC, to sea if he really can fly, well he will if we ever meat..

Tws from The Wetlands

ah tws is back to normal-enfin!!

carol from in the garden spraying weedkiller(more on herself)

*choke* *gulp* *slight boke* OBLOOBYK!!!!!! I WLTM Tws. There. Satisfied? But only on my terms. I do not do power-assisted flying, only the voluntary leaping-under-my-own-steam variety! Naughty naughty ruthodanort.........I too would like to meet the Mighty Godwin Himself. Anyone who reads Shetland Liff will have seen his buspass photo tho' doesn't disappoint.

F**ing C*t from righting-a-wrong

Does Getoffthe give 'chasing the ball' lessons? I have two dogs and neither chase balls. I miss the look of adoration you get when they bring the soggy thing back for the fifteenth time and desperately hope you'll chuck it again.

Nic from Coll

Digital Sands. Thought you said in your first comment that this wasn't a dating thing? You seem very keen to make a good impression on Ruthodanort. And also explain why you were down the harbour this morning asking the fishermen if any of them could give you sailing lessons...

Suspicious from Berneray

Maybe CrofterBill's dog chases would explain how his gingernuts got soggy.

Flying Cat from Cheshire Grin

I'm amazed anyone remembers me! Thanks guys! Love to meet all of you! Especially Calumannabels cousin Donald as he might know how to deal with evil landlords! Obviously the Fank committee as we've been blogging for a few years but new bloggers make it all more interesting. Couldn't IBHQ get yon lassies who keeps saying she wants us on the radio to organise a shindig for us all. Have to be quick though as being being forced to leave the island so won't qualify as a member any more:(

Sunny from Arran

NIc from Coll: Will send Mac to teach your dogs how to chase balls. On second thoughts thats a bad idea as he doesn't leave the ball long enough. Tws: What does just for the sounds mean? Yell Sound? Bluemull Sound? Colgrave Sound?

Muness from Fetlar

The sounds Muness is the music, I'd like to listen to your sounds, that's it, but no naked dancing round standing stones,

Tws from Soundingyoung

Twice last year I suggested the Lewis bloggers meet a the Arts Centre for a coffee. I wnet at the appointed times and th eplace was as empty as Rangers trophy cabinet.

calum from Butt of Lewis lighthouse changing the bulb

Maybe they're all fearties!

Flying Cat from allpuffedupandready

I would like to meet all of you (well, almost), some more than others perhaps. However, I would like specially to stand Murdo John a drink to make up for having pulled his leg so mercilessly in various blogs: he is probably a fun fellow.

mjc from NM,USA

Getting together somewhere for a long weekend would be fun. Whoever organizes it, please get it scheduled, if at all possible, for the "off season" (transatlantic fares in summer are horrendous). Wife and I can always pitch our 4 seasons tent in the middle of Brodgar, or Callanish, and bring our own (Norwegian, of course Dag) sardines: room and board should therefore be reasonable. So, let us know WHEN and WHERE. Which blogger volunteers to organize it? Could be for 08 (that should provide plenty of lead time). Maybe Anne from IBHQ could get involved as facilitator (eh, she could give us a pep talk, bring her cat with her - I must be going out of my mind! -, all with the sanction of the Beeb: community outreach sort of thing).

mjc from NM,USA

Annie B., I must have missed the one about the woman who electrocuted the dog with an electric casserole dish. References, por favor. Criminal negligence or intent to murder? What's MI5 doing about it!?

mjc from NM,USA

Maybe it could be incorporated into Fank '08...if the organisers aren't too knackered by previous events. I've a feeling it's a very small commytee. Perfectly formed of course! More like CPN than outreach mjc...

Flying Cat from Inn Anticipation

electrocution - hmmm... a prize to the blogger who remembers who it was....

scallowawife from shetland

FC: I had something less virtual, more virtuous, albeit real.

mjc from NM,USA

I'd like to meet up with James the mountainman from Mull. His blogs are so interesting always accompanied by stunning photo´s. He has such a vast knowledge of geology he should have his own TV programme!

Helen from Portugal

hello to all; sunday afternoon france: lerwick trevor has just phoned me, we are to meet in uzes wednesday morning 10.30 for coffee any messages anyone wants me to give to trevor???

carol from basking in the sun

Nah Carol, you really do not want me to give you any message for ole Trevor. DO YOU?! # Next thing you know, you'll be getting one from LS to transmit to LT!

mjc from NM

Possibly, "I planted those damn tulips and don't you forget it. Never mind about the art appreciation classes and other cultural services." I expect that'll be the kind of thing LS would say.....

Flying Cat from Creative Writing Course

mjc: who is LS???

carol from basking in the sun

Carol: check LT's earlier postings. Or LS's own archived blog. But, on to cheerier topics ...

mjc from NM,USA

Was it you who electrocuted the dog with a casserole dish, Scallo.?

mjc from NM,USA

Oh really Carol, keep up. Just ask LT who LS is. Maybe he'll show you his old blog postings if you ask nicely...

Flying Cat from ancient blog files

Ooooh Scallowawife..... I think you know all about the electrocuted dog. (See

Annie B from the usual

oops! i don't think i'll ask trevor tomorrow

carol from feeling dumb

my lips are sealed - an the dog's legs are firmly crossed...

scallowawife from shetland

didn't ask trevor-anything!!-couldn't find him in any of the café's

carol from looking for trevor

Oh Carol!!!!!!! He is but a fool....

Flying Cat from deep in disappointment

I followed your link, Annie B. Thanks. Obviously you have a better memory than i do, though of course my excuse is that the mea culpa by Scallo. was on your blog.

mjc from NM,USA

Calum - I did let you know I couldn't make it both times! Let's have another shot at getting the Lewis bloggers together - when and where?

BoB from Lewis

Oh don't do it BoB!!! Think of the potential for disappointment....hang onto your dreams!

Flying Cat from feeling feart

FC, in light o recent events at the Folk Fest, does your comment to BoB indicate that the PU's were dissapointed?

Ruthodanort from in the poots.

Good grief Ruth! As if! They were delighted you and scallowawife made contact...but the chances of disappointment are so much higher oot west...remember Donald and Murdo John? Imagine if Calum looked anything like the latter ....noooooooo!!!!! Of course, it's quite possible YOU were disappointed...I would understand that! (I'm sure AnnieB is a pure stoatir.)

Flying Cat from coveringmybehind

we were delighted too! we might come doon to Orkney this summer - and might manage a coherent conversation this time! It'll be easier without the hunks around.

scallowawife from shetland

That'll be something to look forward to. I think the pu's have shot their bolt as far as travel goes this least they better have, we're fed up with Big Cage.

Flying Cat from wondering who the hunks are

we agree with you fc,big cages are cruelty to us animals. Scallowawife:- are there really hunks in shetland--old dear says there is only in the world-we are worried for her,poor soul she's all dopey

"oor wullie" from with the three cat gang

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